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  1. Hey Everybody! Good to see the site up! :)

  2. I've never worked with Comcast, but I have worked with local service providers -- basically competitors of Comcast in a sense (even though Comcast has never been available in my area.) What exactly is your job title? Are you in the customer service department? Are you a technician who actually installs cable for customers? The pros and cons really depend on your exact title. The customer service department is the "easiest" in the sense you do not have to have face-to-face contact with the customers. This is what I did for ~2 years. Basically answered questions, referred people to the billing department, tried to fix networking issues, ect. So, basic customer service work. HOWEVER, I never talked too much to those technicians who went door-to-door and installed/fixed people's cable/internet. They were in an entirely different department, and almost never came in contact with me. I think I met one or two. They seemed to like their job. They basically were assigned new installations, and then the people they installed for would go onto their contact list. This means, those people would call THAT specific technician if an issue arisen. Even though they weren't supposed to, a lot of things guys got tips, snacks, food, from people they helped. So, I guess that's a pro. However, having to deal with networking issues seems like a pain. They were also on call 9-5 every single day, so they were constantly on the run. The area we provided service was HUGE -- so they were driving all over the county.
  3. Very subjective question. Thing with this is, there are many great laptop brands out there. My personal favorites include Apple, Sony, and Toshiba. I've dabbled with the new Samsung Chromebook as well, so Samsung is slowly becoming a favorite of mine as well. There's no way for anybody out there to give you a definitive answer on what the best laptop brand is. This question, in fact, shouldn't even exist. Instead, the question should be, 'What is your personal best laptop brand." That question takes into consideration the fact that every indiduval is different, and thus has different preferences. For me, the qualities that I look for when searching for a laptop brand, includes stability, durability and price. I've found that Apple seems to be exremely durable and stable, however, it's usually steeper in the price category. Likewise, I have found that Samsung is good in the durability and price category, especially the Chromebook, however, it fails slihtly in the durablity department. So, as you can see.. I went ahead and decided upon three different categories that I use to determine whether or not a particular laptop brand is correct for me. You also should do the same thing and think about which of the particular categoeis are the most important to you. Look at the different brands and compare and see which ones fit the most criteria that again apply to you. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for this Velma.. I recently had to do this, except I didn't back anything up.. LOL. Bad idea.. lost all of my fils. Meh, I guess it's fine. Didn't have anything to valuable so oh well. Haha.
  5. All free hosts have fine print to them. None of them are actually 100% free. For example.. some hosts put ads on your account. Some of them give you less than nice features and bw hoping you ulitmately switch to their higher up services. And guess what... some of them making you post on their forums to accumulate credit *cough cough.. XISTO*** cough cough! So.. you have to decide which of these catches are best for you. With Xisto.. you know what you have to do and realize that you can always make more posts to get your account upgraded and/or updated. With other servicese.. it's only a matter of time before you run out of bw.. get sick of the ads or they decide they want to completely free up their services (which happens A LOT!) So.. just realize that most free webhosts have catches and understand them.
  6. Everything looks pretty good! Love the update! Great job to everybody!
  7. Microsoft has a new adservices that incorprates Bing. Actually.. it really isn't "new" im just referring to it as new because I just found out about it haha. Anyway though.. it's probably the most competitive service to adsense that's out there. It's obviously not going to pay you the same, as Adsense is probably the best on the market for the payment and such. However, it's a very very viable alternative. Check them out if you have the chance. They also do the revese of their ad programs where you can instead have them advertise keywords for you.. and this is cheaper than adsense. So, yeah, it makes sense why their ad service youre talking about will pay you less. Hope that help. Cheers!
  8. Don't care what anybody says... I will be purchasing the Xbox One when it comes out. I've always loved Xbox products and I will continue to support them. For one.. I do not want to have to lose my Xbox Gamer Profile that I have been using for almost 3-4 years. Would love to just continue using that with all of my history and such. In addition, I love how Microsfot wants Xbox to become the all around home entertainment sysmte. For example.. I love how they have partnered with NFL Network and the NFL to allow you to watch the NFL game while keeping tabs with your fantasy points and such -- all updating in REAL TIME!! Idk.. that stuff excites me. Won't be switching over to the PS4.
  9. Is it just me, or do these things creep you out? Seriously lol! I remember seeing a video of these things walking around the woods looking for missing people or something. They were working in cohesion with the police so they were able to have more people in the search of a missing body. Don't get me wrong.... I think these things are great and a very valuable resource! However.. they still creep me out haha.I think I've had bad dreams of those robots coming and invading the world! Scary stuff.
  10. Another web based operating system! I kind of saw this coming! I remember when Google first announced their OS, I was a bit skeptical. Obviously, Firefox is starting off small on the web scale before moving on to anything more drastic! However, I'm interested in seeing what they have to offer in COMPARISON to some of the big boys in the mobile indiustry (Apple, Android and I know Blackberry is trying to make a return.) Thought though.. doesn't Google own firefox? With the whole premise of being web-based... I'm going to be interested in seeing if there are going to be some offline options, allowing people to use those apps when they don't have any signal (or on airplane mode.) That's one of the downsides I see of using solely web-based applications is because of that reason. Yes.. I know in the digital age we live in, we're in the realm of some type of wireless or 3G/4G coverage for the majority of the time... BUT for me, personally, there are some times when I need to save some battery life... so being able to put my phone in airplane mode and STILL have access to the apps is important.I'll keep an eye out on Firefox and see what surcomes of this.
  11. Thanks Velma! And yes! I do remember him (not sure if he remembers me LOL.) I was kind of a big lurker back in the day! I mean.. I only made <1000 posts in 6 years of existence! On Xisto.. for some reason my name is John Heinl ha! That was an allias I used back in the day because I was afraid of using my real name! I'll need to go over there and change it! And yeah.. I was kind of impatient with the whole MyCent. I ended up just paying the 1.95 for the small plan! BUT.. Im hoping to be able to stack up with some MyCent to pay for future months!
  12. Feels GREAT to be back!

