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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY kob...

    may all your dreams come true...by the next year...and a new horizons will open wide for you...have a great special day...:)

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. The long and short answer is 'NNNOOOOOO'Sorry I couldn't resist!
  4. Whatever way you look at it, the site is at an all time low, I've been here 3 years now, and when I was first here there was never not a mod online, there was always new topics, getting credits was simple because there was always something you could reply to, these days it's just dead, I used to enjoy just talking to people in the chat room, but I sit in there for a while and no one comes along so I leave, I know I've never been one for extended stays but I'm not a forum person normally, but this place was a community. Now it's just a forum. I hope Opaque will turn this place around because it needs it, I proffered the old forum before the update, everything was easier, it was just a much better place to be.
  5. Excellent Excellent, Wamp is a great piece of software, in terms of coding on windows I've been using Aptana Studio 3 and I really like it, and might I recommend if like me you are into video screencasts the excellent "diving in to php series" by Jeffrey way of Nettuts, it helped me a lot, and it is really fantastic. Net.tutsplus.com is a fantastic site anyway and I really enjoy their CodeIgniter from scratch series which goes through the PHP framework I use (yes I use a framework, I'm lazy). I'll link you to the Diving in to PHP series, it is for absolute beginners to PHP so it's a good resource: LINK Go through their PHP tutorials, especially their screencasts. They are truly excellent!
  6. No, it isn't. It is BlackMail, it is the very definition of the word. I choose to not be part of his choice, I don't want to go to heaven or hell, My CHOICE the choice I have made is to die and for everything to end. God or any being has NO right to blackmail me into worshipping him, and if he sends to to hell he is malevolent. You call us blinded but you are blinded to reason, that you can't see that any being that would punish another for eternity can never be benevolent. Only malevolent
  7. While I disagree with your first statement Janissary While Atheists have a belief, our belief is that a convincing case for God has not been made we do not have faith. You cannot have faith that something does not exist, you do not have faith that fairies don't exist. We do not need to disprove God because for one thing it is logically impossible to do so, but for another the burden of proof lies with the person making the claim, we make no claim so have no burden, obviously if presented with evidence of God then it would be our burden to show that it isn't convincing else change our position, since no such satifactory evidence exists we have no burden. We do not have faith. For the rest I agree with you, I would rather my family or children be christian or muslim because they came to it by thinking about it rather than being an atheist just because I am. I think that to call them 'evil' is going too far, Evil doesn't exist in my opinion but it is certainly a shame, to see so many minds calling themselves Christian or another religion (or even atheist) having never considered the issue. As for Mr "Tricked By Satan" I have not been tricked by Satan, for one thing he doesn't exist and for another I would believe in God if there was evidence of him, No such good evidence has been presented, instead we have scientific discoveries backed up by a *BLEEP*ton of physical evidence which tell us exactly how things came to be in naturalistic terms. Every arguement that there has ever been for God has been shown to either be false or require 'faith'. Faith is an unjustified position, it isn't even a justified belief, it is an unjustified one. It is irrational to the extreme to assume without evidence the existance of an impossible being, whose very being philosophically contradicts itself "can God create an object so heavy he can't lift it?" in terms of Christianity, the bible is the most hideous work of fiction ever written because it calls itself fact, where the supposed Benevent God is more horrible than any of the people he supposedly sends to hell. It is clearly written by Humans, men. It is sexist homophobic, supports slavery, contradicts itself in numerous places and is incoherant with itself and the external world as we understand it.
  8. Happy 17th, when your 18, I'm coming to Finland and I'm going to get you wasted.

  9. That font my friend is named "pioneer" or "ITC pioneer".Enjoy.
  10. You are correct, I did mean property, while my CSS knowledge isn't bad my general terminology knowledge is. But yes, Baniboy illustrated it better than me, I was giving a general formula, Baniboy gave a specific example which for all intensive purposes shows the same thing.
  11. The obvious explanation is you were asleep, and were dreaming, or having a nightmare which are the same thing. People have very odd dreams. The point is that it wasn't real, you said it yourself "I was half-asleep" I find it amusing that almost no cases of supernatural experience happen after someone has had 8 cups of coffee after having a good nights sleep, there always when a person is exhausted because they've been praying for about 8 hours straight or working hard or sitting too close to a leaking gas valve. Or in your case "half asleep" or in otherwords "asleep"
  12. Unfortunately Email support for CSS is limited, Gmail is one of the worst offenders of poor support for CSS. If you would like to use CSS code in your site you need to use inline styles, I found this website: https://www.campaignmonitor.com/css/ which lists the supported features. Incase you are unsure that would work like the following: <HTMLELEMENT style="CSSSELECTOR: CSSPROPERTY;>BLAH BLAH BLAH</HTMLELEMENT> as I said that's how you would have to do it, and check out the link for the supported features, remember to have an external version of the newsletter that runs in the browser that people can click on if the email is not displaying correctly. This will allow any styling of course.
  13. *BLEEP* it, I'm going to install OSX on my PC. I can no longer resist.

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      OSX is a version of Mac.

    3. Baniboy


      Hackintosh? remember, you need an intel chip to do that...

    4. kobra500
  14. In 2 hours we celebrate the Christian Hijacking of a Pagan Winter Solstice Festival. Happy Holidays everyone and Merry Christmas!

  15. Hates Snow..

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    2. web_designer


      i love snow so much...if you hate it send it to me.. :)

    3. anwiii


      i love the first snow of winter. i also said i would be making a snowman this year. i will take a picture of it :)

    4. chini13


      i never saw snow

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