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  1. It all started when I was searching on google for a free premium rapidshare account, well I didn't get one but I found a website on which a guy wrote that the best way to get a rapidshare premium account was to buy it! He shared a website which gives 1 cent for every ad you click. First I thought it was too good to be true but after some reasearch I found out that their were many like those. After some more hours of research I found that most of them were scams but luckily I found one that really paid. I got my money but I invested the money buying a premium membership for Bux.to. So the pace at which I was making money got faster then I told some of my friends about it. They started clicking too. This way after just 2.5 months I had a blance of about $1200 in my acount. Then I requested my payout at that time I was really nervous but I after I saw the money in my alertpay account I was really happy. Well I bought many things from the money including a XBOX 360. Well thats my story see if you can make your own. Dont belive me?? heres the proof: Why am I telling you this? Mans hunger for the money never ends. Of course when you will sign up and click ads , I will earn my commision too. If you want to sign up heres the link, (sign up using this link, this will earn me commission): http://buxgroup.to/bux/
  2. Thanks man I was having problems with ftp both all worked on this site . The site rocks, and its not just ftp they offer , they are also offering domain redirection for free,now thats a cool thing. :)By the way thanks again for the website.
  3. Well im a muslim and im supposed to belive in life after death that is heaven/hell. And i completly do belive in life after death. and what is so unbeliveable in that?
  4. Hey i didn't know what CSS really was but this helped me, So if it can help me i thought i should take some benefit from it too.
  5. CO.CC offer free domains, well actually they are sub-domains but look like TLDs. I have 4 domains currently registered with them. They give a good service. Your DNS setting are activated within 12 hours.
  6. How to do an "Ollie" on a skateboard?An "ollie" means smacking the tail of the skateboard on the floor with one foot while pulling up the front side in air with other, so that the whole board lifts up.its one of skate boarding's basic moves and you can do all kinds of other things once you've mastered it.Jolly Ollie Days:The hardest part is the timing-it comes with practice.Here's how to do it.1. Wear plenty of safety gear (better safe than sorry).2. Put your rear foot on the tail and your front foot a bit more than halfway along the board. The ball of your rear foot should be in the middle of the board and your front foot should be nearly straight across the board.3. Crouch down. Push your rear foot down on the tail of the board and straighten your legs. ( this should make the board bounce up.)4. As the board comes up, slide your front foot to nose of the board, then press it down.5. Lift up your back foot. ( this should make tail rise so that board is level in midair.)6. As the board descends, bend your knees and pull them toward your chest.Learn the trick from a stationary position, when you've got the hang of it you can try it moving along and going up and down hills.
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