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  1. It stands for tender loving care yordan, and i can understand where fermin25 is coming from sortof. btw Fermin it should be What is going on here i believe.
  2. the url for billing is xistosupport dot com/billing/index.php
  3. Ash-Bash are you commenting to me i never copied and pasted my comment, i am unfollowing this topic as it is years out of date and i do not want to come back to it.
  4. all computers in your house will not have the same ip address but will have a close number for example say one has the other will have i know this as my computer and phone (both connected to same router) had ip address's close together only out by one number. and btw yordan the starter of this topic left on: sept 16th 2007, and the rest left years ago but if it bring the community new comments then why not.
  5. abit slow aint you this topic is from 2013, and only one reply now is you Edgar835 please do not bring up old topics start your own fresh topic about a subject you have an interest in, by the way no offence to the comment about you being abit slow it is not meant as an insult.
  6. demonboy1990

    Forum Alone

    well SD Try to get some rest and get those lazy beeps off their arses. try not to work to much, and get some good times this summer,
  7. demonboy1990

    Forum Alone

    maybe a pay reduction is in order maybe all those aches and pains will soon disappear lmao, you to my friend, and i will,
  8. demonboy1990

    Forum Alone

    yes SD I turn up now and again not so much as Winter or colder weathers though, it goes with age or maybe you are just tired SD But it is good you have some help around the place. hope you are having a great Summer and get a bit of sun and relaxation, and yordan i agree we need more ppl around the place hope to see more people around the community. well i will be back in september guys hopefully it is cooler and people are not so busy. btw SD try to get some relaxation this summer and try not to work so hard put the hired help to use around the place.
  9. demonboy1990

    Forum Alone

    i understand that but it would be lovely having more people on more,
  10. demonboy1990

    Forum Alone

    it was released in 1990 (which just happens to be the year of my birth) next one was 1992, then number 3 was released in 1997, the worst one (number 4) was released in 2002, then Home Alone 5 was released in 2012 tell us about it the forums are usally empty (maybe it is to do with time zones being different) i am in Time Zone at present GMT+1 So maybe i am just coming to the forums at the wrong time,
  11. ok i withdraw my comment my friend, keep up the work. the only thing is though it always pops up again but you have to expect that on online communities spammers just can not help themselves. sorry if i offended you or insulted you my friend.
  12. i know what you mean SD, BTW Anyone need advice on mis-sold payment protection insurance (P.P.I) lmao or a mover in India does get horrible all these spam on the forums every time you login But even if you report it (i have tried a lot of times) nothing ever is done about it.
  13. it should grow SD Just make sure you give it plenty of water and sun light.
  14. SD I Have repeated it a few times (not meaning to be snappy or such) to check your cents goto support.xisto.com/clientarea.php and then login with your email address and password you use on this forum. the information you require (cents total) on that page as you login on a green line with title of Available Credit Balance: as for having problems with your website just pm OpaQue on this forum who will be able to help you in such matters.
  15. i know what you mean SD, I Had a look at the website when you mentioned it and it was lovely, i have not went off the island yet (and have not seen most of it) first place i am going is Great Britain hopefully this summer, we had a lovely sunny day today also but it is cold and fogy out there tonight, as for your fruit trees i know nothing about that sort thing, the only thing i ever grew in my life is Shoe size and my hair lol oh and aubergine (Eggplant) for school
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