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  1. I guess there's a small window for editing? The Stanley Parable is about choices. So many of them that the game has quiet a few endings. You play as Stanley, who's only job is to push buttons all day, every day, forever. You were made for the job. One day you notice no order came in to push buttons. So you go on an adventure to figure out why. The game explains this in the opening cut-scene I skipped. I tried not to give too much away in the video. I guess I didn't show an ending, technically. But if your computer can handle it, play the demo. The demo tells you what the game is like without giving the main game away. I give it 17/3
  2. It's a game of making choices. I made the following video of something I found. It'll give you a very small idea of the gameplay. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ I would say more, but I'm in a bit of a hurry. I'll come back later to post more.
  3. I found it on google images. Here is the page it's linked to: http://eldanaro.deviantart.com/art/Castle-interior-329745069 I wanted to do raining deer too. I have an idea of how I would do it. But I'm undecided if I will. Probably not.
  4. So I made this image in class a few days ago. I, somehow, got to thinking of reindeer and came up with a pun. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84764842/reign%20deer.png Get it? Reign Deer? Reign? Like queen or king? No?
  5. Way to reply to a six-year-old post. But I will two, apparently. So here is my nine replies to your list: 1. I, myself, would advise against this. Those just occupy more room on your hard drive and who knows what they include during the installation of them. They could even download more than just the file(s) you want. 2. You should do this anyways. 3. I'm not 100% here, but this may be true. 4. This depends on the interference. Usually, the interference causing poor internet performance comes from within the router and/or modem itself. Try disconnecting any devices not being used. Even if not being used, devices can be using the internet. This means that your router is processing more requests than just your computer's. 5. It's probably not the driver, but the network card itself. How old is your card? Can you afford a newer one? 6. See number two 7. You should clean all temporary files and downloads folder(s) and that stuff regularly no matter what. I use CCleaner for this. 8. Not necessarily true. It does help. But keep in mind that newer software does tax your hardware more. 9. This does nothing but verify if anything you did helped the speeds. Also keep in mind that results are not accurate 100% of the time. It's only accurate at that specific time. I'm not saying that anything in that list is wrong. I'm saying there are other things that can cause performance issues. My list is compiled from personal experience and could very well contain wrong information. But to sum this all up: This day and age, if your internet is slow, it's because either your system is out of date, or your internet package needs upgraded.
  6. I can point you to a site that may have it. I won't research it myself for two reasons: I do not care [about the song], and pointing you to the exact download page, should it exist, may raise questions on legality. Here is the site; use how you wish: Free MIDI Zone NOTE: MIDI files are instrumental as they have no way of supporting voices. In fact, MIDI contains no actual sounds; just instructions for a sequencer to produce such sounds. If you find your file on that site and have no external sequencer or a replacement to your default software synth (Windows uses GS Wavetable Synth, or something like that), it may sound like crap. But it's easy enough to replace with a better synth, like Timidity.
  7. Umm.... I think I need more details here. When I highlight text in Chrome and then right click it, I get two options: "copy", "search google for '*highlighted text here*'". Where is this text you try to copy? Is it in a browser? If so, are you using Chrome? I.E.? Firefox? I can't find any option anywhere under Chrome that relates to your issue. So like I said, more details.
  8. Using the link in the previous post, and the "extended test" at that page, I get: Download Speed: 78.24Mbps (9.78MBps) Upload Speed: 2.361Mbps (0.3MBps) We have Time Warner Cable and I use Chrome.
  9. Just ran a small test on mine that kind of depended on the laptop's estimated time left on the battery. I wanted to listen to music and didn't want to get dad's charger. From a full charge, I was estimated two and a half hours of charge. During this period, I used the laptop to charge my iPod and the music was on an external hard drive (two devices using power from the USB ports. I would say that two and a half hours was fairly accurate, but I was done when it was at, maybe, 47% charge level. So I didn't get the full timing test.
