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  1. The first that you have provided also lists deer to be one of the reasons that kills people, I just wanted to know how that happens. However, I would really thank you for providing us with the links and enlightening us about the myths related to sharks.
  2. Actually the point is that to tackle the issue of global warming, all the causes need to be detected and measures to ,prevent such causes should follow. It is not that only dams are responsible to increase the supply of methane in the air, but even if they do so for a minor amount, it should be taken care of.I am not a scientist either, but since now the scientists have found out this fact about dams, they will certainly devise a way which does not the service of the dams and controls the amount of methane as well.
  3. Probably the effort was taken to show how the structure or the gait of even a earthworm was observed and how with the help of technology that could be successfully replicated. It has to be taken more to be a piece of art, produced by technology than to be some object of real use. Talking about the amount of time and money spent on this project, though it won't be bringing any destructive effects, it won't be that constructive either, and I am totally for the fact that the time and money could be diverted towards other great tasks.
  4. I would agree that sometimes it does happen that you have got sound experience about something, and someone else has got experience of different quality about the same thing, lets say marriage, there are so many people that maintain varied views on the same concept and a person who is dissatisfied with his own marriage takes the effort of sharing his unpleasant experiences through the medium of a book. If that is considered as source of some level of information, about marriage, is that not going to create a false notion among he readers who expect some sound advice on the marital bond?However, there are certain things like personal experiences that should be, even if counted as information, should be well verified with one's own senses and power of reasoning.
  5. I really hope the parents equip themselves well before they have to face their children's demands during the festive season so that they do not have to spend time on the calculation over the expenses.Back on the topic, I think the main feature to be watched out for would be the feel of their touch ans their movement because they supposedly have the limbs in fiber. One thing to be confessed, if I were to blame only the kids, it would be unfair as I, myself, even after being an adult crave for soft toys.
  6. Sheepdog, it has already been announced on the forum that a new domain name for Xisto is supposed to come up, it would be known as KDiscuss. I know the members who have been here from the days of when the forum had the name of Trap 17, still find themselves associated with that name, jhaslip is one of them. But with every change, there would be a touch of freshness, and I really hope, we are all going to get accustomed by the new name. The topic about new name for Xisto could be found here
  7. In an earlier post I had described how Google maintains the human touch while dealing with its employees, even after they leave for their heavenly abode. But here's something that shows up to be quite the other way round. Google has done with the acquisition of Motorola Mobility and aims to register some more innovations in the history of technology, therefore they have decided to emphasize on the "reorganizing" and restructuring of the company. This leads to the decision that 20% of the work force of Motorola has to be laid off, even the top notch position holders like Vice Presidents also have to give up their jobs and a good percentage of offices mainly in India and some other parts of Asia would be targeted, more of the work would now be handled by the staff in Chicago, Sunnyvale and Beijing.The decision also extends to producing less but quality handsets each year in place manufacturing incompetent stuff. They also plan to drop a number of suppliers as well and the amount of components would also reduce consequently. Though that would be bringing bad news to many, there is ultimate growth expected to mark in the records for Motorola. Given a chance, what would you mainly stand up for future of the employees who lose their jobs in the process or the betterment of technology including the snatching away of career opportunities of the people? Share your views Source
  8. Most of us have the habit of going through the important news of the day or the previous one, the traditional and the widely used mode of receiving news is a newspaper, that is a part of print media, it was depended upon hugely in the earlier decades,next was the turn of the radio, but it had the disadvantage of not presenting any visual details, yet it turned out to be popular among the masses, then came to take away its popularity, visual media, which had news sessions telecast on the television. People found this option far more appealing as the news would be accompanied by a video coverage as well. For any news updates people would resort to their television sets and this form of news representation met huge success.Then came the era of internet, the whole world got connected via the world wide web. As the structure of internet is mainly constituted of websites, its phenomenal success can also be attributed to the presence of these websites. The next series of events saw the attraction of the masses towards the internet and as the media is always alert about the changing trends of people's inclination, most of the companies that had earlier concentrated on spreading news on television channels, released versions over the internet as well. As soon as you log onto the internet you will find that a lot of reputed news channels have something to present to the users of the internet, some of the big names are also those that only can be viewed over the internet like Yahoo and Google. We rely heavily on those sources and cling to the internet for hours.The possible reason for the development in the mode of spreading information might be that the convenience of spreading the news is considered,like for example; if a correspondent is present at the location of an event, then he can immediately upload the developments in the incident via his cellphone over the internet and in moments thousands of people can have their share of information and can even put in updates. There might be other causes also, but I found it to be the strongest.What form of news representation do you prefer? Also share your opinions and ideas on the developments of the various means of news communication.
