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  1. If shes hot, maybe you'll score 16 times! (I honestly have no clue what your talking about, but it sounds fun! Good luck!)
  2. I am a Junior in High School now. I have never had any problems in doing my work and always got straight high A's. About halfway through this school year, I gradually started to do my homework at a later time than usual. (I used to start it right when i got home.) It's been so bad lately, i've been starting my work around 9:30-11:00pm est, everyday almost. I somehow manage to keep myself busy until then, just doing random things i usually don't do. For example, this pen in front of me, i'll take it apart and try to put it back together a different way. (Dumb stuff like this). I don't even think about what im doing really, just kind of go off and mess around with something laying around my desk. Along with this procrastinating, my grades have gone from a 98 average to about a 89-91 average about the same time i started this. I am sitting here right now thinking to myself i have to go do my homework, which i will start for about 5 minutes, and then go do something else. Help me! This is also causing me to lose alot of sleep, which im wondering is what is affecting my grades.
  3. Check this out..http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ its all screwed up, try making a post
  4. 1.) Go to your Steam Directory. (should be C:/Program Files/Steam) 2.) Go into SteamApps\(username)\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg and open config.cfg in Wordpad or Notepad. 3.) Go to the very bottom of the list and add this: cl_cmdrate "101"cl_drawshadowtexture "0"cl_ejectbrass 0cl_interp 0.1cl_interpolate 1cl_phys_props_enable 0cl_radartype 1cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 1cl_scalecrosshair 1cl_show_bloodspray 0cl_show_splashes 0cl_showfps "1"cl_smooth 0cl_updaterate 101con_enable 1fog_enable 0fog_enable_water_fog "0"fps_max "500"gl_clear 1mat_antialias "0"mat_bufferprimitives "1"mat_bumpbasis "0"mat_bumpmap 0mat_clipz 0mat_compressedtextures "1"mat_dxlevel 70 // You can change the DirectX Level to 81 or 90 as wellmat_fastnobump "1"mat_fastspecular "1"mat_filterlightmaps "1"mat_filtertextures "1"mat_forceaniso 0mat_forcedynamic "0"mat_forcehardwaresync 1mat_loadtextures "1"mat_mipmaptextures "0"mat_numtextureunits "0"mat_picmip "2mat_reducefillrate "1"mat_showwatertextures "0"mat_specular 0mat_trilinear "0"mat_vsync "0"mp_decals 1muzzleflash_light 0r_3dnowr_3dsky 0r_avglight"0"r_decal_cullsize 1r_decals 0r_dispfullradius "0"r_DispUseStaticMeshes 0r_drawdecals 0r_drawdetailprops 0r_drawlights 0r_drawmodeldecals 0r_drawrain 0r_drawropes 0r_dynamic 0r_eyes 0r_lightaverage "0"r_lightinterp "0"r_lod -1r_mmxr_modellodscale "0.3"r_PhysPropStaticLighting 0r_propsmaxdist 500r_rainsimulate 0r_renderoverlayfragment "0"r_rootlod "2"r_shadowmaxrendered "-1"r_shadowrendertotexture "0"r_shadows 0r_specular "0"r_sser_teeth 0r_WaterDrawRefraction 0r_waterforceexpensive "0"r_worldlightmin "1"r_worldlights "1"rate 250000rope_averagelight 0rope_smooth 0rope_subdiv 0sv_voicecodec "voice_speex" 4.) File, Save. 5.) Now, right click config,cfg and make it "Read Only". Now you're done. I went from getting 18-30fps, to 65-100fps, so it does work. if you dont like the results, go back to the file, right click and uncheck read only. delete all the crap, then save, then Check read only, and your good Notice from BuffaloHELP: You must use CODE tag for something you have not written. Warning Issued.
