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  1. Windows 7 is a complete pain when it comes to getting the bootloader working. Currently I only have Fedora options in GRUB; to boot into my Windows partition I have to repeatedly hit F8 during boot and select it as a completely separate boot device. Any other way and Windows kept overwriting and corrupting GRUB in various interesting ways.
  2. The most appropriate gear is going to depend heavily on what you intend to use it for. For example, turning up to photograph a wedding with a 500mm telephoto long-lens is going to get you some very odd looks, and some not very good photos. Likewise, trying to photograph a motor race using only an 8mm fisheye lens will also be less than successful. "Prosumer" is the word you're looking for - half way between 'professional' level equipment and 'consumer' level equipment. Look for a camera body with as large a sensor as possible (i.e. a full frame sensor) as these typically have larger pixel areas, and therefore can gather more light in the same amount of time compared to smaller sensors. Be wary of simply comparing the highest ISO a camera body claims to be able to work at. Yes, one camera may have the option to take an image at ISO 25600, but if the output is just noise then it could hardly be considered a useful feature; compare reviews and sample photographs which have not been post-processed, or better yet, go and try the cameras for yourself. I'm a Nikon guy, but if you already have a 450D, and associated Canon lenses and accessories, why not stick with Canon?
  3. Hello all I still take a look around every once in a while, just to see what's going on.
  4. Active and passive mode dictate who is in control of the connection. In active mode, the client sends the server their IP address and a port that the client will listen on. This works well for most people, but can cause problems on networks and with firewalls. In passive mode, the server tells the client the server's IP address and a port the server will listen on. In passive mode, the client opens the connection to the server, and therefore it gets around most firewalls.
  5. New posts that needed approval used to be brought to our attention so that we could go in and approve them. Now, they're not - we have to specifically hunt them our or just stumble across them. As you can imagine, that means quite a few slip through the net.
  6. My last few domains each took three or four days to process IIRC. It's an annoying wait considering 123-Reg will send me an email almost instantly saying domains have been set up (assuming you've paid, of course ).
  7. rvalkass


    You've got your username and password wrong when connecting to the database. Check your code to make sure they are set to the correct information.
  8. You're displaying the W3C XHTML Valid logo, yet the page generates 30 errors. The Xisto logo at the top still stands out much more than the KS logo. If the name is changed now, the KS logo should be the one that stands out the most. The red of the KS logo looks weird on the blue background. Red on black looks OK, but the red on blue just makes me wince.
  9. Why not ask the creator of the theme for help? If you have a perfectly legal copy of the template then I'm sure they'll be more than willing to help you out
  10. Less conspiracy and more Ford's fault. They're stopping production of the CVPI and offering forces the Ford Taurus instead. The car some forces are switching to is the Chevrolet Tahoe, mainly because it is bigger, easier to sell on, and gets a better MPG (though 15MPG is still pitiful!!!).
  11. Yes. Not enough cooling will cause a PC to heat up very rapidly and can cause terrible damage. Most people stick their PC under a desk where it gets covered in dust and doesn't have anywhere near enough airflow. This means that the case rapidly fills with hot air which can't escape, causing all the components inside to run at higher temperatures. Higher temperatures = shorter lifespan for your PC components. In extreme cases, where the cooling simply cannot keep up with the heat generated, the CPU will "throttle" itself. This means the CPU draws less power, cools down, but runs considerably slower than normal. However, in that situation it is the safest thing to do. And if that doesn't help? Your CPU will melt/fry/explode, filling your room with the smell of burning silicon and plastic, and burning a nice hole in your pocket as your fork out for new components. So, key things to do: Make sure the case is in a well ventilated position, not stuck in a cubbyhole under a desk. Make sure it isn't full of dust - use a soft paintbrush, compressed air or be incredibly gentle with a vacuum to get rid of any dust in the case. You can also buy more fans for your case if necessary. Also, if you want to monitor the temperature of your CPU, take a look at CoreTemp. It's a free piece of software that shows you how hot your CPU is, along with the maximum temperature it should ever reach safely (known as Tj. Max).
  12. Putting the car in neutral means you have no engine braking whatsoever, which short of hitting something is the only method you have of slowing your car down without brakes. First gear provides the highest engine braking, but can be very difficult (and dangerous!) to engage if you're doing 70MPH. Gear down from fifth keeping the revs fairly high, changing down at the earliest opportunity to ensure you're always in the lowest gear possible and therefore maximising your engine braking. Again, switching the engine off and then switching the electrics back on is dangerous as you lose power steering, ABS, traction control, etc. These are vital emergency driver aids that you should be keeping switched on!
  13. Recently all of my sites went down with no explanation or warning. Turned out they'd been moved to another server with a different PHP and Apache configuration with no warning or explanation. This caused a few of the rules in my .htaccess files to fail and cause server errors. Unfortunately, all you can do is contact support and ask them to fix the problem. Despite me not having edited the files of my site for a few weeks, they still blamed me for the problems...
  14. Are you planning to put the lenses in front of the screen, and use the screen as the light source? Unfortunately I don't think that will be bright enough to project onto a wall at any size considerably greater than the screen size. Projectors use much brighter bulbs to create their images.
  15. Satellite is their home brand, Satellite Pro is the business brand. The only difference you'll notice between two equal-spec laptops is that the Satellite one will have Windows 7 Home, while the Satellite Pro has Windows 7 Professional. Other than that, no difference really. Toshiba have a pretty good model selector: http://www.toshiba.co.uk/laptops/product-filter/ Use that to find the models that fit what you want, then look around for the best prices.
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