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  1. My uncle died last week and i wrote a little verse for him but I would like to make it into a rap, I'm not looking for it to be too long maybe just a chorus and another verse. Anyway if anyone can help it would be highly appreciated ��Its hard to believe you are goneAs we all sit here and mourn Reminiscing of all the time we spent, the good the bad it makes us sad, but then we think of the times you made us laugh, family and friends will all cry as we ask ourselves why did he have to die, but you are now asleep in piece, there's so much more to sayBut RIP until we meet again some other day.
  2. hello frnd , iam interest in creating smssending sites where user can login and send free sms and get free topup dont worry about sms gateway iam ready to buy a sms gateway or API i dont know how to setup into my site help me Regards vengadplease help friend
  3. I love respawnables! It is awesome! I have revolver, howitzer, grenade launcher, dual pistols, missile launcher, bazooka, scoped assault rifle ( A very popular weapon for beginners ) blunderbuss ( A respawnables classic ) sniper rifle, little Italy, Heavy Machine Gun, Shotgun ( A VERY Popular weapon for starters ) Assault Rifle , and RMGWhat about all other players? I would love to know!Gamertag : Saif
  4. My sister made the jello sceils (with oranges) and I have the ice shot maker. Unfortunately they don't last very long, if you try to reuse one for a second shot they usually end up getting a hole and making a big mess. But fun non the less
  5. I tend to play more games on my PS3 nowadays but I still enjoy games on PC. This vid was taken on my first otuting on BF3 right after I gave it a spin on PS3 Lets just say the PC version is the one I pre-ordered.
  6. He is partnered he is being paid for every silgne add his video makes, the reason he makes so much aha i like him yeah but the thing he used to always be on steam group and always talking to Subs playing with them and stuff. But now he does not give a **** fame got to his head!
  7. My mouse pad work for like 3 mins and Then it stop working I tried every single One of the answers and replys but nothingWorks if u can help E-mail me atthanhnha_thach@yahoo.com
  8. I am facing issues on windows 7. This isn't working. However after installing netbeans it works. Also if I uninstall netbeans it still works. What's this mystery?
  9. For me, it's because I'm really sick of not having enough money to live a comfortable life with my family and having also other passions, like dance. Like, I'm in a Engineering Course and the idea that I have to wait 4 more years so that I can even start to receive a more or less decent salary it's just too desmotivating. Maybe 4 years doesn't look too much, but for me, it's too much time to wait so that I finally can have enough money to follow my dream of being a dancer. The problem is that I really need to get money so that I can follow it. Grr! . I don't dislike my course. But I really do like to be already ready to work as an engineering. Why it takes so much time to learn a career? Why the course is not just 2.5 years? I know that most of my peers are still mentally young, but I think I'm ready to have a job and live by myself. Maybe it's because I'm also a classical dancer, and classical dancers tend to be more mature than "normal" people. So, I really would like to spend my time finding ways to get money like selling some of my stuff and doing something else rather than being studying while knowing that my family needs my help and that I need to make money so that I can follow my dreams! Grrr!!!
  10. ummm..... hi, i wanna make an RPG games like Wadanohara and The Great Blue Sea, Gray Garden, and Mogeko Castle, buat i don 't even know how to make a landscape.. can you help me? 0w0 i need to learn A LOT.. =w= questin by: NekoChi *not a real name*
  11. Interesting commentary . The part about baby boomers brought to mind a generation of high divorce rate . When I think of this song , I think of divorce being like a bomb going off in a family . There are many casualties . There are refugees , and there are many traumatised and wounded who maybe experience the "silent scream" . Who find solace in drugs , sex even suicide because they dare not scream aloud about the pain they are suffering . Childen Living in a continuation of the war zone that is the aftermath of divorce , when couples find it difficult to "sign a peace treaty " and move foward , tending to the wounds , and finding hope and healing. Learning the lessons of life and family , the importance of choosing a suitable mate (allie ) and tending to the contract of marriage , drawing on the source of pure love . Not resorting to the enemy tactics of war , lest you feel the "ricochet".
  12. Hey Xico, First of all thanks for the code. I have implemented the same in my app. It's perfectly working for all windows os except windows 7. Can you please help me out in the same.
  13. I an kind of writing my own book, so I need these animals. This list is amazing.
  14. I eventually found the answer to be "alt-p" for previous command and "alt-n" for next command. CTRL + P is print for me. If this doesn't work, you can also go to "IDLE Preferences", "Keys" and look for the "history-next" and "history-previous" bindings.
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