  5. Ok! Me and my friends started a clan and have about 6 members. We mainly play Coutner strike source but play other games too. our website is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ I hope we can recruit some Trap17nians too! Check it out and if the forums arnt up email me at jtszymanski@gmail.com or im me at lovehooters3mile, xfire = hotwings yea anyway join us! were good and were gona be in cal soon! Server 1 Ip wwwk.servegame.com C ya there! have fun, jon
  6. hmmm, i dont know if i like the colors that much. especially with the font color. also try getting mroe of a grunge font, but other than all my problems you did a pretty good job ps. make suer the blue is more the same with the backround and teh guy
  7. Ok heres my Situation...I currently have a decent pc, running socket 754 and agp still. Im either gona upgrade my pc now... or buy a new one next year, heres my situation:I havedfi lanparty nf3 250gb mobo-KING of overclockingamd athlon 3400+ proc-socket 7542x512-sucky ram(CANT OVERCLOCK!!!!)9200 ati agp4x,8x card(SUCKS!)Poning thermaltake 480w psuPoning thermaltake sviking caseStock heat sink(wahhh)hd-80gb(no problems here Smile)cd rw driveMy thing is... Should i buy new agp card (probly 6800gt or so),_liquid cooling, and new ram? ORShould i wait until socket m comes out next year and build a whole new pc with lq cooling, pci xpress, socket m, and same case and stuff? what you think Notice from BuffaloHELP: You should know better than to name your topic "Hey Hey What Can I Do?" You MUST have topic description as well. Moving to Hardware.
  8. Hey everyone im back, kinda been here since Xisto started, needed a good host, so here i am!Heres the thing. Today i was really bored and decided i would go start up my old packard bell again. i went in my basement to find it, and took the cover off. I noticed the heat sink and fan were laying on the bottom of the case. I was confused and said screw it, im not gona do anything with it. Instead i took the heat sink, and fan, which were 40mm and decided i was gona cool my chipset with them. I cut the aluminim on the heat sink, and then put the fan over that. I had to somehow tie the fan down, so i took a wire, and took it from a pci slot, to my hard drive rack mounts and found it to hold. i loaded up my pc, and started playing games.Before i was getting about 41C full load on my chipset, which to me is really hot. Once i got this baby on there, w00t! im now at 32c full load! All i can say is if you have an old pc that you dont use, do what i did! its awesome, i could have bought a chipset cooler that probly woulnt bring it down a whole 10 degrees!. Anway can my plastic on my fan melt by touching the heat sink or what?
  9. HEY! welcome to Xisto, the ultimate forum of web hosting thats FREE!!!we dont give you crap like freewebs, more like traping you with are good packageslol i just made that uplololol, anyway howdy, hola, hi, hello, bonjour, w/e welcome bc this place kicks some serious u no what! Have fun and pm me if you have any questions i will be glad to answer them!
  10. wait look at this review i found! it comes back ++++Since this is the 1st 624mhz Pocket PC, there is nothing to compare benchmark scores with at this time, But I compared it to the older machines it is"Smoking"! What is the perfect PocketPC? That is a question that will never be answered, there are too many opposing views and usage patterns for that to ever be accomplished. Today, Dell released the closest to my perfect PocketPC to date. It sports the fastest processor available at this time, SDIO SD Slot, a small and light form factor, Bluetooth and WiFi, and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. Other than a few features that some find a must, it has everything I want in a PocketPC. The only real complaint offhand is the look. I mentioned in my X3i review last year that I really wish that Dell would have duplicated the modern, unique look of the X5 when they design the X3. Just in case you have not figured it out yet, the Dell Axim X30 is the same as the X3i with some major enhancements.What do you get?Out of the box you will get basically the same items with whatever package you choose. You will obviously get the actual unit you ordered and if you choose the Mid or Low Configuration, you will receive a sync cable instead of a cradle. Good news, the cradle and the connector on the unit is also the same as the X3i. I do not need a fourth different cradle on my desk.Opening the box, I received the following: * Dell Axim X30 * Standard 950mah battery * Cradle and Power Cord * Leather Case * Companion CD * Users Manual * Quick Start GuideMicrosoft? Windows? Mobile 2003 Second Edition includes:Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Voice Recorder, Notes, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player 