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  1. db2 express editionits a free version of the ibms db2 and it is simple to use also available in linux platformgui based so easy to use
  2. Use triggers to update the recordsit works best for all the records and automatically updates on completing one recordso go for triggers
  3. you see again they are updating much faster than before
  4. i think paypal liberty reserve are the best options to be seen as they are available all over the internet for payments
  5. Thats not effective as others like avast and aviraalthough its giving a competition to the avg free edition i still wouldnt prefer to take the file and i think professionals are there out in the market that are taking care of the viruses in the market
  6. good tutorials freelaykeep on with such tutorials as you spread your knowledge
  7. Hello guysI m participating in a fest and i need to make a short film of about 10 minutes I am already done with the video and all i have to do now is to edit the video and add my vocals to it along with some musiccan any one suggest me free software that allows video editing and audio editingPost your replies as soon as possible
  8. yup this is copied content when you do copy the text please mention the site you are copying the content from
  9. then try to even include the jdk kit with your package so that even the java virtual machine will be present to run
  10. you need to use the triggers mechanism in the database to do the effect and connect the database to the java or any other front end mechanism and as daniel said you need to do a lot of home work before connecting the databases
  11. i think its better to use ethernet connection as it is much more safer to use than that of a bridged usb connection and ethernet card is coming inbuilt with your computer and easy to install so just go for the ethernet connection
  12. go for avira or avast free editions and they work fine if you have a good internet connections as they are good in detecting the viruses if they are updated timely
  13. i have heard many such problems out in other game forums toohope they find a solution to the problem you are facing peterwhy dont you join asta host and post in your queries its much easier to contact you in such a way that being a guest or anonymous
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