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  1. Probably would be easier if you show us the complete error message. First of all the lines are not numbered in your post. And secondly, some error message like "undefined symbol" or "division by zero" are self-explanatory ones.
  2. Let's see if somebody answers this. In my own opinion, I don't think that python is suited for real artificial intelligence, machine learning nor deep learning. By the way, "expert" or "pro" are words usually describing a guy who has several years experience as a company employee working on a precise subject. A guy who learned since a long time is an old student, and not an experienced pro.
  3. When you read a book, everything is easy and beautiful, you never do any mistake. When you are at school, a teacher looks what you are doing, and sees the errors you didn't notice. And if a stupid mistake breaks everything, the teacher shows you what to do in order to repair. So, having a good school with good with a good teacher is the fastest way to learn efficiently.
  4. And of course, some files have duplicate names but are different files. For instance, "my-today-to-do.docx" has just been created in my current folder (c:\useless) and yesterday's todo list had the same name, in another folder.
  5. Usually, we use putty when when we want to open a remote terminal to a Linux or Unix system from a windows 7, 10 or 11 machine. https://www.putty.org/ Does that answer your question? Regards Yordan
  6. I would suggest you follow this link : https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/set-up-dual-monitors-on-windows-3d5c15dc-cc63-d850-aeb6-b41778147554 Briefly, it says : And the image in the mentioned article is easy to understand. It's the first thing to be done. Try it and it should work if you don't have uncompatible materials.
  7. Hi, Elmer, Is your Windows 10 PC a laptop with it's own monitor? Then, you have to tell Windows how you want to use the extra monitor : extending your main display, duplicating your main display, or not at all.
  8. Just tried once, but infinityfree seems blocked by my firewall.
  9. And now are coming the new steps : upgrading to Windows 11!
  10. Hi, Ozzy Absolutely no, this kind of advertising is not allowed here. On our so-called "Computers and tech", we only allow topics concerning computers, in order to be helpful to friends who experience problems you already solved. For instance, were you successful backing up your computer? Were you able to restore this backup after you main disk failure? Could you help the guy who received "sorry, your backup could not be restored"
  11. If your neighbor has dogs, they will feel happy each time you feed them with 10% cooked steaks!?
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    Hello, Humus, welcome aboard!
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