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  1. Updated my system a month ago...! From Ubuntu --> LinuxMint --> Ubuntu Maverick...I really love Linux for sure....
  2. I have see the Showreel and it's really awesome...I like it..
  3. Hmnnnn..! Try to see this link : https://www.linuxmint.com/Well for me, I just switched to Ubuntu because I'm tired of fixing PC's infected with viruses. And the fact that it's absolutely free... Yes it is...I've tried using it and found it's a bit faster than Ubuntu. By the way, Linux Mint is also based on Ubuntu.
  4. I think Avira should not fall on Others selection on the poll.I used to use it because of it's simplicity. You can also update its ivdf manually if you don't have internet connection.I'm just using it on my guest OS XP...!
  5. The softwares that I used mostly are: Internet: 1. Mozilla Firefox - for browsing net everday 2. Mozilla Thunderbird - for my email client 3. Empathy / Pidgin - for mesenger 4. Transmission BitTorrent Client Accessories: 1. Cairo-Dock 2. Tomboy Notes Games: 1. Billiard-GL 2. Nexuiz 3. Frozen-Bubble Graphics: 1. GIMP Sound & Video: 1. Brasero 2. Movie Player 3. Rhythmbox 4. VLC Office: 1. OpenOffice 2. MS Office System Tools: 1. Oracle VM VirtualBox That's for now...
  6. Thanks for the advise yordan... I'll consider doing this for the time being... I will just point those mails to junks this time and also inform my co-workers to do the same. Thank you once again...
  7. Oh okey that was clear...However, my most concern is on how to make things in a way that I could not receive those emails anymore.Yes I know that anybody will recommend using antivirus programs but how would you recommend on how to avoid receiving such things from those email addresses...Thanks a lot...
  8. Thanks for that helpful information yordan... I have checked my system based on that information and the results are as follows: On Do I need to change the values to the default setting? If so, what are the default values of UACDisableNotify and EnableLUA? However, I still kept receiving the same email from google today... My other co-workers also received some emails from e-cards@hallmark.com, resume-thanks@google.com, update@facebookmail.com and invitations@twitter.com...
  9. I think, it has to do something with our company email service provider because some of my co-workers also received this kind of email. Oh and today, I got another email from different address. But it's kind of the same attachment. I received another email from "update@facebookmail.com" and the message was: The attached zip filename was "Facebook message.zip" but if unzip, I got the same document.exe file as in "resume-thanks@google.com"... And to tell you guys, I don't have account on facebook using my company email address. It's kind of a thing I don't understand. What should I do then? Please help me...I don't even know what will be the result of these things but I'm worried about what will happen someday. Our email has domain of .co.kr and it was controlled I think in Korea since I'm working in a Korean Company. Oh and I'm sorry Simpleton, I didn't applied any job from them. Thanks for the replies guys.
  10. Okey...So it's already clear bro.Anyway, I just got a fresh installed Maverick three days ago and as of now, I have no worry on my system.The Emphaty just works smoothly so I don't have to install other chat software.I can play music and watch videos also and I already have it installed Windows XP inside it...
  11. Yes...I believed it's from that address... I started receiving that mail since yesterday (1 mail) and today I got two mails from that same address. Oh and I tried executing the file and tried a complete scan, I got this NvTaskbarlnh.exe residing on the directory shown on the image below. Oh and it was detected as trojan by Avira. I'm gonna block this address from now on...
  12. Hi... A minute ago, I received an email from resume-thanks@google.com with "Thank you from Google!"... And the message was: and it has a Google Logo at the top of the message... There is also attached zip file and when unzip, the file is document.exe... I tried scanning the file with my Antivirus and it was found as TR/Spy.985600.2 and was moved then to quarantine... Is there anyone here already experienced this thing..? Is this email really came from Google?
  13. ysNoi

    Hey Guys

    Hi Vistz...Welcome to ASTA..You got an zwsome name there bro..
  14. Ok...To clear it up, here are system requirements to install Ubuntu on your desktop. Hope it's clear...
  15. I don't think so... I have just installed it last Oct. 13 on my Virtual Box configured to use 768mb memory out of 2Gb and it just works. The only problem I have seen now is that Empathy has some weird behavior that it doesn't immediately open a chat window when you double click on a contact. It takes a quite a few double clicks before it actually displays the chat window. I don't know if it is a bug or what but I can still use Pidgin if Empathy won't work.
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