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  1. In my opinion, space travel is eventually going to be a necessity. As technology has developed, we have always looked for more space for not only the population but, also for resources. When our little town grew too large and we needed more food, we expanded or moved to a new area. This led to traveling from country to country and then finding new continents to take resources from. Sooner or later, we are going to run out of resources on our planet. It may not be in our generation or the next but, the day will come. By that time, space travel will probably be a lot cheaper and more plausible than it is today because we are doing all the hard work now. That is how technology has always been. The earliest computers or air planes were so costly, the everyday person could not afford them. I imagine one day it will be an everyday occurrence that does not really mean that much anymore. Thus I believe exploring space now is just leading the way for the future as we will know where to turn for aid or new resources. I personally believe there is other life out there as well and if we could some how communicate with them that would be a feat. Space travel has always interested me and I think there is a lot to learn from what we find out there. Maybe we should not really be worrying about it right now with the economy as it is but, I do think it should be a part of what we do.
  2. The tool was released yesterday. You can find it at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ They do not tend to put updates of new software on their web page so I guess people are supposed to just spread the word. I do not really use a lot of their tools but, I do think a lot of them can be useful like Google Earth. There is really infinite space for the internet as it just depends on the number of servers which Google I imagine have their own so worthless or not they are not really taking up anyone else's space.
  3. This is a really nice addition to all of the tools Google has to offer. You pretty much will not ever really have to download music again as long as you are listening from your computer. You can just search for the song you want to listen to and it loads pretty much instantly. Google is good also to find songs. Normally if you do not remember or know the name of the song you can just type the lyrics into the regular search and it will help you find names which you can then just punch into the song search and listen to it and find whether that was the correct song or not. That also saves you a dollar for the song download. I am sure some people will take advantage of this and just record the songs they want to add to a CD or mp3 player but, that is unavoidable.
  4. This looks like a pretty cool service. I was looking through the pages and it appears it is going to have some really nice features. I do not have multiple phones so that feature will not really mean much for me but, I am sure for many it will be extremely helpful. I did see that you are able to listen in to people as they leave you a message, just like you would at your house. This is nice because if say maybe you did not really want to talk to anyone but it's an emergency you'll know right away and be able to pick up the phone. Another helpful feature is the ability to record your phone call at anytime. Thus if you are trying to remember something you are being told such as a phone number, you will be able to record it rather than search for pen and paper. Could get someone in trouble if they make a promise over the phone and break it because there will now be proof.
  5. If you are able to invest the time and some money into it i think you probably would be successful. You will only really be competing against more man power as they have so many jobs they are able to higher other employees. If you could find someone to work with for pretty cheap to start out I would recommend it. If you already have the equipment you will probably have less expenses than them also and can afford to charge for a lesser value or if not, you could just offer more to your package that beats Jim's Mowing. A big thing though is I recommend you try and keep good customer relations. If you take the extra time to talk to your customers some and become friendly you may gain an advantage over Jim's even if you cost a little more because you have better relations with your customers. Being so many people out there that need their lawns mowed there is a lot of business out there for you. May not start big now as it is winter but as spring comes around people will start looking for services again. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  6. I highly doubt that this is going to work out too well. For one thing, what if you are watching television in the dark and it is not able to see your face? Also, does that mean it is going to change the channel while you are in the middle of watching something? Or if it finds that multiple things are on that you enjoy, which one is it going to choose? People will not be able to come out with new television shows because no one will watch if because they will not know whether they enjoy it or not. I imagine no one would be caught watching commercials either then because the channel will change automatically so no money will go into television anymore. Another problem I have with this idea is the fact that multiple people watch television with each other. Who is it going to decide gets to watch the show they are "in the mood for." It just does not really seem plausible to me as there is way too much to think about and conflicting decisions to be made. What I could see happening is developing profiles for each person who watches television. The television can track what you watch and then it can have suggestions of other shows you may like in a little pop up. Or if it knows you enjoy a particular show it may tell you that it is broadcasting on a certain station and ask if you would prefer to watch that instead. Of course this could be an annoying feature for those who know what they want to watch when they turn on the TV so it could be turned on and off. I am sure they probably already have something like this or are working on it as I know my television lets you set reminders manually for shows.
