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  1. Yordan thanks for that, I already looked at that thread and its about "OnBoard" oncreen keyboard application which is third party. I do not want to use that. Ubuntu is shipped with Caribou screen keyboard, I want to stick with it. Can you also help me to find out the logs related to this ?
  2. Dear xisto, On my system which is running on Ubuntu 18.10 last few days I am facing a problem that is Whenever my system wake up from Suspend Screen Keyboard is not working there is only a blank black strip at the bottom of screen instead of Keyboard. Screenshot attached Anyone of you have any idea to resolve this issue. Thanks
  3. I want to compile the sourcecode of TDK (Tcl Dev Kit) by Activestate. Whose repository link as https://github.com/ActiveState/tdk It is Activestate version of TclPro. which is advanced featured of it. Could anyone help to compile or help to know where to start from to compile it.
  4. I install dual boot Fedora over windows 7 installed previously in my system. My all fedora partitions are in LVM . Then I used EasyBCD to create entry of fedora into windows bootloader. EasyBCD use Grub4Dos. Now, when I tried to boot from Fedora system, it stuck at Grub prompt instit of booting into Fedora. So, help me to fix this error. Thanks
  5. I think there is a solution that I write and ask for your help to proofread and suggest editing to improve myself to become myself. And may be this post is a small start for it.
  6. I still also exist on earth. May be unnoticeable yet, feeling like poor guy who is suffering Ignorance syndrome spread through this forum.
  7. tritesh


    What about the Old ones ? They can't help to test the system.
  8. Ofcourse, It is true. I think that is because it was a Technical Preview. Hope, Release version might be work. But, I will install fresh copy of Win 10 again side wide with my current one. Because, I want to do more experiments with Win 10.
  9. It's a Technical Preview. I tried it just for 5 hours. After installing it I had lots of driver related issues. My Laptop is around 6 years olds. CPU usage by application increased all the time it touched the 100% usage edge. It was hanged 2-3 times during that period. Finally, I decided to back to the Win 7.
  10. Sad ..... I think its time to say GoodBye Xisto... Electric Ink blocked me from this forum with no reason.

  11. Sad ..... Electric Ink blocked me from this forum with no reason. Hope anyone help ... Helpppppppppppppppppppppp..

  12. Hi Asta Hoster, I need your help. I need a software that can monitor interent traffic through a particular exe module or software. Actually, I want to get know to which paticular webpage those softwares are connecting to gather informations. For example, If I search some music in itune software then it will tell me the complete url for that.
  13. That means, Custom Menus may be culprit for this error try to re-upgrade your wordpress istall with this plugin disabled or install wordpress at your localhost . I am currently busy in "Raksha Bandhan" shopping (Oh! my sisters always want to empty my wallet). Hopefully will look into it on or after "Raksha Bandhan"
  14. WoW! , Finally you wought it. I was thinking to buy it. But not having knowledge about where from I can buy it, was not. Once I say it on Amazon but at final page order confirmation page they said not able deliver it at my addres. So, Still do not have it. But really want to have one.
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