  10. Meanwhile in London, KY: It's 53F outside and snow nowhere. It almost feels like Spring. A lot of people are complaining about the abundance of snow falling where they live; I'm complaining about the lack thereof. The only water that froze up here is what's in our pool. I'd like to get some snow, but not a whole lot. Two inches at least. But as you made clear (at least to me, anyway), I agree with. Having a ton of snow sucks also. I remember a few years ago, we went over to my granny's house for a while and it was raining. The water froze to solid ice an inch thick. The driveway out was uphill. We had to throw sticks and mud under the tires to get traction. I think it was the same year, the school bus was about ten minutes from our stop. There was no snow whatsoever on the ground. After we got off and got home, mom said we was going to take a trip to Tennessee and to hurry and get our things so we could get out before the snow got too thick. Within twenty minutes, everything was buried in snow. They ended up closing part of the interstate.
  11. That depends on a few things, one of which being how charged it was at the time. With mine, I can get anywhere from two hours to three from a full charge, depending on what I do on it. The more you do on it or the more resource intensive things you do in it, the faster the battery will drain. If I play one of the few games it supports, I'll only get two hours out of it. If I listen to music, it'll last just over two hours. Browsing the internet will get me an hour and a half. Writing text files will get me up to three and a half hours.
  12. Back on topic, here is my experience. Back over one year ago, maybe two, I bought an old laptop from my older sisters then boyfriend. It had a busted screen and the battery didn't last but five minutes on a full charge. I had the screen replaced and bought a new battery so I could take it to college as I had an hour and a half between classes. My younger sister had a laptop, but her charger didn't work. So she used mine, which, obviously, didn't fit. Her forcing it to fit damaged the cord so badly, I had to get a replacement charger. The replacement charger was designed to fit multiple types of laptops, so the plug didn't fit. By positioning the plug a certain way, I could make it fit. But because it was too small, I had to keep the battery in so that if when it lost connection, it wouldn't shut down if I were in the middle of something. The replacement charger no longer makes a connection, so I use my dad's charger (the odds of his charger meeting the requirements of my laptop? well it does). But I am in the habit of leaving it plugged in while using it. I always unplug the charger when I'm not using it (I use that outlet for other things too). I've not noticed much, if any, performance decrease by doing so. Lastly, I will post something I heard on another forum (which was taken down and replaced with a blog which was then taken down and I don't know the future plans with it). When I first got the new battery, I was told to fully charge the battery, then let it die completely. I guess this is for calibration reasons? I also read somewhere that laptop batteries have a "memory" in that you should leave it fully charged when not in use. I guess the lower the charge you leave on it, the less capacity it will have over time (shorter life).
  13. I have decided to post this because I find it kind of, in a weird way, funny. (note to mods: feel free to move this if you find necessary) Here is some math you may need to know. 1GB (GigaByte) = 1,024MB (MegaByte). So 1024MB/1GB = 1GB/1024MB = 1. And x/y/z = (1/x)*(1/y)*(1/z). Why am I telling you this? Well I have decided to copy 385GB of music from one USB HDD to another. Using USB 3.0 standards, the current data transfer rate is 4.47MBps (MegaBytes per second, or MB/s). This tells us that if we divide 385GB by 4.47MB/s, our answer will be in seconds. So much of them, in fact, that Google Calculator went ahead and converted them into days. 1.076 of them, actually. Before I went to bed, it was estimated to take 8.5 hours. *MID-POST UPDATE* the transfer rate increased to 4.96MBps and Windows estimates it'd take 5 hours and 15 minutes. But I need to cancel it.
  14. Well according to the NEC, every living space needs to be protected by AFCB's (living rooms, bedrooms, etc). As always, this does not apply to homes built before the change and it may be different in your area. And if your plugs are getting melted, AFCB's should help. Just keep in mind that AFCB's are 10x more sensitive than GFCB's, and something as simple as a light blowing can trip an AFCB. But in my case, we were outside, so the breaker was a GFCB.
  15. There were no fuses, just circuit breakers. We could have removed the breakers, but that would have been more dangerous to everyone (think electrical fire). The only option we had that wasn't dangerous was to kill the main service (on the pole outside) and put a lock on it so no one could turn it back on.
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