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  1. To restrict programmatic form submit, most of the website uses recaptcha. Google is also providing recaptcha facility. see the following link:https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/index.htmlThe recaptcha consist of an image having alphabets,numbers,symbols etc. The user who submit the form should submit the characters of image in the provided textbox to confirm the form is submitting by a human.The captcha is something annoying to the user, sincer the characters in the captcha is not like normal letters, it is only identifiable when we observe it hard. But this is the only way to avoid the bulk submit of form with the scripts or programs.
  2. Hi All,How can i change the default port 80 of Apache Http Server?. I hav IIS web server installed in my machine with the port 80. To work with php application, I have to install Apache Http Server with port other than 80. It is defficult to start and stop the web server services to use the port 80 for IIS server and Apache Http Server. Can anybody reply solution for this..Regards,Tinoy
  3. I am from India, living in Kerala State, the state calls as God's own Country,the Tourists destination. Good Climate. Everything fine here....
  4. Thank you Quatrux for the answer. The link is helpful to learn the image transition.
  5. Hi all,I would like to implement image tranition in my local website, which will be good when consider the loading speed, implementing the javascript function or to create an flash swf in the website?.Swf requires the adobe flash player in the client system. Please reply.Regards,TInoy
  6. Hi all,Why Internet Explorer doesnot support SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics). In HTML 5 , the browsers like forefox supports SVG. This SVG helps to design the gradient images in the html pages. This helps to make good GUI. SVG helps to load the image faster. Please suggest any other alternatives to SVG in Internet Explorer to implement the gradient color?Regards,Tinoy
  7. Please tell me what is the advantage of using generic collection in c#.We can use the normal collection class like List myList =new List().and the generic collection List<string> myList=new List<String>(). Could you please reply how the working of the generic ollection class?
  8. Hi All,I have seen my Geographic location when ever i visit Google's website. How can i set the user's geographic location in my website with the javascript. Any third party provides the javascript template to get the user's geographic location. By getting the user's geographic location, we can change the language of the webpage according to the geographic location. This will be hepful, when we develop multilingual website. Expect a good solution.Regards,Tinoy
  9. U can see the mycents in your profile in the Xisto and when completes 100 mycent , it will turn to 1 USD and it will be show in the Xisto - Support account. You have to register an account with Xisto - Support with the same email address of the Xisto. When we post to the forum, the mycents are only updating after some hours(may be within 2 days) . In my case, mycents are updating after 48 hours. The USD dollars shown in your Xisto - Support account helps to buy something.
  10. I have installed .Net framwork from 2.0 ,3,5,4.0 in my system. The applications developed with .net require the .net framework installed in the system. I have been a c# developer for last 2 Year, I have to practice my technical skills with these .net framework..Net framework consist of a large amount of libraries which helps to run the .net aplication smoothly. When we install the latest .net framework, libraries include in the previous version will also install with the latest .net framework. We can see the dlls for .Net framework in the windows folder. To install the ASp.Net application, we have to configure the web server linke IIS. The IIS together with .Net Framework helps to run .Net web applications.
  11. To learn Visual Studio 2010, better to see the beginner tutorials in msdn website. msdn.microsoft.com helps to learn the visual studio latest versions and .net libraries. MSDN provides detailed explanation of ech class and its methods.
  12. I have experiance with XP, Vista and Windows 7. From my experiance, Windows XP is the most stable operating System, I ever found from Windows. Windows 7 Operaing System is good, But when we compare to the boot time of XP , it is little bit slow. But in Windows 7, we can find improved Graphics and directx support than XP. We can't compare Windows Vista with other two OSs since it has the lesser performance than any other OS. The coming Operating System, Windows 8 is suitable for Touch pads, Tabs etc.
  13. KDiscuss is a nice name Since this is a forum to discuss knowledge. When discuss knowledge , our knowledge will increase..
  14. The Same Browser won't allow the user to login multiple account since the session of the user login in the system will store to the browser cache. For Performance benefits, whenever refreshing the application checks in the browser cache for existing login. We should use some other browser which stores the cache data in some other location to login another account of the same application or site.
  15. If the cpp dll (consist of the program class) is present in the windows system folder, We can call the program from the .Net application using the DllImport FunctionFor Eg:[DllImport("cpp.dll")]public static extern int cppfunction(int param1,int param2,ref long param3);DllImport function is present in the .Net Library System.Runtime.InteropServicesHope this helps..Regards,Tinoy
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