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Found 3 results

  1. The following case occurs. A member of the forum has earned enough dollars to pay for a purchase using the amount of money earned in the forum. The website https://support.xisto.com/ has been entered. A new domain name has been chosen and is available. The new domain name is added to the shopping cart. The shopping cart leads to the check out and purchase page. The purchase page delivers three options to pay the item. The page shows three methods for payment. These three options are: PayPal, 2CheckOut and Bank/Wire. The page shows something like this: Payment Method 0 PayPal 0 2CheckOut 0 Bank/Wire The question regarding this case and the purchase of an item is: How can the earned dollars be used to pay an item? This question occurs because the cart seems to lack an option to use MyCents dollars to pay for the purchase of an item.
  2. Hello my friends I am fermin25 from Honduras, here in the other corner of the world. I signed today to this fantastic site. I had not login for two years because I have to work and maybe I have no time to login. Well there is something that annoy me about forums.xisto.com. I met this forum when it was named trap17.com. I created an account here and in astahost.com. Everything was perfect in those days because reading and posting was so fun that I wasted a lot of hours in front the computer browsing mainly trap17.com and earning some credits (named MyCents on those days). I retired from trap17 in 2011 because of my work practice and my college. I returned one year later and I found that trap17.com disappear and was named knowledgesutra.com, a beatiful name for me but with a lot of bugs that trap17.com didn´t have it. That happened in 2013. Now I return to knowledgesutra and i found that it doesn´t exits anymore and now it is named forums.xisto.com. I dont like this and I have to ask you this: Why do you have to change the name of the forum? It is still the post to host system working? Why do you cancel my xisto billing account? Note: I never used this forum only to get free hosting. All my website projects didn´t succeed. I was only posting because I liked all about the site and I realized that most of the members were intelligent people and the discussions were very entertaining and educational. Could someone please explain me all? Regards.
  3. Hello to all the Xisto forum support team. Last week I made a lot of post in the Xisto forum and until today I have not get any Mycent. Mycents are the same as Tuesday and I need it with desperation but I understand sometimes there are some troubles with the script because it is in beta I only want to know if someone else is in my own situation and when the support team will fix this....Thank you for your answer I hope your help....
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