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  1. You go to https://support.xisto.com/ and log in. After you've logged in, you should be in the client area. On the right side, there are navigation links. Click "Order". Now there's a list of hosting packages of which you can choose. Continue by filling out information and clicking the continue button at the bottom of the page after.
  2. Are you sure you saved it as an html file? Try replacing the code with this: <html><header><title>something</title></header><body><h1>My First Heading</h1><p>My first paragraph.</p></body></html>
  3. Not really into bolding the links, but try #44ABD7. Without bold and with an underline disappearing on hover.
  4. Good job, Shree. I'm happy you decided to take action on some of the complaints even tho you don't like to hear negative feedback.One thing is weird tho, the page is now HTML instead of the XHTML it was earlier. But that was what was causing most the errors anyway. Maybe be coder put the wrong markup version earlier. I still don't like the red links there. They look kind of out of place. Maybe you could ask the designer to change the color of those.
  5. This is fixed now. Except for the flash intro. I'm saying no confusing flash intro with links splashing in multiple sites and directions because it's confusing and pretty useless to anyone trying to browse it. If I came searching for free hosting and saw something about how the company leaders are "loving and respecting a person that totally accepts himself" or other gibberish like that, I would leave. So would most people. Something like "get free hosting by posting on Xisto forums" would be useful. But no... it's not like the visitor should get the information they were looking for. And And Anyway, since editing flash may be annoying, I pass on these. I say delete the whole thing and make an introductory paragraph with good info on the front page. And by that last one I meant I the positioning of the logo and the menus.Yes, I did only report poor web design in about 2-3 posts. The rest were trying to explain to wd where the links are found, one of which you deleted and one that stays, the second is me asking about the specifics on the work being done, the second is me doubting if things will actually get fixed, third one my doubts had come true (surprise surprise), fourth one replying to Shree when he told me how he doesn't like to hear negative feedback, then you complaining and pretending to make sense. Are you happy now? All you had to do was go back and read. Gee... You're not in a position to tell me what I can read. I reply when I'm replied to. It's my thread, don't bother replying if you think I don't make sense. IT'S THE VENT. https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=http%3A%2F%2Fxisto.com%2FI wasn't talking about CSS errors other than the tiling. Neither did rvalkass, he was talking about XHTML ERRORS on a page that has an "XHTML APPROVED"-logo on it. Those 32 errors have not gone. Not saying that those are important ones as most of them are probably because the coder hadn't adapted xhtml. Leaving the alts and br's like that, poor coding. There is also an "IS NOW"-text above the logo, the page title still has "Xisto" as its first word, and "knowledge" in the subheader looks really stealth. And the page still doesn't have any way of telling a visitor what the site is actually about on the front page whatsoever. Some of the company logos don't make sense either. Why is there a microsoft logo? Is microsoft a xisto partner? Is jQuery a xisto partner? Does xisto offer jQuery? Was the designer just trying to fill space? Other members? You, me, wd, shree, rob and shadowx are the only ones that have replied to this thread. Rob, wd and shadowx are the only ones that gave feedback. Wd's suggestion about the logo being weird and color inconsistency were what I reported before, plus the design comments, shadowx was even more pissed off than I was, rob reported the color, xhtml errors and the logo. What got fixed? The colors and the logo (somewhat). And the xhtml logo is apparently being fixed. What else? Enlighten me. And no, of course I didn't want to help, I was only complaining about stupid mistakes to kill time. Instead of reading, you complain about me being reluctant to divulge valid information. This is also not helping "you". Then you complain about me venting. I complained because the issues that had been complained about before had not been addressed. It's not like I'm shouting in their face and making them cry and not listen to my points. It's stupid to put the main menu at the bottom of the page, and if you can't "personally speaking" look behind the word "stupid" and the point loses value, then I personally speaking don't value your way of reading and evaluating the value of points. It's the vent, not the suggestions and feedback forum. Mainly because I didn't expect to get replies from Shree so I was positively surprised for a moment before the disappointment. Well, something like changing the position of an element doesn't take hours unless you're dealing with huge amounts of code. The page contains a menu and a background image, after all. My rants are a reflection of sheer disappointment of me visiting the front page. I can't be ignorant about what is happening behind the scenes since I do not know what is happening there, thus I'm not able to be willfully ignorant about something that I don't know of.
