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  1. I think that's because paganism was the previous religion of most of the Arabs and thewre was a fear that some people might gradually convert back to it. People were not used to worship a God that they can't see. Later on over more than 100 years obviously things have changed and idolatry lost its base.
  2. Hi k_nitin_r,I think the installer is running that kind of checking for a reason. If you tweak it to bypass the checking there's no guarantee that the script will work after installation is done.I managed to install these versions: 2.0.1, 2.1 and 2.3.3. The PHP settings wouldn't allow 2.4 to be installed. From my experience with Moodle I tend to obey the installer checkups otherwise there will be allays some fatal error waiting for you down the road even after the install is complete.Comparing the three installations: 2.0 is not good for me because it doesn't restore courses from 1.92.1 is cool and stable as long as you are restoring files files than 8MB (php setting limitation)2.3.4 is very slow and throws database errors every now and then.I installed version 2.4 on a free php cloud hosting and it works like a cjarm with no need to tweak the installer. I set the PHP to version 5.4 from the host cpanle.My conclusion is that Moodle 2.4 is not designed to run on shared hosting with the common php settings.. Only cloud hosting with higher versions of PHP welcomes Moodle.
  3. Well, you said it. If it's about earning and learning then why not learnandearn or earnandlearn. For a materialistic world out there I'd prefer the second.
  4. Sheepdog, I'm from Egypt. I started here January 25th but I spent most of my vacation in this forum. I really like it here. It's a kind of a routine that I check posts to reply or post a topic from time to time. I agree with all what you said about the arranged marriage stuff. But I tend to take the social setup into consideration when I compare different cultures. I believe that every culture chooses what best fits its own situation even if it looks unfair from a stand of view of another culture. In Egypt there's a great variety of social settings from the very liberal to the very conservative. But to give you a general idea It's common that the extended family support each other in all ways and in all circumstances. One famous poet pictured the houses in narrow streets in the old Arab cities as friends hugging each other. In modern cities we like to keep a distance. So back again to the family support, it's a give and take sort of thing. I come from a countryside background and in my family I address my uncles as "father". They also expect me to act like their own son. My uncles and my cousins are always there for me. It's always my choice to choose the family support but accept the rules or have it my own way. That applies to men and women by the way. Some women prefer the freedom to the costly price of the family support. I can't say that they're deprived from their rights as long as they can choose for themselves whether they submit to the family restrictions or challenge them. I always tell people who criticize the western cultures that they can not see it clearly from where they stand. They have to be inside it to get the full picture and they have to accept it as is. What the west does is good for the west and what the east does is good for the east. Judge Not!
  5. The 8MB is a limitation of the maximum upload size set by the server php.ini and in a shared hosting you can't change that as you know. Inside Moodle, the settings of the maximum file upload will be always limited to that php.ini configuration. The best practice for backing up Moodle courses with large size of resources is to do the backup in several parts, that's to say backup topics 0-3 for example, then topics 4-7 and so on. Making sure that each back up part is less than the 8MB limitation. Restoring those parts will be done easily without errors. Copying the course files doesn't work in versions after Moodle .9 because files are no more visible in the data directory and consequently any work you do with the database in terms of updating tables will be pointless and might result in database errors and breaking of the db integration. From an amateur developer point of view I was very happy with Moodle 1.9 because I was able to tweak it anyway I like but in Moodle 2 I still have a lot to learn. From an administrator point of view Moodle 2 is much much better.
  6. Updates: PHP now is 5.2.19 . I managed to install Moodle2.1 which is working fine. I tried Moodle 2.2.7 and 2.3.4 bute were not stable and script will give lots of "Error reading/writing database" error type in many ocasions. On Moodle 2.1 I managed to restore old coursed made with Moodle 1.9. But you will be always limited by a size of 8MB for your backup files otherwise the restore and backup operations will break and throw that nasty database read/write error.
  7. In a way I try to simulate immersion by using real life situations as a context for learning where all is done in the foreign language. Still syntax rules, vocabulary and phrases are used and practiced through structured practice activites that move gradually from accuracy to fluency. Catering from students' needs will show in the selection of the content, situations and types of practice.
