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Found 1 result

  1. Hello my friends I am fermin25 from Honduras, here in the other corner of the world. I signed today to this fantastic site. I had not login for two years because I have to work and maybe I have no time to login. Well there is something that annoy me about forums.xisto.com. I met this forum when it was named trap17.com. I created an account here and in astahost.com. Everything was perfect in those days because reading and posting was so fun that I wasted a lot of hours in front the computer browsing mainly trap17.com and earning some credits (named MyCents on those days). I retired from trap17 in 2011 because of my work practice and my college. I returned one year later and I found that trap17.com disappear and was named knowledgesutra.com, a beatiful name for me but with a lot of bugs that trap17.com didn´t have it. That happened in 2013. Now I return to knowledgesutra and i found that it doesn´t exits anymore and now it is named forums.xisto.com. I dont like this and I have to ask you this: Why do you have to change the name of the forum? It is still the post to host system working? Why do you cancel my xisto billing account? Note: I never used this forum only to get free hosting. All my website projects didn´t succeed. I was only posting because I liked all about the site and I realized that most of the members were intelligent people and the discussions were very entertaining and educational. Could someone please explain me all? Regards.
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