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  1. Arbitrary, I do passes simpler.1. Simple/unimportant: On forums I rarely use, very unlikely to get hacked things or my nicksev passes. They're simple phrases, names, and other things. I use them a lot also.2. Email and unknown things: I use a password like delldimsension350 or something that is right in front of me, that is long and not guessable. This is for mid-level things. I change it every 3-5 months. I have even used phone numbers and family members SSNs.3. Secure/Critical: These are the most important, I never use the same password. I use thee types on my dedicated server, my IRC shells and my virtual host. These are things that I can't really recover and that are critical and literally are risking financial investments. Examples are:gfyh546klhdflghl56hlkhdgflhdli5hlhdrlkghrdk5l6hklhgldfh56ilhldkghfldk56htklhhImpossible to guess and hard to brute-force. I store these in a file some where on my local disk, obscure (example not with a name like passwords.txt).Thats my recommendation to anyone else, but even the best password is vulnerable to humans. I've got so many passes just by good ol' SE.Another note, daniel666 said his password has never been hacked, he's wrong. He gave me it once (I posted a thread on Xisto about not giving out pases using his hacked account).Also I don't recommend using &;"',<> in passwords that link to mysql, as they might be filtered. Same with space.
  2. @tav: That is a good idea, I had to do that before. I'll try that out.@vizy: Yes but it still shouldn't do that (add the 1 without the stripping).@Kelvin: Its not empty. I'll get back on this. Really busy.
  3. @kelvinmaki: Its a text box, and final/action are hidden. The reason I didn't post the whole code is its around 50 lines long or so and if I was to have ALL the if statements around 200 lines. I know its relatively small but its a lil big for a forum post. Also its not an error in the html form, I know how to make an html form correctly and it ONLY happens on the FINAL if statement (although I never tried adding an extra one to see if its the 7th or the last). I'll post more of the code if I can get around to it, I'm pretty busy right now trying to finish this update and working around the house.@ether: I'll try that out, what I did was just ditch it above 6 for now.
  4. PHP is free, easy and there are lots of people to help you learn.ASP costs money, is probably easy also but there is less free support.Asta does not support ASP.If its not broke don't fix it, if the FREE PHP does just fine why pay for ASP?Lots of MAJOR things use ASP, but for most things PHP is good.
  5. I'm having a bad problem and no idea how to fix it...it's setting my back on my PHP work. I have 7 if statements that do something depending on what $_POST['command'] is, it works for the first 6th and on the last one it adds a 1 (only ads the 1 at the end IF its the one in the if statement). Example of the failing line: if ($_POST['final'] == 'yes' AND $_POST['command'] == 'lol' AND $_POST['action'] == 'cmd'){The other ifs are like that, just $_POST['command'] == other things. Those if statements work. It does this with $_GET and $_REQUEST. It does this no matter what I put in the statement and if i make it blank it puts a 1 anyways. I even put this before the if statement: $whattostrp2 = array("1"); $_POST['command']= str_replace($whattostrp2, "", "$_POST[command]");STILL adds a 1. I have it echoing the $_POST['command'], hence how I know this. What I don't understand its WHY it does this ONLY on the 7th if statement and not the others. I tried to make it where $_POST['command'] == 'lol1' and it adds ANOTHER 1. It also does this with else if and elseif. If I redo the IF statement like this: if ($_POST['command'] == 'lol'){ It still fails. Any ideas? This is really bugging me and I have found NOTHING on it.
  6. What I've found with PERL is that its a pain to run...even on freeBSD.I think I'll stick with Non-Object Oriented Languages. I think PHP is the only scripting languages I need to know (and the only one that came easy).So I'm going to try with C/C++.PERL is just too...old I guess and not well documented.
  7. I believe you can convert it to another char_set when exporting.
  8. AJAX is just a style of JS Sten, not a language of itself if I recall.@Quatrux: I have found the syntax is almost identical and the like just not as powerful as PHP. I find this problem in BOTH my C and Perl scripts: The console window closes immediately.
  9. Putty is a client you can use on windows to connect to TCP Port 22 to manipulate Unix shells.Its the only thing you can use (or something equal to it) for a lot of dedicated severs at first (like the one I had, only had the shell). WINSCP is good for uploading files and the like when you don't have an FTP Server installed.Of course most of us don't need dedicated servers.
  10. Astahost doesn't allow you to connect to TPC 22 (SSH) which is how WINSCP works.But if your running a dedicated its great. I couldn't figure out how to upload using putty so I used WINSCP. I rarely use putty now, its easier to edit with WINSCP than putty.
  11. I never use FTP on my dedicated server as I never installed an FTP server. I recommend WINSCP. Its a SSH/SCP client that is like an FTP client but runs off port 22 and is therefore more secure/easier to configure. You can set it up on a server that only has an OS (like I had to on my freeBSD server). Its a little slower than FTP but it works great.
  12. Okay so I've decided to learn PERL. As I am VERY burned out on PHP after making an online hacking game in it and working on it for a month after release. Now that its almost done other than maintenance. I'm VERY good at php now. However I tried to do C and quickly thew my hands up (maybe too quickly).So I decided to learn PERL just to learn it. I'm curious, what are some practical uses for PERL (online. but more importantly offline/background/not used by public), does perl use the same if, else, while and the like as PHP?Thanks
  13. Okay I noticed this wierd bug in my game, and I don't know why its doing this. $stime = date("d - m - Y G:m");// if echo this it shows as HOUR:06 and only changed hte hour once every hour, never changing minutes.$logtime = date("D M d G:m Y");//It does it to that as well.Why is it doing this? Is it a code error? A PHP Configuration error? Any hints? Thanks. EDIT: LOL. I can' believe it. I used m instead of i. Well its fixed now
  14. I use custom forums. However I find it NO surprise that QSF is faster as it doesn't have the unneeded bulk (not as much at least) as phpBB.But is it as secure? I hope its more secure than phpBB. Even pre-made forums can have exploits to XSS and SQL Injection (I know of someone XSSing Wordpress).The best forum is not Vbulletin, IPB, phpBB or QSF. Its one you make
  15. I have had a horde of problems with FTP as well. yourdomain.TLD username: CP Username Password: CP Password Make sure those are set. That the Port is TCP-21 and that anonymous IS OFF. That's all I can say other than look through the support category. There is ONE (only ONE) good thread on this that is VERY helpful.
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