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  1. Well imagine you actually paid money for this hosting like i did!!Once again they mess with the hosting..once again they inform NO ONE.Once again ALL thier customers are stating at blank sites for over a day now.I get NO response from making a trouble ticket.I get NO response from Live support.And this is NOT the first time this has happened, I have been suspended for paying my bills on time and got no apology for this - again lost a whole day getting this sorted out.ANother time they moved the servers for some reason, I lost my sites for over 24 hours then.And theeres me looking at 99% uptime WTF does that mean to XISTO?Also the speeds of the hosting well I must say its as bad as being hosted here!@!@I wait and i wait most days for the MYsql server to react, It honestly is better on the free hosting servers.one VERY UN SATISIFIED customer who is waiting for the hosting to come back just to grab his files and go to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and I used to be a Xisto fan..today left with EGG on my face cos I reccommended Xisto to others, now they are screaming at me "WHERES MY WEBSITE GONE?"
  2. Changing "layout" in Joomla sites is all about the template.The template includes all the html..css..graphics..to load your joomla site in different "styles"A good place to start is somewhere like http://www.rockettheme.com/ they have lots of "paid" templates but also some free ones to choose from.Google Joomla templates and you see theres a whole industry at work to supply templates for teh Joomla community.Hope this helps..Mark;)
  3. Ok by standard there are 28 module positions on Joomla.Inside Joomla on the top menu for Site Templates theres a section called Module positions - in here you can rename them anything you want.To be honest your going around things way too deep for messing around with Joomla.I normally do NOT make a template xml file etc untill the site is 100% finished.Theres no point..cos if you start swapping images over etc..if you try to install in the template again you will get a checksum error.You now how I start with most sites?I copy and paste my code into the "Madeyourweb" template,I delete everything inside the images folder etc, I keep Solarflare there just incase I need to check things - most things work 100% in solarflare so its a great test template.Also I keep all the CSS info in the HEAD of the index.php file - yes in time you too will get SICK of changing the CSS and having to upload it or change it inside Joomla.Once again when its totally 100% working I break out the CSS into its on file.Its also very easy to test locally also this way.Oh yes the Breadcrumbs...ok these are navigation helpers at the top of a Joomla site.Ever seen on top of a "content" panel something like this "HOME > Products > Tshirts" these are "section" and "category" names for the content you are viewing at the moment, they should be clickable also so you can get to the "Products" page just by clicking on it.Of course they got thier own CSS rules so you can make them do anything.Also there is no reason ever to use tables in any site...CSS will do it all belive me B)P.S. lol this thread os great!! Ive earned 20 credits in 2 days off it!! )Pity im not hosted here anymore and have a paid hosting here;)
  4. Yes Wutske its still the same now on the latest release of Joomla. For instance this is the code for loading the main content module. <?php mosMainBody(); ?> So you make your template and insert that code in the div (dont use tables ffs;) ) that should contain the main content for the site. OK next you need a menu at the top over the content? Here is where it can be complex or easy depending on your template layout. <?php mosLoadModules ( 'user1' ); ?> ok then so that loads module user1 in that position..So inside Joomla goto the module manager then select main menu..then change its position to user1 and its sorted..Also like Wutske said you can change all the names of each module position inside Joomla also, something I never bother to do- I got used to just using the obvious positions like "top" "left" "right" etc as well as user1 user2 etc. OK here is a more complex way of loading user1 <?php mosLoadModules('user1', -2); ?> This is the same module with a "-2" switch on it, this switch determines how the module will be outputted, if you look at your tutorial, there is a page explaining what all the switches do, I am only ever interested in the modules being outputted wrapped in its own DIV and thats the -2 switch. Without any switch the module gets outputted in a table - something i NEVER want!! Also look on your tut or elsewhere on the net such as here..https://help.joomla.org/component/option,com_easyfaq/task,view/id,25/Itemid,268/ and theres a full expample with code to show what the output looks like with the different switches on or off. -3 is really cool if you know how to use it right..this one wraps the DIV in layers of DIVS that make it easy for you to for instance..to have a rounded corner edge.with a background on a fill and gradient, and that the whole effect resizes to any size that the module is.Here is a great tutorial explaining how its done. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Also I have to tell you i do not use the "Joomla" copy of Joomla, I use http://www.a8ejoomla.com/ now this copy of Joomla is a hacked copy, the reason well, go back to the first line of code I explained.. <?php mosMainBody(); ?> notice there there is no switch? there cannot be a switch that controls the main content page - It is ALWAYS outputted in a table..no mater what you do ;((( Now I have got round this with the standard copy of Joomla, I just published the <?php mosMainBody(); ?> in an ivis DIV thats hidden, then I published a module that allows content items to be published in there, and used that as the main content, only drawback is..the site is not very dynamic..more static this way because every page has to be really linked to the module etc.. A8eJooomla to the rescue;) every component/mambot/module I have thrown at it so far works, A8e is also on the same release as the current 1X Joomla so theres no downgrading to use it. Tha gain? well your site can be totallly table free!! not many sites can boast that using Joomla!! My own site itself is still on "table" joomla ;( now I got A8eJoomla working on two production sites I think its time I went for a redesign of Mokum Design to take the main content table away!!! Hope this made some sense to you, modules and Joomla are easy once you know how
  5. a Heads up to the other suspended members, I am now unsuspended :rolleyes:I had a live chat with the techies and mine is sorted - In my tickets i said about the other users so hopefully you will all get sorted out soon;)
  6. yeah this has been happening since August for me;( just another reason to get a paid hosting..