  8. That's a good tip. Playing games here will be a kind of two-layer learning experience where playing is at the foreground and learning is at the background. That simulates real life learning experiences where tasks we do are in the foreground but a lot of learning takes place naturally without explicit learning instructions.
  9. Is it me not understanding or it's your question that's difficult to understand? :)How can anybody write calculator php script without calculator?Do you mean write a php script that makes calculations without using the windows calculator application?
  10. The Chanba Ecological Zone was established in September 2004 and recognized as a national ecological zone in October, 2010. There are 25.3 square kilometers of wetlands, 63 species of protected animals and 181 species of plants. Those animals include about 20 kinds of very rare and valuable birds. Chanba is now an ecological zone full of energy.There you can see the Master Park, the first thing that catches your eyes is the maze garden.The garden layout is made of green brick wall structure, you can only see a 3-meter-high brick box outside the garden wall. There is a gap left between every two walls, with narrow corridors that are planted with weeping willows. The garden is spotted by more than 100 small bells, whenever it breezes, they can send harmonious sounds. When you walk through them, you are entering a green maze.
  11. The old Arabs didn’t have much of visual art compared to other cultures around them. At the early stages of Islam, painting and sculpture were not allowed for some valid reasons at that time, now it’s not prohibited. The need for visual expression pushed the artists to create wonderful formations of ornaments using a huge variety of patterns that mainly consist of the repetitions of flora and geometric elements. At the same time the Arabic calligraphy started to take more artistic form and changed gradually from the very geometric sharp form to graceful and elegant formations. With time, the calligraphers developed strict metrics for letter shape and letter proportions. The measuring unit was the size of a diamond shape dot that is written with the same pen used for the rest of the writing. The circle shape seems to have a lot of significance in the old cultures and in Sophism. It’s the symbol of perfection. Whether the early calligraphers were aware of that or not, all Arabic letters could be seen as written in within the boundaries of a circle.
  12. As a language teacher I find myself in different teaching situations depending on the nationalities of my students. Sometimes I teach a group of students who all have the same native language which is different from teaching a multilingual group. I’ll compare the two situations from different angles. Linguistic difficulties Monolingual Group: You can predict and focus on specific linguistic difficulties, e.g. grammar, vocabulary, individual sound problems. Multilingual Group: You have to meet a variety of very different linguistic needs. For example, pronunciation problems are often specific to different nationalities. Language of Instructions Monolingual Group: It might be the case that the teacher has the same native language as the students, or at least knows a bit of it. Here the teacher will be able to use translation as an option. Most modern language teaching methods don’t encourage the use of translation in class. Multilingual Group: Even if teachers are familiar with the native language of some of the learners, they need to be able to convey information to the whole class and can use the language that they teach, the foreign language from a stand point of students. Cultural exchange Monolingual Group: If the teachers are not from the same culture as the learners -then they can exploit this as a source of cultural exchange Multilingual Group: Often the learners come form a wide range of countries and cultures, and there is a high level of interest in this which opens up good opportunities for cultural exchange. Motivation Monolingual Group: Within the classroom the motivation to use the foreign language may be lower. Multilingual Group: The learners need to cope using the foreign language in the classroom and, if in the target language community, to manage outside the classroom using the language that they learn
  13. Your definition is more accurate than my general analogy. I would imagine that those forgotten things are placed in deeper layers of our brain leaving room in the surface layers for other stuff that need to accessed regularly. Actually the analogy of layers still work in the case of hard disks. I remember that when we used to have hard disks with limited storage capacity there were some software that would double the size of the disk by creating a virtual layer. Also nowadays when you delete data from a disk it's not completely deleted and there are always ways to restore it.
  14. Yes. And I find mathing what you do in class to the different learning styles of your students is the most challenging and interesting part of the job.For example instead of getting a young learner to answer some question verbally it would be a good idea if they can pick a card for the right answer, get up and stick it on the bowrd then you ask the rest of the class if they agree to the given answer. That modification involves different learning styles: visual learners, verbal learners and kinesthetic learners. It also gives an opportunity for observers to take part in that very little activity.
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