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  1. So, I have been on a diet since July time, excluding about 4 weeks around christmas, my diet involves just eating less calories and it has meant I have lost 6 stone going fro, 21 stone to now 15 stone (210lbs at 6ft 2" tall) This has just been by controlling calorie intake, sticking to 1500 calories a day trying not to get below or over that. I am a male so that is a loss of 1000 calories per day. So far so good, I have lost the weight and I have no ill effects, I am not tired nor ill and I dont look ill either so I am happy with my diet.Recently I have started cycling a lot both for fitness and for enjoyment, I simply like being outside! I have two routes I follow, mostly it is a 12 mile route on flat ground and my other route is 6 or 7 miles along mostly flats with the odd hill thrown in. My app on my phone configured with my weight and GPS says I burn around 8-900 calories on my 12 mile ride, so what sort of calorie intake should I be aiming at? My goals are to bulk up muscle a bit and add tone as well as increase fitness and steadily loose a little more weight. The obvious choice is to just eat 8-900 calories extra but would that be correct?I am also a vegetarian so my protien and what not comes from artificial meat like Quorn and Tofu or Soya.Any ideas?
  2. You dont.Firstly, runescape is for noobs, however I digress. The idea of running a private server is that you obtain an illegally cracked version of the runescape server and run this. In answer to your question in order to have items and features from 2008 you need to obtain an illegal copy of the executables that make up the runescape server system and run them in the correct environment.
  3. ^^ This made no sense.Assuming you mean install a browser on a USB stick then open it in school and you can browse the net there are several flaws:One, you cannot drag and drop a browser onto a USB stick, unless you mean a portable browser edition, in which case you need to download then install it to the stick.Two, any school will block that in one of two ways, where I work (a school in the UK) we have an internal proxy, if you bypass that proxy you get NOTHING. There is no way around this, there is no back door. If you dont go through our proxy you can NEVER connect to the internet, no matter what you try. OUR proxy is the ONLY connection to the net. So if you got your own browser onto the system and put it a web proxy from the net (ie one of the annonymising sites) you just wouldnt get any net. The other option for blocking it is simply to block the firefox, opera, chrome etc... programs from running via a policy (on a windoze network) You can get around that by renaming your firefox etc... to "iexplore.exe" but even that is easy to block by telling the policy to only allow IEXPLORE from the correct windows directory, which of course you dont have write access to and thus you cant do it.Assuming the target network has no internal proxy the best option is to run up a live CD of ubuntu
  4. It depends what you want to photograph and how, plus whether you are in the rain or under cover etc... and what camera you have.If you have a little point and shoot camera (EG one of the standard "in your pocket" cameras then you only really need to worry about it getting wet, in which case im fairly sure there are commercial covers out there to stop it getting wet, or simply have an umbrella!If you have a DSLR then you can also manually choose the settings, and so we begin! If it is raining then it is dark, at least a camera would consider it dark, in which case you need to raise the ISO lower the shutter speed, don't go above ISO 4-600 though or you will get grainy images. With the shutter speed the usual rule is to stick to a shutter speed above your lens length. So if your lens is 70mm long you want to use a shutter speed above 1/70 and so on...It all really depends what kit you have and what you want to photograph!
  5. Spotify, Spotify, the free music streaming service with optional paid services for better features. Free use enables you to listen to each individual track a limited number of times but does allow you access to millions of tracks with only a few adverts. The paid services start at £5/month and offer unlimited access to all the music advert free. Additional services for more money allow you to save music to an offline playlist and use the mobile version.Initially I was a free member, back when it was invite only in the UK, eventually the "limited re-plays of an individual track" got annoying so i purchased Spotify Premium for £5/month via paypal. The service was good, used it extensively at work for hours on end and at home. As a service it is very good, the music quality is excellent, the range of music is extensive, every genre and decade from classical to heavy metal. The client is smooth and as of recently there is a Limux client in Beta which is fairly stable on Ubuntu. Recently however Spotify sold their soul to Facebook. Now you cannot register for spotify at all. You can simply sign in using facebook, hence Spotify is controlled by facebook. The reasons are obvious, by default Spotify spams your wall with posts like "look you guys! Im listening to spotify lololol :D :D" it is opt-out and not obvious in that if you leave it enabled you cannot, EVER disable it, even if you click the disable button it will reset when you close and re-open the spotify client. Nice. But that way Spotify get free advertising at the cost of making you look like an idiot. Facebook of course get additional registrations since you need Facebook to use Spotify. Smooth.Until recently however, since I registered long ago when Facebook was merely a rotting mould in the corner of the internet my account was email based and not linked to Facebook. Then my paypal, and indeed email addresses, were compromised, presumable due to a password crack at one of the websites I use, I believe most likely Trion Worlds, so thanks for that one guys (unconfirmed of course), so my Paypal was thankfully disabled when the scamming noobs changed the address, however that meant my Spotify subscription was cancelled mid-transaction and thus caused a chargeback, essentially giving me £5, Spotify werent too keen on this as I would soon find out. After trying to sign in I got error messages that hinted to a wrong user/password, so I signed in on the Spotify site only to be greeted with a message saying my account was disabled. I was not logged in however, my account had literally been deleted. Nice.I contacted Spotify support who told me that due to the chargeback they had deleted my account and would not re-activate it. Usually I would be pissed off but re-register, however since I despise facebook (I have it but have 9 friends, half of which are relatives with whom I stay in contact with via facebook) and since I was FORCED to use facebook and had no choice in the matter I refused to re-join. I explained this to support who essentially shrugged their shoulders, so I took to twitter and tweeted to the CEO of Spotify directly explaining why I disliked the facebook tie in and the situation in hand. He too didn't care.In the end I have created a fake facebook profile with an email address I do not monitor. I will never add any friends and hide the profile so Spotify will receive no benefit from their little tie-in. The moral of the story is that I despise any forced tie in, so KS take note, I already disapprove of the facebook login! Forcing a customer to do something they do not like purely for your own profit is a risky business and makes people like me dislike the business immensely. Unfortunately the service they office is unique here it seems. But hopefully a decent competitor will show up and I will jump ship!
