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  1. I think Dinosaurs have existed...Maybe not exactly how people described them and maybe not with little "peanutbrains" but it's too extensive to be a hoax.I agree with carbondating being inefficient and messed up, so maybe they were extinct closer to our time then archealogists "dated".
  2. It was a great movie.. Lots of action and special effects wich make up for the bad storyline (wich wasn't really bad just a bit raffled).I'd recommend this movie to watch
  3. Wow Rise of the Immortals is a lot like League of Legends :oI'm gonna trry that one out as well soon.From what I saw these games are based for HoN, Heroes of Newereth or however it's spelled. Still need to check that one out too.
  4. I agree with above post.CoD is a lot more fun imo then Halo. It feels more real as well as the graphics wich are astonishing. Halo is just frag everyone around you, where CoD requires a lot more tactics and attention from the player.
  5. I agree, most games are messed up when you are playing in the 'soloqeue' but once you know some people you can play 'premade' wich is pretty cool, but indeed it takes a fanatic (oops) to keep playing after the first 100 matches haha. Seriously... the real fun starts at lvl 30, that's something they should change.I like how the devs keep balancing the game, sometimes for the good, sometimes its just bad, but then again... It's free
  6. I guess I'm very oldskool about FPS... Never been more happy with a FPS game then I played Quake2 :PSimple, yet addictive, just frrag anything that comes along your path. Really love QuakeLive, brought the old FPS back online and for free!!!
  7. haha dan weet ik al van 3 Nederlands sprekende mensen op Xisto :DI know, 5 years ago everyone was helpfull too and still are, it's awesome being back :DThe worst thing was moving to England?
  8. Hey all, since about 2 years I played this rpg/rts game, League of Legends. This game plays in an arena, where players play as Champions (legendary creatures), either 3v3 or 5v5 players and the objective is to destroy your enemies turrets, base and eventually their 'Nexus'. This Nexus is where your team's 'minions' spawn from. Minions are tiny creatures wich assist you in the game by attacking other minions, champions and turrets. Each time you kill an enemy minion you get a small amount of gold (champion kills grant more) wich you can spend in your base to buy items to increase your champions stats and make it faster, stronger and more durable. Teamplay is highly encouraged, since you need your teammates to fight so called teamfights or to destroy the turrets. When you want to play alone, this is not a game for you This is just a small part of a large and growing game. You can learn more by reading: http://gameinfo.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/ [media]http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/] This is one of the better rts/rpg's out there, and it's FREE!!! xD try it for yourself
  9. Awesome!I can see Mycents now.Thx admins!
  10. Welcome to Xisto,would be great to read about your work, sounds very interesting indeed!
  11. I still cannot see Mycents, is it maybe something in my own settings? /me sad panda
  12. Happy new year to you tooo and ofcourse to all!I haven't made any decisions for 2012 (yet), but then again, I make decisions every day ^^
  13. You might have to reinstall Adobe Flash (if it's flash movies like Youtube)I had the same issue on my PC a while ago, wich was easily fixed by reinstalling.
  14. Beautifull in Dutch is 'mooi', 'knap' or 'schitterend'. I'd love to hear a non Dutch say these words
  15. The hieroglyphs say "the wisdom of all will be for everyone".Orion is just hanging there
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