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  1. I almost had no hopes in the answers I could get in this forum. But I have to say THANK YOU. Thank you yordan. Maybe the next words can look exaggerated but they are truth. Your words have been so significant to me at this very moment I have no words to describe the relief I feel. Your words about the baby have been so powerful for me. I will start the work rigth now. THANK YOU SO MUCH... I have not a way to pay you. I don´t know you in person but wherever you be God Bless you my brother... I will never forget this moment... ever....
  2. I use Mozilla Firefox and since a few days when I want to enter the forum Firefox take me away and appears a popup where it tell me the site is dangerous. To enter rigth now I have to make a exception in my browser´s settings. Maybe is a browser mistake i dont know. Regards.
  3. Well, hello my friends of Knowledgesutra here I am with a big problem that I can´t solve. Well let me tell you the story of my last three months. I finished my mandatory practice to be able to graduate as Medicine Doctor in last June. The practice last a complete year. Everything was fine until I discovered that my girlfriend is pregnant and i will be a father in September. That alterates all my plan to the next year when I planned to exclusively study all the day. Now I can´t because I have to work to sustain to my girlfriend an my future son. I know you maybe are questioning me about how a medicine doctor can make a mistake like these? Well my girlfriend suffer Policystic Ovary Syndrome and the possibility to get pregnant was minimum under the treatment she had. Since I finished my practice and planned to give me a break at least two weeks. I knew it then this can be a bad idea because I could come to my old bad habits where laziness was my dominant behavior. When I don´t have to work I can spend all my day in front of the computer doing a lot of things, playing games, reading forums, reading Wikipedia or watching Youtube and only stand up to eat or go to the bedroom. When I have this behavior I can be awake all the nigth and sleep in the morning, posponing all the things I have to do for tomorrow. This problem was destroying myself a years ago where I have troubles to approve an intership, that was essential to go forward in my career. I have read almost 25 complete books about discipline, coaching and self-help and I understand all the concepts the authors trasmit me but simply I can´t apply them to my life. Maybe I can follow them a few days but after that amount of time I come back to my old lazy behavior. Rigth now this is my situation: The two weeks break have been converted in two months and counting. I haven´t done any of my paperwork graduation had to do. All my colleagues have finished the thesis with their respective doctors and I haven´t even start to do it. I have only a month to my child´s birth and I have no job or money. I have savings but they are few. All my colleagues will graduate in August 28th and for me is impossible to do all the work have to do in this short period of time. So i will not graduate in August. The next graduation after that is in November. This is my situation and I feel I am out of control. I don´t know what to do. I know that maybe this forum is not a good place to post my situation but I need some help my friends. I am posting this rigth now with the hope someone of you have suffered a similar situation like mine and could go forward. I will apreciate any word from you, Even critics. Regards.
  4. We humans have many ways of being able to extinguish. I think the most serious threat we have is one that would virtually wipe out all regardless of where we live nuclear war. Nuclear wars are our most serious threat, but the probability of a war breaks out these features today are few. The next cause of extinction of the human race could be the ecosystem devastation caused by a global overpopulation. Habemos today too human breathing. I am to be listening very misogynist what I just wrote, but it's true. The human race has never been so large and apparently the resources of this planet are being depleted rapidly due to overpopulation. There are many useless people in this world whose sole job is to breathe, eat, eat and wait for death, which takes too long to arrive at certain times. The vast majority of us do not make any contribution to the progress of science for future generations. Practically we live to die waiting. So the only thing contributing to this huge mass of people is to give indirectly harm the global ecosystem. Another way of extinction to which we have to give up is the impact of any celestial body with our planet as has happened before in the history of the Earth. Dinosaurs became extinct after the Yucatan meteorite impact. If we had been at the time he would have been the same. Our technology is very advanced today but against a threat how are you we could not do anything. Well this is a very small list but I think they are the greatest threats to the human race is facing today. Another could be the disease, but as a doctor I am, it seems very unlikely a global epidemic because medical science has advanced greatly and in this case I believe that if we are prepared to defend our existence. Regards.