  6. Keep checking them, you will soon get hours or even days where the forums become unusable due to lag.The forums arent active anymore due to a few things, one is the number of spammers, two is the general quality of members has took a massive nosedive and three the quality of posts has taken an identical nosedive.Xisto used to be a cool place, great place to get knowledge, ironically, to learn things and to share things but KS is none of those.
  7. Nice, gone back to the HTML only version of the site now, no CSS, nice crisp white pages, and blue/purple hyperlinks.See attachment for my view of the frontpage.If I were a new client I would literally be unable to use any of the links in that popup menu. Not cool.It may well be the ISPs fault but if that is so then xisto needs to change ISP, simple as. The forum took so long to load that I am now back to the first screenshot in this thread, I have no images or CSS, the forum looks a complete wreck, If your ISP was this bad for a HOME user you would switch, for a corporation who's business is in providing a safe, stable platform for webhosting you simply cannot use an ISP like that.
  8. The attached image shows how I am currently using the forums.The ks frontpage at http://forums.xisto.com/ does not arrange correctly, I am unable to read the links. When I attempt to use the silly animated menu I cant, it closes every time the mouse leaves the initial menu, thus when I move the mouse to one of the sub-menus it closes before I am able to click on a link. Last night the server status page was taking a VERY long time to load, so much so that I left it loading and checked other tabs such as ping.eu to verify that my site was indeed still there and received up to 40% packet loss. The fact it took so long initially for that domain to be activated is a negative in itself, although the response was quick I should not have needed to submit a ticket about an order. Any successful business needs to prioritise it's clients.The whole place is dying, surely you see that? And yet Opaque does nothing to resolve this, at least nothing that the user's can see. as of last night I was virtually unable to use cpanel due to the loading time. Today it is back to normal.99% uptime sounds a lot, but when it gets like this you realise it isnt.
  9. Ever since this place became KS opaque has let everything FAIL.On top of the forums dying my site is now slow to load, cpanel is slow to load. The forums, are slow to load. The Xisto server status page, is slow to load.Answers, NOW.If I were a client paying with real money I would produce a formal complaint and seek a competitor to move ALL of my services to, this is UNSUSTAINABLE. You are surely aware now that some members, myself included, have "defected" to AstroLoco. Im not going to advertise them here because they dont need it, however. I feel I will shortly move my services to their hosting and maintain only my domain name with xisto until AL support domains via credits. That means I will fully cease all activity on this forum and perhaps request that all my content be removed or defaced purely so that KS doest benefit from searches that link to MY content. I've been treated like crap with the "services" offered here.SORT IT OUT, NOW. No more BS, give me answers.Why cant Xisto - Support THEIR OWN server status pages? Why is opaque cant code a simple home page effectively? Why is it that until recentlyy Xisto - Web Hosting couldnt even put together a features page that linked correctly. LAUGHABLE.Xisto is NOT a viable option for PAYING clients, and any paying clients reading this should look elsewhere. I have recommended xisto network sites to clients and friends in the past but I will NEVER do so again.I have an upcoming project which needs to be effective and professional and it will NOT be hosted here.
  10. Im with the OP. Xisto is going down, slowly and painfully.The homepage has some weird overlay over the flash intro which is irritating in itself. It looks like an amateur website. The support is often slow, the downtime seems to be increasing and it is generally dying. Opaque and BH dont seem to exist anymore, at least as far as I can tell.While members here on the forums are helpful we cant do everything, we cant respond to customer/account specific questions nor can we make modifications. There are plenty of us here who will and do help with general problems for example installation of third party systems (like forums, CMSs etc...) but aside from that it is indeed down to waiting for support. If it ever gets answered.
  11. Jesus, for a professional site that is unacceptable to be honest! I have set up sites for clients and had approval within hours of submitting the order.If only there was a rival, and better, site that is post to host *innocent*Seriously though, if any Xisto - Support are reading this, get your act together otherwise people like me will be leaving in our hundreds and KS will fall on it's knees. Opaque has already ensured it is going downhill, this could be it's death. Get my site online!Glad I'm not paying real money. No way I would EVER recommend any xisto sites for paying clients!Cheers for the reply, shame you arent on the xisto team, at least you sign in!
  12. There is also a promising post to host site coming along, called astroLoco at least their support is online :)

    1. anwiii


      we have very good personal support over there!

  13. Agreed xisto, get your act together.

  14. Is the whole of xisto on holiday?I registered a domain and basic plan nearly 48 hours ago and it is still pending... This should be damn fast, less than 24 hours, a matter of a few hours assuming it happens during business hours. Why is it taking so long?I raised a ticket on the issue, it really shouldnt take this long for a professional company.
  15. I still havent had an email in a long time to show any updates...I havent posted a lot but enough to push me up to the next dollar for sure so either the system has been *heavily* nerfed to give like 10% of what it used to or its broken, or for some reason I just didnt get the email.I cant remember what mycent was last time i looked but right now it is $117 in my balance (238 earned) and 58.4 cents on my avatar.
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