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  1. Hello Janani. I am from Canada and have an interest in music and art. I think the culture of your country is amazing. I was learning about classical Indian music but no one shared that interest. In my country even, the Indians don't seem interested in traditional Indian things.It is very awesome that you play an instrument. What instrument is it? I wanted to learn classical Indian instruments (tabla and sarod in particular) and studied a few ragas, but it's hard to learn where I live -- no teachers. To meet someone who was formally trained is impressive! I'd sure like to learn some things! I've already learned a bit of Hindi.I play a few instruments, Guitar, piano, drums. I'm not familiar with Bharatnatyam, is this a dance? Please feel free to elaborate. I know nothing about dancing. My introduction to Indian dancing was seeing the Commonwealth Games on TV. That was very nice by the way.Like you, I enjoy meeting people of different cultures and I look forward to hearing more from you. If you have any questions about life in Canada don't be afraid to ask.Have fun!
  2. I like Queen! I always laugh when I hear this erm, "Great" cover version of this song. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  3. You can skip using the usb cable and remove the SD Card from your camera and insert it into the computer (or card-reader). Shouldn't need any drivers for that. If nothing pops up with the cable or card, make sure you look in "My Computer" to see if it's there. You could try uninstalling the Kodak software before installing the Samsung software. You might find it under "Add/Remove Programs".
  4. I was introduced to eggnog when I was too young to know what it was. I've tasted about three or four brands of store-bought egg nog in my life and they all taste good. Some have more spices (cinnamon etc) than others. I've never tasted home-made stuff so I have no idea if it tastes anything like the stuff you can buy in a store. I'm interested in trying a home-made recipe but the raw eggs does kind of put a person off. I think most recipes recommend pasteurizing it before making it.I would describe the eggnog I've tried as tasting like...a sweet creamy drink. Rich, smooth, kind of like drinking a good quality Ice Cream flavour. It doesn't taste much like eggs to me, I've never had a glass of eggnog and thought Gee, I'd love a slab of bacon to go with this. It's very good anyway.
  5. I was looking at tablets and one of the first things I noticed was that the Kindle feels really light and comfortable to hold. I could see the advantages immediately for someone who wants to read and in fact I was a bit disappointed that current tablets aren't as nice for reading. It's shocking how rude people can be at Christmas. People seem to have this pathetic desire to appear smarter than others and end up showing only their ignorance. Hope you had a nice holiday otherwise and if you decide you don't want your kindle... I'd love to have it!
  6. ooops. our bad. should be fixed now

  7. Ahoy there Castaway, I checked out your blog. I like the name you've chosen "The Castaway Dream", it sounds cool. I find the font colours a bit difficult to read, the blue on grey especially. It depends what browser and computer I'm using. The content is interesting, I have an interest in animals, I've rescued a few myself No whales or dolphins mind you! I haven't had the opportunity to see many marine ones. Your trip to the Amazon sounds pretty exciting, it would be interesting to read about it but I'll have forgotten about it by then unless you plan on staying a member here
  8. Thank you Anwiii

  9. Hi there iAssistant! Interesting nickname, are you an android?
  10. woulda wished ya a happy birthday but i was outta commission. happy belated b-day though!

  11. rob86

    I Hate Iso Files

    What exactly are you trying to do? I didn't read the other posts, too lazy. If you want to burn an iso image on linux, check out my incredibly educational post here: http://forums.xisto.com/topic/68226-burn-cd-images-in-linux-with-ease/ If you want to "make" files into an ISO image, that's possible too but I'm not sure how without googling. If you're trying to burn an ISO on Windows, just download a free IMG burner found on Google.
  12. Hello Wildflower, welcome! What kind of stuff are you interested in talking about?
  13. Great, I look forward to checking them out!
  14. I really like your website!

  15. I'm no good at writing rap lyrics but I'd be interested to hear your music.
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