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  1. It can be done but will entirely depend on your mobile phone but you need to provide more information. Here are some options if: 1. Laptop is connected wireless, Mobile Phone has bluetooth: Use your mobile phone's PC Suite and connect it to the Internet via Bluetooth. Most have, otherwise, it can be complicated. 2. Laptop is connected wireless, Mobile Phone has no bluetooth: Use your mobile phone's PC Suite and connect it to the Internet via USB. 3. Laptop is wired and Mobile Phone is wireless. This is the interesting part. Set up Internet connection sharing on laptop (Hardwired to wireless). This set the laptop as a sort of wireless access point. Manually set up the mobile phone's wireless settings to match that of the laptop. (IP, Channel, SSID, Security, etc.) That's the option I can think of. But if you provide more information, we should be able to come up. I have tried all these setup in a wireless laptop and an N73 and E63.
  2. We need more information about your webserver's setup. If I were to transfer the a phpbb forum from a local server, I would do the following: 1. Install phpbb on the web server. 2. Upload the necessary files (custom templates, pictures, etc.) from the local server to the web server. 3. Export the database from the local server. 4. Drop all database entries from the web server. 5. Import the database from step 3. 6. Perform an upgrade of the phpbb installation. There might be better and easier steps but this is how I do most of the migrations with different CMS's: WordPRess, Modx, etc.
  3. First, I see no point in comparison of Singularity and Multi-Universe. Singularity is like a needle-hole while Multi-Universe is the cloth. I don't think the universe can be seen as the totality of the galaxies, rather it's the totality of everything that exists. (wiki) With the current understanding that we have and the laws and principles that were observed on our universe, we can say that the elements (if you were referring to H, He, C, Ni, etc..) available in the universe has been 99.99% identified. This is a valid point and has already been discussed by the minds behind the M-Theory. M-theory suggests a presence of an infinite number of other universes guided by different laws of physics. Collision of 2 universes triggers a massive ripple, in the membrane, from a single point. (Sounds familiar? The Big Bang theory). I have a hard time understanding the point of the 2nd statement. If such "close" and independent system is just that easy to achieve, the greatest minds of our time would have solved most of greatest mysteries of the universe. It's all about Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, You can't predict or know everything. As for the glass experiment, that single element is still subject to Sun's gravity, radiation, temperature of the space, et... From my understanding of the black hole, once it's lowered into the black hole's center, it will stripped into it very basic components (What ever that very basic components might be).
  4. Hi, Adell! I signed up for LTS (Literacy Training Service)to avoid ROTC when it was first offered in 2002. A gratifying experience because I get to teach elementary kids. I can only imagine what you may have gone through with the "little devils." The best part was during breaks playing Sepak Takraw with them. Our class was assigned to teach primary studs in Midkiwan, some 1-1.5 hours from CDO. A place where music is equated to April Boy Regino. We get to sing a lot of his songs, and I actually started liking the songs, and dance with the studs. The beauty of the experience is the willingness of the students to learn; ours were Saturday classes. I agree with the deep respect for teachers that is cultivated throughout the experience. The patience, the passion and the endurance.
  5. Best Female Vocalists: 1. Aretha Franklin - Beautiful soulful voice.2. Janis Joplin - Jimmi Hendrix is to guitar as Janis Joplin is to vocal prowess. Best Male Vocalists: 1. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) - Long voice range, soulful and powerful. 2. Joey Ayala - Cool, natured voice. Deeply engaging.
  6. I don't like it. Because it sits between being too messy (which is good) and beautiful (also good) which makes it safe (bad). It feels like the print has an identity crisis. This may be what the artist is aiming for, there's no way of telling. If it was in the late 80's and early 90's, it would have been a great piece. All in all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So if you think its good, go.
  7. Welcome to Xisto, Adicel. They're gonna love you here.
  8. I only heard of OpenSolaris, never really used it. But your information got me interested so I asked a friend who works at Oracle South East Asia HQ why. She said "Because we can!"
  9. Now that you mention it, my first post did sound more about actors than Indian music. I think the best drum in the world is the Tabla. It has a unique sound. Correct me if I'm wrong. Its sound changes base on where you place you palm or where you strike the skin, right? I've seen it accompany the sitar. Yes, you're right. People usually laugh at Bollywood movies. I've been told that there are really good Indian movies. I can't find time to search for one, though. Movies are reflections of a culture. When I watched The Love Guru with Mike Myers, the Bollywood-like skits really made me laugh. Our, Filipino mainstream movies, are really boring. It's all about teen love stories or some scary movie. And they use the same plot all over again. It's excruciating to watch. But the indie scene is different. We've got really good indie movies about our society.
  10. Yes at Adell. I noticed the offline earlier today. It went back after a few minutes (from what I noticed). Don't worry, no bans here. You'll be warned first before they kick you out.
  11. Does Outlook Express send and receive emails when you're wired? If it does, proceed with the next step. Otherwise, there may be a problem with its SMTP and POP settings. Since Outlook Express is asking for your dial-up login, it's best to start by checking on what type of connection OE is using. 1. Go to TOOLS > OPTIONS. 2. On the Options box, go to the Connections Tab. 3. Click the "Change" button. This will open the Internet Options window. 4. On the window, make sure that "Never Dial a Connection" is selected. 5. Click OK, Apply, OK. If the same thing happens, you may need to check on the settings of your Outlook Express. Use the following as a guide: POP server: pop3.live.com (Port 995)POP SSL required? YesUser name: Your Windows Live ID, for example yourname@hotmail.comPassword: The password you usually use to sign in to Hotmail or Windows LiveSMTP server: smtp.live.com (Port 25)Authentication required? Yes (this matches your POP username and password)TLS/SSL required? Yes
  12. I figure, most of the members here are Indian so I want to ask their opinion on the music of Anoushka Shankar. I first saw her as a child deemed gifted by George Harrison. She's really pretty and I love listening to her version of Indian music.My exposure to Indian music is limited to some Ravi Shankar, Anoushka Shankar and Bollywood movies featuring Hrithik Roshan's Krissh and Dhoom (w/c my mom considers the ultimate dream guy ), Priyanka Chopra (hot ) and Aishwarya Rai (hot ). Forgive my ignorance.
  13. Hi guys. Here's another website I made for my hometown Camiguin Island (actually a travel site since it's a tourist destination.) http://www.camiguinguide.com/ This website is powered by ModX CMS. (My choice of CMS for more than 2 years now.) I ported an free template from Solujica. I am yet to populate the site with contents and polish the designs. What do you think guys?
  14. Yep, kababayan. They're really incompetent with crisis management. Or special cases management. I remember a few years back, another hostage drama. A guy took a baby (probably one year old) hostage with a kitchen knife. The police officers were just 2-3 meters away from the hostage-taker. Out of patience, police officers fired several shots to the hostage-taker killing him AND the BABY instantly. Talk about competence.What's worse? It seems that police never thought of hostage situations as they don't have an existing protocol on how to negotiate. Outrageous! From a positive point-of-view, they should start learn from this tragedy. A shame as we can be, we're still Pinoy.
  15. My favorite is ModX CMS, they call it a framework, but still a CMS. Been using it since 2006 and with the release of Revolution, it just get better.
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