  5. My friends, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a historical document. There's no doubt. The fact that the Allied powers won World War II makes some stories concerning the Germans are not very credible. Until this day this document is the most important piece of literature I've read. I know many of you may laugh at this. And I do not do this post to win MyCents. I do it to encourage all those who visit this post looking on the internet and read these protocols and are going to realize the great wisdom that house and of their cruelty. Although this document has to do with communism and Nazi Germany, if you keep your composure and ignore this, you will find a real treasure with which you can draw your own conclusions about the global reality in which today we are living.
  6. I don´t have experience with this operating system but I had installed so much times Windows in some computers using a pendrive. This is so much useful because the installation is so much faster and in my personal experience any issue had been seen. Now install the entire operating system in a pendrive, this is different and I am agree with Yordan that the boot must be so much slower than hard drive access.
  7. fermin25

    Forum Alone

    Oh my God Home Alone the Movie, I miss those years so much... Now is 1:18 am in Honduras. All the people in my house is sleeping and because I have my slepping time altered: I sleep in the morning and are awake in the nigth. I feel alone rigth now because I am really alone in from the computer and because I am the only person that is online rigth now in the forum. I feel alone, but sometime i like to be alone. I can do everything I want do do. I dont have to get permission of anyone. I have freedom where I am alone. But I accept that maybe if there were someone online me feel better.
  8. fermin25


    Thank you Elina by open this post. I have actually a lot of question to make here in Xisto forum, some of them related to the website and others not. So I will do this. Related to forums.xisto.com 1. Is the Post-to-host system still working? MyCents is not updating to me. 2. Why are there only a few active users? 3. Can I obtain a hosting plan by posting? Not related to forums.xisto.com 1. Is there a way to stop being a super lazy man? 2. How can I make the transition between be a student and start to work more quickly? 3. I will be a father son. Some advices? Thank you Elisa, and it doesnt care if anybody read this post. I have no hopes . But you dont know how much write this help me....
  9. Sorry yordan and thank you for your answer... I dont know what is going on in here.... The old tra17.com site had 100-500 users online mainly in the Honduras evenings... I dont know what time is in India. And rigth now there is only a member online: myself. So I can not understand why are you moving and merging the forum periodically? If one of the consequences is losing members... I dont have any motivation to write some topic if there is no one who will read it... Can you explain me the real reasons to change the name and merge forums??? I can not simply understand.
  10. Oh My God I actually almost make a mistake creating a new topic about this initiative. I am from Honduras and I speak Spanish. I can´t speak english but I can read it very well. Because of that I have no problems posting and reading in this forum. But considering my English is not native to think I make many mistakes when writing that must be very uncomfortable for readers. So I wanted to start a topic similar to this that already existed and as I see it is outdated for two years. So I invite to all the non English speakers members to post here all your doubts about this language with the noble purpose of increasing our knowledge of English and make it easier for all of us to communicate our ideas and knowlegde. Well I hope this initiative can motivate to all of you that like me doesn´t have a complete knowlegde of the English. Regards.
  11. Hello my friends of Xisto team. Here I am again in this great community. I have had a lot of surprises in the last minutes because the name of the forum was changed and my xisto billing account no longer exists. Well, my logical question is why do you have to close my xisto billing account? Please can you fix it because I can´t login with my email anymore. I hope your answer. Regards.
  12. Hello my friends I am fermin25 from Honduras, here in the other corner of the world. I signed today to this fantastic site. I had not login for two years because I have to work and maybe I have no time to login. Well there is something that annoy me about forums.xisto.com. I met this forum when it was named trap17.com. I created an account here and in astahost.com. Everything was perfect in those days because reading and posting was so fun that I wasted a lot of hours in front the computer browsing mainly trap17.com and earning some credits (named MyCents on those days). I retired from trap17 in 2011 because of my work practice and my college. I returned one year later and I found that trap17.com disappear and was named knowledgesutra.com, a beatiful name for me but with a lot of bugs that trap17.com didn´t have it. That happened in 2013. Now I return to knowledgesutra and i found that it doesn´t exits anymore and now it is named forums.xisto.com. I dont like this and I have to ask you this: Why do you have to change the name of the forum? It is still the post to host system working? Why do you cancel my xisto billing account? Note: I never used this forum only to get free hosting. All my website projects didn´t succeed. I was only posting because I liked all about the site and I realized that most of the members were intelligent people and the discussions were very entertaining and educational. Could someone please explain me all? Regards.
