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  1. And the funny thing is : most of these commands are very similar to ms-dos command-line commands. Probably very few people remember this time, where PC's only had a teminal environment, the system booted and then showed a prompt A> And you had to manyally type cd mygames game.bat And today, when you go to highschool, the teacher teaches you how the filesystem structure is, and how you have to manipulate files in order to install things, for instance a game, on your computer.
  2. Frankly speaking, I don't see it each time I surf on the web. Sometimes I see the old-style one, and sometimes I see this new one.
  3. Did you see the new captcha? You are probably familiar with this thing, asking you "click if you see a bicycle". Sometimes I see a new style of images appearing, have a look at the attached image:
  4. Update : This site is currently down, the domain name http://www.789mb.com is for sale. This is the main difference : you want your website to last a long time, so consider choosing a reliable provider.
  5. Ouch! That's the old problem, named downwards compatibility. Serious software makers keep the new operating system, or the middle-ware program, strictly compatible with the old programs. This means that each old piece of program has to continue working with the new operating system. Of course, the new software has new features the old programs did not know about, so the old programs will not take full benefit of the new things, but they have to continue working exactly as previously. Else, from quality point of view, if old code do not work with the new systems, this is a quality regression, and this issue has to be fixed. Of course, in our modern word, nobody cares about quality, end-user satisfaction, we will have to continue accepting these unacceptable features.
  6. Hello. Did you find a solution, or is the problem still pending?
  7. Hello Everybody! Just wanted to say : Happy new year 2020 to everybody!
  8. Of course, as usual. However, don't forget to perform a full system backup before upgrading. And, as usual, if possible, check that your download can be restored... My last one said "sorry, we are unable to restore this download".
  9. Same problem with the textinput application. I probably don't need this running on my desktop computer, it's supposed to be used on windows telephones!
  10. By the way, this version fixed the problem I had with the previous one : no more keyboard inactive needing to reactivate ctfmon And, of course, this version is significantly slower, due to all the new features I don't want and I will have to find how to stop, like the sim card survey for the embedded cell-phone I don't have in my computer.
  11. Thanks for sharing this! Of course, I even didn't notice on my own computer that this update was an optional one! And, by the way, before updating, as usual... Do not forget to create a system backup! Just in case!
  12. And of course, I will buy a paper calendar too, just in case ?️
  13. I remember when I tried with the pedal-mouse (keep your hands on the keyboard while moving the mouse with your foot and click where you need). Our patent expert couldn't stop laughing and we forgot about that. And now, this device is used in a lot of supermarkets, somebody else created it (sigh)!
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