  7. Oh no not another account ;(( Check this thread - we are having the same problems ;( http://forums.xisto.com/topic/94559-topic/?findpost=1064380886=
  8. Well what timing!!!Yesterday I ordered a paid hosting account here at Xisto - Web Hosting.This morning I started moving all my sites over to the new host and re pointing the domain names.After many hours I finally got most of it done.Then I had to login to retrive something I needed and wham my account is now suspended!!Ive been on FTP all morning long doing backups and MYSql backups, I think its really odd that its happened now just as my sites are being re pointed ;(As for credits thats not the problem I have 12.5 credits before this post so prolly 15 afterwards ;(Does anyone know whats going on?Mark;)
  9. I would go EVERY time for XAMPP, it is soo easy to configure...just point it to a folder and its done! What does XAMMP give you ? Apache, MySQL,PHP, MecuryMail, Filezilla, PHPMyAdmin and more... What I find soo easy about using xampp is that you dont have to have any of the servers running all day long slowing down your pc, you have a XAMPP control panel and when you want to start designing or testing you push a few buttons and wham Apache is up, MySQL is up, FTP is up and mail is up. Also dont get me wrong, the control panel is a nicety! ofc all the full blown features of apache etc are there to be twiddled and fiddled to your hearts desire, but default out of the box install seems to work 100% fine for me everytime.Of course you can exactly mirror your webhosts setup if you like with XAMPP also, by installing mods for apache and different versions of php and MySQL etc etc. Its the perfect devel tool for any MySql powered CMS system to make a test sandbox at home. I have about 30 sites atm sitting on my test server, lucky for me I use Joomla a lot, I do all the devel work on a clients site on my server, showcase it here to the client, then upload it to his server, and Joomla helps soo much cos all I have to do is copy the dbs and change one line of a config file with a new URL and the site is moved;) Ive tried a few diff all in one servers before but XAMPP is the best, and ofc its on Linux - MAC and Solaris so no matter what OS you are running for devel you can run XAMPP.
  10. I think its ****! its buggy and is really getting me angry!! soo many times it just straight crashes my Firefox, gmail claim its firebugs fault, so I turn it off and its worse ;() so then i tweak firebug like gmail suggest, wow its even more laggy now l;(
  11. Well i have seen a video review of it and i must say that I am not impressed at all by this release.It seems like they have changed the game now so that you can only go in carrear mode and only ride on events, there is no free roam anymore and whats even more dissapopinting, the cops are gone totally from the game!!WTF I hear you cry!! yes no more driving around for ages causing massive crashes with the police cars.The same sort of events are included like speedtrap and timeattack, also there seems to be more drift racing;( wow the worse point of the game in the last few releases so what do they do ? extend that function!Also the review I saw went crazy for the amount of advertising thats ALL over the game, they showed screenshots and on the screen they highlighted like 30 ads per frame as you went round a corner;(All in all a VERY BAD release ;( its such a shame cos Carbon was good, I was expecting more of teh same but better for pro street, but it looks like im going to be let down ;((
  12. Well as far as I know, Xisto and Xisto share the same server for everything - Gamma serverAs for paid hosting, I am certain they do not overload the servers as much as Gamma gets overloaded.
  13. Well I am a bit of a pocket pc fan myself.I have had a HTC9090 for a couple of years and its been amazing!!MY phone contract ran out last month and for the same contract I could get a brand new HTC Touch.BOY OH BOY what a phone!!If you want the performance of a top pocket pc and the style of a Iphone, its here!It even has the same sort of navigation that the i Phone uses - before you start..I am certain that Apple have copied this not the other way round because HTC had been developing this phone out long before anyone mentioned an Iphone, and I have seen early pics of it in action a long time ago.I can say that the phone works great as a phone, and excellent as a pocket pc, the wifi is really easy to use (much better in WM5 ) and browsing the net is very easy and clear on the screen it has.It can take up to 12gig of miniSD RAM probably more cos my old phone said it had a limit of 6gig but ive heard it can take more.Also my phone is NOT simlocked in anyway, I am not tied to use it on one network unlike any Iphone.Go google HTC Touch and see the future;)
  14. Yes and please when you get the 30 credits needed , stop posting till you get your account approved or denied.The reason-if you carry on posing and gaining credits they will be wiped off your account if your account is approved.I know I lost around 20 credits when I got accepted for hosting.But as soon as you do get approved I would suggest building up a store of credits to see you through any potential problems, a good rule of thumb is to have at least ten credits in your account at all times as a reserve for holiday times etc...
  15. Glad to hear that your both having a good experience of the Xisto - Web Hosting hosting, I am probably myself going to be going the paid hosting route in the next month orso.Good to hear that you didnt have to wait too long for the account to be set up.I think the biggest pain for me is going to repointing a lot of customers websites and mine plus my testing "sandbox" that I use to test design layouts for potential customers.One thing I have to ask, how is the speed of the MYSQL? I am pretty reliant on it for a lot of the sites I host are Joomla sites so I need the MySql to be the best.
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