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    I recommend this technique too, but always is better to use this kind of software because it improves the system performance. In the past i had a computer with a similar disk partitioned in the same way than yours, but in my case i notice that the system performance degrades after 3 months more or less, this computer works better every time i use the system defragmentation tool in a three months interval. Best regards,
  2. I agree, Google Sites is better than services like Geocities -now owned by yahoo- or Tripod, also it is better than the Google Page Creator service that will be discontinued soon. In the case that you are using the Google Page Creator service, you have two options before it will be discontinued: do nothing, all of your pages and information will be automatically migrated to the Google Sites services. In this case a new site will be created automatically and your data will be moved to this new site too, additionally all of your visitors to the googlepages.com URL will redirect to the new one. Opt out of the move, first you have to manually download your site -as a zip file- and move it to any location you want, then you need to set up a redirect URL. BTW, Google Sites is better than ever and has been improved a lot since it was released, now you can create a site in less than 5 minutes or less . Best regards,
  3. If i understood, you are updating the old dates with the new ones using the SQL UPDATE, correct???.please, could you post your php code that manages this task and also your table(s) structure(s)???Best regards,
  4. Yeap, i just download and install both applications and in both cases work very well, i just test the watermarking functionality to see how well does it works and the results are great. Best regards,
  5. You are welcome and thanks for share your tips too. Now relating the target keyword phrase, i agree with you, this task is very important and must be done very carefully, and also with a long term consideration, because it will not work at first glance like many people think. Also, the long tails keywords you suggest work well -i use them in the past- as wrong or misspelled keywords, but, one more time, do not abuse. Best regards,
  6. Everyone knows that by using FRAMES (HTML FRAME or IFRAME tags) anyone can include the contents of a page into another, but there are situations in which these are done without any authorization from its creators, well, if this happens to you and you want to avoid these cases, you can use the following simple javascript function: <body onload="if (window.self!=window.top) top.location=self.location;">Best regards,
  7. I agree with wutske, The Gimp can't do every thing that Photoshop can, but still it is an excellent software that i used in the past, one thing that i don't like about it is the way it organizes the user data. Also, i agree with akashi, for simple image manipulation tasks like color adjusting, cropping or resizing images you don't need that kind of software, is enough to do this tasks with software like ACDsee, IrfanView or Microsoft Office Picture Manager. BTW, i will try the FastStone software you suggest. Best regards,
  8. Thanks for your words Tian, it is gratifying to hear that one is helpful. BTW, i just post a topic related to another excellent SEO article, please visit the topic A Simple Guide For Achieving Top Rankings for more information. Best regards,
  9. A Simple Guide For Achieving Top Rankings in the Search Engines - Even if You Are a Complete Newbie By Darren Chow is an excellent article that i just read which covers the following topics: Choosing Your Target Keyword Phrase: Use around three to four keywords and use keyword research tools but dont abuse them, and choose keywords with a fair amount of competition. Setting Up a Search Engine Friendly Website: Suggest to use any content management system like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and DotNetNuke, because they are SEO friendly, but if you want to do it manually don't forget to use your target keyword phrases in the title tags, keyword and description META tags of your pages, additionally remember to use a search engine friendly file name such as "your-keyword-phrase.html". Link Building with Articles: Explains some information related to how to build back links to your site focused on the Article marketing method, why One way back links from authority sites and relevant web pages are so important, and why your pages must contain relevant content including the correct use of the Anchor text of your links. What to Expect After Your Articles Have Been Published: don't expect to see your site on the first search result page immediately, takes from four to six weeks to appear in the search index, the goal is to appear on page 1. Visit A Simple Guide For Achieving Top Rankings in the Search Engines - Even if You Are a Complete Newbie to read the full article. Best regards,
  10. I think that cochuyengi refers to Search Engine Optimization, right??? I don't use a lot this service but i guess that in some way you can do that, if i am correct i never been capable to view the header section of any page created with it, so, in this case you can't implement SEO techniques for the title, keywords and description meta tags. What you can do is to create your pages with good and relevant information and apply to them SEO techniques. Best regards, Edit: I confirm, you can not modify the head section of the pages only the content of the body section.
  11. ProcessLibrary.com is an online library of processes where anyone can find a detailed and comprehensive information of any process that is running on their PC. ProcessLibrary.com is written in plain and simple terms, and is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese, also it is free to all PC users and provides a detailed information of every process that should, and should not be running on your computer. Best regards,
  12. faulty.lee, thanks for sharing this excellent tip, it's a time saving. I didn't know exactly how to use that information of the details area in the Device Manager. I will try this later because I just get a machine with a driver conflict between the sound system and the monitor. Best regards,
  13. I have almost the same problem, my computer turns itself off and powers itself again immediately, this problem happens in a randomly form, it can be after one hour or after seven hours. the only thing that is true is that it happens every day since 2 weeks more or less.So, after reading all the suggestions posted before i decide to change the power supply to see what happens and unfortunately the problem still happen.I would appreciate any help.Best regards,
  14. TavoxPeru


    Defraggler is an excellent free system tool that can be used to defragment your computer hard disk(s) instead of using the Windows defragmentation tool. One of the main features of Defraggler that makes it unique is that it allows to defragment quickly and simply a file or group of files you want to, without having to process the whole drive. Defraggler is produced by Piriform, the same creators of CCleaner. Main features: Defrag Individual Files: You can select individual files and folders to defrag, but, if you want to defrag the whole drive Defraggler will let you do that too. Compact and Portable: Defraggler is a compact single EXE application, so it can be copied to a thumbdrive and then used whenever you need it. The EXE itself is less than 1MB! Vista Support: Defraggler supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista including the 64-bit version, and supports both NTFS and FAT32 file systems. Locate Files on the Drive: After analysis Defraggler lists all the fragmented files on the drive. If you want to visually see the location of any file on the disk you can simply select them from the list, and Defraggler will highlight their location on the disk. Freeware. Simple and clean interface. In addition, Defraggler is faster than the Windows defragmentation tool, for example, I have a 7.2Gb hard drive, which was before running Defraggler defragmented by 31% and after running the disk defragmentation dropped to only 5%. Best regards,
  15. XML Marker is a free XML Editor that you can use to view or edit any type of XML file. It is an extremely helpful tool if you need to debug or create any XML file like sitemaps, rss feeds or opml files, allowing direct access to the XML data. XML Marker allows a nice structured view of xml data providing easy manipulation, checking and creation of XML files, it has a very clean interface and is small, fast, very easy to use and intuitive. Also, you can use XML Marker as an XML Log File viewer. Some other features of XML Marker are: Tree view for showing data in Hierarchical and tabular view. Color coded. Syntax Highlighting. Table sorting. Automatic indentation. XML Marker works with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. For more information and downloading instructions visit the following pages: XML Marker Homepage. XML Marker Quick Start page. XML Marker Download page. Best regards,
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