  13. First, it is logic to think that women and children have to survive and we can simply see the titanic. if men were arrived the boats before women and children the results had been more disastrous because women and children can not swim and maybe the number of people death had been greater. Like sheepdog says the crew have an advantage over the rest of tripulation and passengers because the know everything about what to do if an emergency happen in the ship. So is logic to think that they will have more possiblities that the other people. The difference here is that the crew have the job to help all the passengers so if they do their work the changes to survive are reduced drastically. I think that in this cases the titanic action of save more women and children is correct because they are weak and men can figth more for their own lives.
  14. Hello to all my knowledge partners from this fantastic forum. You are looking for wisdom ehh??? Well I will put this post here because I don´t know where can be better located. If I would be wrong chosing this forum please moderators fell free to move it for the correct place. I remember like yesterday the first time I arrived to this site... Was in the 2009 and I was so crazy because I had learned to make some non-complex websites using html and I found the way to get my hosting here. Firstly I didn´t trust much in the site because you know nothing it is free in this world. But reading here and there I understood all the potential of the forum then allowing to all of us share our knowledge and be rewarded with the possibility of getting a website to be realized our projects. I remember that is those days this forum was called Xisto.com. I enjoyed all the afternoons posting and reading here in the forum like crazy and of course I got my website hosting all was so perfect. I retired a months after thath because I have to go live in a rural location where there is not any internet connection. But making a comparison with today I can understand why all was so perfect this forum and I want to expose this here rigth now. First of all here were online a lot of users interested more in the forum than in their Mycents. Nowadays it is very difficult to see another people than you online. This only can be translated in a low speed comunication in the forums and abscense of response sometimes. This is very disapointing because all you want is not to post and collect Mycents, no, I want to share knowledge in other words, discuss importante matters here. Second the Mycent system is very very bad than before. I don´t know the origin of these but I trust in this can´t be intentional. I last until an entire week to get Mycents updates when before this was a process of hours only. This maybe is causing the incredible abscense in the forum because the people are starting to seek for alternative ways than Xisto to get hosting. Like a good critic I want to make some recomendatios to the admin and to other members too: 1. Fix the Mycents updates problems quickly. 2. To the members please keep posting knowing this forum reward you early or late and continue sharing your knowledge with freedom. 3. This is particular opinion: I don´t know if this is real or not but I feel as I get less Mycents for my post than before. So I think I am not the only one who see this. Maybe if we are able to get a little more Mycents for our post can motivated the other people to return to the activity and save the forum from the silence that in some times of the day is all what you can listen. There is my recomendations and I am sure you as member of you our admin have something to say about the topic please feel in full freedom to comment.
  15. It is a shame the world famous Neil Armstrong leave us a great man. The moon adventure cost a lot of intellingent men lives and that night in 1969 Neil and Buzz Aldrin make something that all of us want to do someday I imagine: Walk on the moon. I remember like yesterday the first time I hear about Armstrong and his success when I was in the third year in school because the 20 of july there is another festive day here in my country because is the day of the Lempira Indian. All those who have used the american success in the race for the moon talking about conspiracies of they never took the moon and all was a montage using some photo software and scenaries created to fool all the people have to think a little more. Because if you remember the moon race was between America and Sovietic Union and Why will the sovietics admit their lost if this was performed? This doesn´t have any sense rigth? So stop talking foolishness like that ok. Neil was a great human being with his name remembered for the entire history as the first man who walked in the moon.
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