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  1. How are you doing?

  2. An omnipotent being, creator of the universe
  3. I did not assume that you were affiliated with any religion, just that you believe in God and that's a fair assumption given the content of your post. When you say you don't share other people's religious beliefs, does that mean you have your own religion?
  4. Well, in that case, allow me to join in the discussion. Maybe you could debate with me without resorting to ad hominem attacks. Irrelevant. I see you've bought a time machine since I was last on this forum. Utter bollocks. Every good person lives to make a positive contribution to society and it's hard to feel happy and fulfilled otherwise. Whether it's helping people in a shop of writing Romeo and Juliet - we all contribute something for the good of society. Aren't you the worker ant, trying to do God's work to win a place in heaven? More personal attacks. I see why Bikerman's chosen to ignore you.
  5. happy birthday buddy!

  6. Can you open your personal messages box please to enable the message system to send messages to you? At the moment your account doesn't accept new messages.

  7. Far from it. You can post almost anything you like here.
  8. I have to agree with you on this one and I'd like to add my own perspective on things.....It has been for some time. I used to moderate this forum (left ~2007 when I realised it was easier to install Apache/PHP on my own computer) and come back every few months just to see how everything's coming along. Each time I come back it always amazes me that I've not been demoted or PMed by someone asking about where I've been. Xisto used to be an amazing place until the admin started messing around with it (and, IMO at least, trying to turn it into Xisto), which was achieved in the following ways:* Enforcing a set of stricter rules; we were even encouraged to warn people (which could lead a rejection for a hosting request) for signing their names at the end of their posts.* Moving of the Army System to a separate site and eventually closing that down* Deleting the SPAM forum (IIRC it was no post count and a bit like /b/, except you couldn't post porn or insult other people)* Removing the Reputation system (something which is actually quite a good incentive to make quality posts).All these helped remove the FUN factor that previously attracted me to Xisto and this caused me to leave, along with many other members. It was not uncommon to see 200+ guests on the site with ~10 members online at any one time. Now I see there are just 70 guests and me. Since leaving I see a number of other poor decisions have been made:* A greater emphasis on the pre-moderation of topics (topics being made invisible until approved by a moderator), I can't think of any other forum which employs this so readily -- comments sections on websites do but not forums)* The total rebranding of the site (this ties in with what I was saying about the removal of the FUN factor -- KS sounds far less fun than Xisto, in fact Xisto used to be the name of an arcade)* General apathy when it comes to removing redundant forums. I think this is the first time I've visited that the old Army System forum has been properly archived.I don't quite know what's going through Opa's mind. I think KS is trying to be a haven for intelligent people to make useful how-to topics and tutorials and engage in insightful debates. Sounds like a great idea but this is the internet - and it's the feeling of community and enjoyment that will keep this site going.edit: The one thing I would like to add is that I haven't got a clue about KS's current financial situation so don't assume from my post that this site will close down as things have been going this way for years and the site's still up and running. All I'm saying is, the site's very different to how it used to be and this has caused a loss of some active members, who are yet to be replenished.
  9. The homepage says "Xisto Quest for Wisdom through Knowledge". On the same page I am presented with options for free web hosting. At first sight it appears that a self-improvement website and free web hosting forum tried to merge with devastating consequences. There are far too many menu options and all of them are practically identical to each other - you only need four clear categories "home, about us, join in, other hosting sites". You should also get rid of the music in the background - I like to listen to music whilst I'm using the computer and I only expect to hear it on websites when I'm playing a game. The other thing I've never been a fan of in websites is the use of an "Enter Site" button/page; it's completely unnecessary - why would I not want to enter the website after typing the URL in my browser and waiting for the front page to load? I actually liked the name Xisto as a free hosting website: it's catchy and modern (and the fact that's it's so unusual makes you think about it more so more likely to remember it). Someone mentioned that Xisto doesn't sound like a web host either so you can't complain about the change. The point is that Xisto could be anything (although, funnily enough, it does sound like an arcade) but Xisto is clearly about self-improvement, not hosting. However, this site clearly isn't dedicated to free hosting any more. Tbh, I just feel a little bit confused by it all. I'm hoping that this isn't the finished product and that mine and other people's suggestions will be taken on board. The only real problem is that it's very hard to tell exactly what this site is for. It is for this reason that I agree with SM - relaunch it as a separate website. Don't take this the wrong way though. I really like what you do and wouldn't have been a member for five years if I didn't - I just think that there is a fair amount to be improved upon so that the can go from great to better!
  10. who are you?...


  11. So how did your army system project go?

  12. Something like - "Terrorists never stop looking for ways to destroy America ... and neither do we."
  13. The Barack Obama song. The only lyrics are "Barack Obama". Have fun singing along to the most repetitive song in the world.http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. ?10 says you can't do it:P
  14. Because people are naturally greedy. Reminds me of when some garage in London were giving out free fuel. Brought out the worst in everyone... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/london/7599639.stm Black Friday sounds terrible though - all those people queuing up just to get a few quid off some merchandise (although I suppose I should have guessed that it's terrible - the clue is in the name). I'm glad we don't have it over here...
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