  7. You will not see the amount of MyCents you have until you have reached the minimum of five posts. Once you have achieved this you should be able to see the amount of MyCents you have under your avatar and some of the information under your username in each post you make. By that point you will probably be over a dollar and that will be converted within 24 hours. Any other questions referring to MyCents please refer to the Xisto ReadMe
  8. I understand your point with irrelevant things such as relationship problems posted over a year ago but, some threads have interesting discussions that can still be continued by active members despite the original posters possibly being inactive. People are not really supposed to post duplicate topics of the same subject/matter so sometimes they do have to bring up old posts if they wish to share something about that subject. People may be able to bring up new interesting facts that may spur additional discussion. I do not really like looking at posts from over two years ago but, at the same time, some of the topics worthy of discussion were started that long ago.
  9. It is the end of the Mayan calendar because they believed that something was going to happen that would change the life on Earth as we know it and start over or something along those lined. After doing some reading, apparently on this day there is supposed to be the maximum number of solar flares in the sun, and that also there is going to be a change in our solar system. Our solar system is currently located at the top of the Milky Way and has been for thousands of years. On that day we will be aligned with the galactic equator of the Milky Way and gravity will have a greater effect meaning the sun will be more powerful and we will start to drift to the bottom of the Milky Way. What this means for the Earth I am not really sure but there is going to be a change in our galaxy for sure as many events are scheduled to occur or climax on December 21, 2012 which apparently the Mayan knew. Whether the world will end I am not sure but, I do somewhat doubt it. I would recommend just living life as you would and not worry about it because if it were to happen there is nothing really that can be done anyway.
  10. I believe originally the official titles had only gone up to the 500 post mark. This was due to the fact that the forum was relatively new and no one at the time had so many posts. As Xisto grew though, more posts were made and activity grew so naturally the people who stuck around posted a lot more and went above and beyond that original 500 mark so they made the new rankings to adjust for that. Saint_Michael has over 7,000 posts but he has a custom Title. Other than iGuest the only one close to breaking the 5,000 barrier would be jlhaslip who is over the 4,800 mark. Eventually he will hit 6,000 I imagine and we will see what happens, if it changes or if they will have to add more titles again. Maybe they'll just jump to the 10,000 mark.
  11. Seems like a cool program but, like others stated there is also a way to do it in your Power Management options. I usually have mine turn off when I close the lid but it still allows the computer to run. Sometimes though the problem I have is turning the screen back on when I open my computer. It will continue to run but when I hit enter or the power button, the screen sometimes does not turn back on and I end up having to restart my computer in order for it to work properly again. That eliminates the purpose of just turning off the screen in the first place as I normally want the computer running for a reason, and it makes it faster to access it again.
  12. As H.O.D. said, you are able to change your Member Rank title after you hit 500 posts. Here is a list of all of the default rankings before and after 500 posts. You of course do not have to keep the ranks left after the 500 post mark.
  13. That would make sense because I can not imagine that Bill Gates actually took a loss in Microsoft. If he did take a loss I would believe it was because he has been donating a lot to charity lately. As for Microsoft, they probably will continue to make money despite people disliking it more and more. Windows 7 just came out and if successful will probably make quite a bit for Microsoft. I think as long as Microsoft continues to come out with new software for the computer and video gaming systems (Xbox) then Bill Gates will continue to make money.
  14. By posting here you do not really have to invest too much money just a little bit of time posting on the forums and you can get paid hosting for free as well as a domain. That way if you are short on money or do not earn much revenue from your site starting up you do not have to and then as things grow and the Xisto Dollars earned on this forum do not cover the space you need you can add your own money to help pay for it so it becomes more of an as need basis with little to no investment to begin with. I would start small as it is easy to build up and expand.
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