  13. Spyda


    Ah the good old days of dot.tk and freedomain.co.nr lol. Here's the thing about these sites. They're pretty good for under 18 year old kids who are trying to get a domain, but don't have a credit card. I remember when I was under 18, I had a dot.tk. Preferred it over the co.nr, because it felt like more of a domain lol. However, if you are serious about your website (and search engine optimization), most people eventually find a way to get a REAL domain name (Xisto and knolwedgesutra are great places to do just that. )The reason the Search engine optimization part is crucial, is because this is who search engines rank you domains (which is REALLY important... a lot of traffic comes from these search engines, obviously.) Sites like dot.tk cloak your your domain, which in lamen terms, is not good for SEO! (I heard that now dot.tk allows full DNS.. so that may help a bit.) However, to be on the same side, I would just go with a traditional .com/.net/.org.. even a .info isn't half bad. Just my opinion lol.
  14. Thanks for the update -- back into the think of things in terms of Xisto (Xisto) and Xisto! Good to know!
  15. Interesting thread! I used to always be annoyed by the noise of my keyboard.. Ive always been sort of a pc junky so all my keyboards were the really bulky keyboards... the really really bulky accounts, (think OLD school haha.) Anyway, so the noise was always there. I actually grew to like the sound of the keyboard to be honest... but then as I became faster faster at typing, It got more annoying. If you have seen the new PC tablet keyboards that are out there (it's the computer that is a tablet and then you can attach the keyboard to it... I believe the keyboard is not something you buy separate, but instead the keyboard should come with the inital purchase of the tablet. There were some annoying comercaisl going on for this tablet, so you are probably familiar with what I am talking about.)Anyway.. since these keyboards are completely or mostly flat.. you shouldnt have to worry about any sound because, again, the reason a lot of the noise you are hearing from the keyboard is because the keys are coming out of the keyboard in a way that makes noise between your fingers and the flat board BEHIND the keys. With a flat keyboard, as you probably are able to imagine.. you again, will not have to worry about any of this. (with those really clunky keyboards I was using like 5-8 years ago.. i really coukd have never imagined that there would be the ability to HAVE keyboards hehe.. but yeah, I regress.) So anyway, the only annoying thing about these keyaborads is you sometimes are going to not be able to touch some of they keys.. so, lets say you are typing really fast.. you may miss a key or two because of how flat they are ... A HUGE problem I had before. Now.. similar to when the protuding keys.. you sometimes would accidently touch another key when trying to type a letter... for example R instead of E or Y instead u.. you also have that issue on this keyboard. BUT.. we are talking about SOUND here.. so if that's the case, look into these keyboards.. i think they also have a backlight to them to, so that's helpful as well... so you can Not only have NO SOUND, but also be able to use your keyboard with no sound as well. Hope that helps (know I regressed a bit.. but I got kind of excited lol.)
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