  9. Hey, thanks a ton! coming back to the topic, I will cite my own example in this regard, not just about dating advice, but in other categories also like discussing about relationships and sharing the stories of the early part of my life, really makes me feel good, and if someone like you finds interest in that and takes an effort to reply, it is even better, and just narrating the stories transports me to that part of my life and I almost relive the moments that i really cherish. As far as contributing to the solutions provided for others in distress on the forums, if someone is benefited just by a sensitive approach to his issue, then I am always up for that.
  10. As Bikerman has listed, some skills have to be possessed in this regard, and efforts have to be made to check if a piece of information is valid. However I feel that another crucial factor that has to be taken into consideration is updating some piece of information that has been posted quite some time ago. If we belong to that particular field, and are in touch with the latest happenings in that field and can always try them ourselves, but the real problem arises when a newbie in the field tries to get information and whatever he is served with is outdated, and later finds that out, it shakes the trust over the source on the internet.Every site that gives out information on the internet should keep up with the changing trends in the field and incorporate them in their material, that would help immensely to the spread of proper information.
  11. Actually what happens is that some observers purely base their studies on certain facts that he thinks are good enough to be relied upon, they can have causes to support their view. However, I have there are also some reasons listed why a person would not spend their time on Facebook. I also refuse to believe that some person who has got a wide circle on the social networking site has never committed any crime, that even might be a petty one.I feel that the study basically takes into account the fact that someone having a facebook account could be tracked and would not get away easily after committing the crime. But a person who is into planning a crime can easily temper his Facebook account also.Moreover, the psychological state of a person can vary at nay point of time, he could have been active on Facebook yet, turn a psycho within a month. How would that be accounted for?
  12. Yes, these people who are in favor of such a tool, undoubtedly there are, certainly can't be categorised as ones experiencing pain, but it is actually jealousy that gets built in. I know that can is likely to happen in case of childless people, but that can no way mean that babies themselves are to be hold responsible and totally banned on a site.Sheepdog, you are right when you say that on e has to except facts in life that seem unpleasant and not getting exposed to them is simply a display of escapism.
  13. There is a new robot on the block, it is known as Meshworm, the last half of the name has the word "worm" in it, because this word signifies the appearance and movement of the robot which is quite similar to that of an earthworm ,yet it happens to be much stronger in resistance than its living counterpart. It clearly seems that the structure of the earthworm has been studied quite carefully while creating this robot, the body, its shape, the way it moves. The researchers from MIT observed that the body of the earthworm mainly uses two major groups of muscles, one which is in circular shape and wraps around the body and lets it crawl forward and the other that is is one that runs across the body and helps it move sideways towards the left and right. The tubular structure of the body have been beautifully replicated and given to the "Meshworm" It was created by the use of polymer mesh and the muscles have been developed by the use of nickel-titanium alloy. The durability factor is also taken well taken into account and even if harsh treatment is given to the robot, it is able to bear that. For the movement in the robot to be generated, the circuit board and a battery set up, so that the heat is generated and the robot starts to move. The fibrous soft structure also has been given to the robot and it maintains the flexibility of the earthworm. With this robotic invention, technology has proved to display another amazing product. We can cross our fingers and and wait for more amazement to follow. Source
  14. The graduates from MIT have developed successfully an iPhone app that can help you to remain fit by keeping an eye on your pulse rate. This checking would not not require any specialized device but it can be done on the iPhone or iPod Touch. The phone app is known as Cardiio app and the its way of evaluation depends on how your heart rate works and it takes the help of the front iSight camera to scan your face and ultimately presents an update of your pulse rate. It works when the heart rate increases, the face receives more pumped blood and the radiance that is emitted by your face gets decreased in this process. These differences in the reflectiveness helps the app to determine the pulse rate as three beats per minute. This app can bring much ease into the determination of sudden fluctuation of pulse rate which often leads to serious health issues, and the whole process can be covered only through the scanning of the face. There is much anticipation about the accuracy level of the app and a large number of people are expecting that it will generate positive responses from the users. We can all wait to see how beneficial it proves to be. Source
  15. Google, the giant in the field of technology has got an equally giant heart which takes care of its employees not just when they are working for Google, but also after death. Google's policy for death benefits is a benchmark for many others in business, as the policy has incorporated the privilege to be given to the families of the deceased. According to the policy, the spouse or the domestic partner of the deceased would receive 50% of the salary for 10 years, the deceased stocks are vested and each child of the deceased would receive an amount of $1,000 a month upto the age of 23, if the child is a full time student, else the age of aid drops down to 19. Moreover there is no fixed number of years set for a person to complete in the company to be eligible for the benefits. S/he is eligible from the time s/he joins the company.Google however, has a modest approach towards their own policy and maintain that it is nothing to be boasted about. There are many other privileges that the employees of Google are entitled to, like granting of parental leaves, on site facilities for dry cleaning, free food being provided and more. It is indeed very good to know about the company dedicated to developing ultra technical stuff and making millions, has also got some focus on making the lives and even the afterlife of the people who are valuable contributors to their success, better. Source
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