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  1. Didn't try it yet, I even don't find the menu allowing that. Was somebody else succesful?
  2. Nobody has the answer ? I also have this problem, with my Microsoft Word .docx files. I know I wrote something about testing the "lparstat" command usage and examples, but I don't remember in which document I wrote this. I will try wingrep with the zip option, but I'm almost sure that excel and word files are binary files but aren't zipped files.
  3. OK, seems to be a problem with system restore? Great! Hurray for Windows security features! An updates makes a system restore impossible? Incredible!
  4. Don't really understand your goal. Do you want to learn graphic design ? Or do you want to learn for free ? Or do you want to earn immediately a lot of money without having to learn something, or without having to work a lot ?
  5. Did you install the new Windows 10 1809 update ? It's known being bugged, but the bugs are told to be fixed. Anyhow, for home user, there seem to be no way to refuse the current update.
  6. Ha-ha-ha, sorry, my mistake! This topic was posted in the forum, maybe that's the reason of my confusion. You are right, I searched the forum database, I didn't search the Xisto support knowledge database.
  7. Very strange, indeed. I also find a lot of results, can't guess where the problem is. Did you really type the word vmware inside the search box ?
  8. Nobody has the answer ? How to backup and read offline my SMS messages before cleaning up in order to save room on my phone ?
  9. Seems that nobody around here has cats and dogs in the same house!
  10. I guess that the "RPG" part means "Role Playing Games". But what does the "A" mean ? "Almost" ? "Administrative"? "Albeit"?
  11. Sorry, but I don't care about this! If I want to give my opinion, I say what I want to say. If the mod's feel it off-topic, that's their problem!
  12. By the way, how does your warn status appear? Is it clickable? You should be able to click the words "Warn Status".
  13. Wow! Mozilla 4 ! I'm still satisfied with my FireFox 2, why should I switch to Mozilla 4 ? Will eat more cpu, will need a bigger computer?
  14. On Xisto : http://forums.xisto.com/topic/68879-topic/ And at Xisto : Similar, but different, so no plagiarism. Be careful, mods can see when you have been warned. If you say "two monthes ago" and it was four days ago, nobody will believe you are really honest.
  15. ChillyFox ! I love it ! Would it be bundled with WranglerBird for the mails ?
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