  6. What is not being done? Didn't you read the opening post? Didn't you read my reply and complaints about what hadn't been done? Why are you asking this? I wrote it, all you have to do is read. All he had to do was read. But no, "let's change the background image and ask for feedback (that we don't really want), it's not like there were complaints about other things". Even the most obvious mistakes he was notified about hadn't been fixed and it didn't look like he was going to fix them either, that's why I complain. That is what HE IS NOT DOING. And I can USE CAPS LOCK TOO, YOU KNOW. -.- If you really want to know, just read. As I don't like to repeat myself. That is what I complained about. He doesn't listen... or actually it's "read" but whatever. I'm surprised that you asked, because I thought that you would've read. Seems like you didn't. I shouldn't have to "expand in points" when I'm pointing to simple, technical issues that can be fixed without any philosophical thought put to it. At least that's what I was doing in the beginning. But this conversation doesn't matter since Shree obviously puts no effort in listening to his members if they complain and notify him about his or his staff's dumb mistakes.
  7. Hah, kinda funny. Instead of addressing the real issues, you address my mood. MOOD. I tried to help earlier but you didn't take it, so do me a favor and don't act like you're listening and playing calm. I'm raging about the most simple things even someone new to web design would know but which you seem to ignore. And no I won't keep quiet, get used to it. Address real issues and fix things instead of talking about my mood, make layouts for the guest forum, all the while when your users are disappearing. And maybe then I wouldn't complain. I won't keep quiet because you don't like to hear the truth.
  8. I'm like a psychic sometimes. I correct myself, you didn't fix the bugs. Instead there's Xisto logo with a free hosting message under it and a Xisto logo looking like some secondary useless thing there with not-so-attractive subheader that is hard to read. So all you did was, change the graphics to something else, add some logos, including a fake W3C one and left it there. Didn't address any real issues there by adding fake logos and calling people in to analyze it. The layout is ugly and stupid. In every logical sense possible, every element is exactly where it shouldn't be. You obviously don't want to even fix the most obvious ones so I guess the users have wasted their time trying to suggest you what to do. You don't listen and you do as you please, just like when you changed the name to this crappy one (almost everyone voted against it). Do not act like you take suggestions or advice when you obviously don't. So go ahead, do as you please and see how many will stay with all this spam here, inactivity and general deadness of the forum. See how many news visitors you can collect without anyone here to welcome them like there aren't now, see how many people will actually find this place when looking for free hosting and see how many will stay with your company changing servers of the accounts without warning the users, how they have to rage with a status message and talk to velma to have their support tickets answered to. See how many will buy domains and hosting with real money when they can get them cheaper elsewhere. This place never healed after your MyCENT and forum upgrading screw-up (which you did knowing it was a screw-up) and it won't heal unless you do something instead of making things worse and worse. I'm addressing things not related to the main page here, but whatever.
  9. I seriously doubt anything will change. Maybe the bugs, but the rest of the stupidness like the flash intro and the front page will probably stay.
  10. Well, this isn't captcha, this is math kinda captcha. And anyways, the purpose is to filter out most of the spam with the math question, then the more sophisticated spam goes through, it is filtered by akismet. My reasoning for this is, Akismet sometimes filters out legit comments so you have to check the spam queue to see if there are any there. With math captcha in there, most of the spam is filtered from the start so the queues are much shorter and easier to check. As for Papabear and Iniyila, you didn't understand what I said, you didn't read to whole post or you were just ignorant. The idea is described above, again.
  11. I think he's asking how to do that. Gosh... By the way, the FTP upload speed is superslow for me too, like 4 KB/s. That's just a load of <something>. No matter which server it is, it shouldn't be that low.
  12. Well, I prefer giving destructive criticism. That's just the person I am. I already told him what to do earlier, isn't that enough? The design itself is pretty standard, other than the big "HOME" text and the actual logo being on the right. There's not much to say about it. I'm just the kind of person that notices when something is wrong. Giving global coordinates in this day and age is amateurish. I don't really see how I could make it more constructive than that.But sure I raged in another thread that I started in the vent, but that's the vent, and all I did was point out the mistakes... with RAAAAGEEE
  13. Who says raging is useless?! Rage for the win, people! Ok just kidding, perhaps I could've raged a bit less in the opening post...Anyway, mind mentioning anything specific? Are you just fixing the bugs that wd reported and leaving it as it is otherwise?
  14. This isn't year 2003, that isn't impressive anymore. And no it's not a fake picture... I see it.
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