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The Earth Is Really Flat Its a conspiracy


Well, I think actually the whole world consists only of Europe. There never was something after the Atlantic Ocean, there is nothing after the Meditaranean.It's all just a big conspiracy. America hasn't been discovered, because it doesn't exist, there is no such things as countries with more than 1 billion people (that's outrageous).And still this is a better conspiracy theory than the flat earth one!


You have GOOD IMAGINATION Bittr! While the truth is always good, we know not to trust the 'powers' too much!


this is the funniest thread on this forum


Yeah Ajant. Initially I thought some elementary school question But after I read it, i realise it isn't.


this is realllyyyyy funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyy


this one is another kind of consipacy THEORY that is in another forum. i hate to say this but i consider this stupidity. nuff said


i've learnt something new today...there are clowns out there who actually believe that the earth was flat, i actually never knew that loli think it is impossible but still its pretty interesting - i mean who could actually think of that ideai'm still wondering whether they actually believe it or if they are just doing it as a joke anyway - its a good laugh lolz


All you need to do is fly up to around 30,000 feet on a clear day, see the arc of the earth's curve. Now it doesn't take a maths genius to figure out that if that arc remains constant throughout your journey from LA airport to London Heathrow, then from there to Tokyo Narita Airport, then from there to Honolulu, Hawaii, then back to LA, then you have travelled around a huge sphere (which actually isn't that huge relative to the size of stars, galaxies and the rest of the universe.


You unbelievers. You are such sheeples. I don't know what to say to you. A proof has been made. Planes travel underground and that's the end of the point. You can't prove the roundness in any other way. Nothing else to say to you.


You undecided, please do not let the the naysayers lie to you. People are stupid and believe what is said to them first. If you were shown few proofs that the Earth is flat when you had 6 or 7 years you would have been 100% sure in that and you would have turned down the other theories. Don't let them take you! You will believe this theory because it's even believed by the old civilizations?that the Earth is flat. How can you not trust them? They invented maths you know?


An awful truth is revealed below, if you don't want to read, DO NOT OPEN!


I'm just kidding, to those who don't understand sarcasm.


haha! interesting, but funny at the same time. thanks for the info but i'll stick to 'the earth is round' for now. some of what the site says COULD be true in theory, but some of the other stuff is just ridiculous, 4 elephants and a turtle?still, thanks for the post, i got a good laugh out of it!if it turns out to be true you can say 'i told you so' to me


This thread is really fascinating- Welcome to the "Earth is Flat Society" Hilarious logics and height of imagination all put together to make earth flat really appreciable. So at least in my dreams I will see earth as really flat now onwards. I like the concept of ice walls covering us around so as no water falls. This concept will add a new dimension to the space time curves, the differences in time zones is just because of this flatness, moreover I have a question- why do we reach to the same place if we keep on traveling to the similar direction with some aircraft? I am sure- governments are involved in this conspiracy but what about the freelance explorers? Well I am enjoying this new fact, and now think that we should start seeing everything with a new perspective who knows there is another conspiracy underlying there?


Great thinking, I have,too, thought of that before, but since this is a section where we share ideas, it's great.When we reach the horizon, we actually drop, but onto another plane of land. When we reached the ice walls, it sends us to another plane opposite the wall. Whatever you imagine is possible here.If you really think the Earth is flat, then the magma is hell, no survivor down there lol.

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