9, Calculator, Pictures, Jawbreaker, Solitaire, Inbox, File Explorer, MSN Messenger, terminal Services Client, VPN Client, Infrared Beaming, Clock, Align Screen, memory, Volume control, Landscape mode, WPAThese are the extras that Dell put in ROMFile Store (nonvolatile file storage in flash ROM), Backup (utility for Backup/Restore to Memory Card), Switcher (access and launch programs easily), Power Status, Brightness, Microphone Gain Control, Version Display, Dell WLAN utility (with optional wireless model), Funk Odyssey Client (LEAP support)Applications Included on the Companion CD:Full Versions: Microsoft Active Sync 3.7.1, Outlook 2002, Resco Picture Viewer, Dell Diagnostic UtilityTrial Version: Agenda Fusion, CityTime, eWallet, Full Hand Casino, Griffin Technology Total Remote, Handmark Monopoly, Handmark Scrabble, Handy Zip, ListPro, McAfee VirusScan PDA, Resco File Explorer, Tennis Addict, Trip Tracker, Links Pocket PC, Pocket SlideShow, Cash Organizer 2003 Deluxe, Battery Pack 2004, CalligrapherFeaturesWell it is no news that this new model has built in WiFi and Bluetooth, but there is more. No, not a VGA screen. A new processor, YES! This is more about performance than features, so I will comment on the new processor in the performance section.New features on the X30 include: * Microsoft? Windows? Mobile 2003 Second Edition WM2003 SE adds support for dynamic screen-switching between landscape and portrait modes and square screen resolution support. Other features include VGA and QVGA that support high-resolution displays for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs and Smartphones, Short-cuts via Transcriber, Better Management of Character Sizing in VGA, Automatic Scroll Bars, "Start" Menu includes icons, Support for WPA, Automatic Repagination in Pocket IE and more. * Next Generation Intel? PXA270 Processors Intel SpeedStep? Technology extends battery Life. Intel Wireless MMX technology delivers enhanced multimedia performance. Speeds up to 624MHz. Handwriting Recognition, Games, dynamic GPS maps, voice recognition. * Integrated 802.11b and Bluetooth? wireless technologies WiFi -Proliferation of Hotspots (Airports, Hotels, Restaurants, Campus, Work, Home) Bluetooth - Connect to Bluetooth Peripherals - Modem, Printer, Keyboard, GPS Navigation, Phone * Starts at $199 non-wireless, $249 wirelessIR PortThis was already superb with the X3/X3i so I retraced the same steps I took when reviewing the X3i and saw the same results. "After setting up my TV in the software, I tried to turn the channel from my couch. Success! So I got up and keeping the line of site to the TV?s IR, I walk as far as I could from the TV without hitting a wall. 19.5 feet later I changed the channel on the X3 and the TV?s channel changed. I went a step further and set up my entire entertainment center on my new Axim. I am happy with the range. "PerformanceThis is what everyone really wants to see, right? I have compared benchmarked several Axim models as well as some other brands against the Dell Axim X30 with the 624mhz and the 312mhz processor. I have used Spb Benchmark for my performance tests. The following test were performed with the units set to max performance. Please note that the X30 labeled as 300mhz is actually running at 312mhz. The graphs below are an indicator that the new Intel chips are blazing fast. For the complete comparison results, click here.Pretty good to me.. looks like im buyin!
  11. Final)arkJon


    Hello, Xisto is honestly the bestest forum hoster in the world. The admins will help you with whateever problem you may have, and if you have questions you can just pm me and i will be glad to help you You will like it here, you get a great package as long as you stay active here at the forums
  12. Ok im going to keep my firefox for sure now, its litterally about 10 times faster than mozzila. But for someone whos doing business or something mozilla suite is really really good for u! Thanks and by the way ive always had firefox jsut wonderin if suite is anygood, but now for my self i can really say no to this lololol. ITS A HUGE DIFFERNCE!!
  13. Well i dont know what i am going to do yet. I decided to wait maybe for a sale or something. I mean honestly dell has a sale every other week.... So i have come to a conclusion that would be the best idea...Anyway about the axim, i can get the 520mhz x50 for 339, is that a better thing to get? i mean it has windows media player 10 mobile instead of just 9 on the other one. also it has more slots, has a cradel and more stuff? what do you guys think because i am absolutely lost. about the hp ipaqs, im just willing to spend around 300, and there like 449 and higher, but yes they are very very nice. Thank you for your help!
  14. Ok i was thinking about buying a dell axim x30 handheld, to get online, watch videos, get on aim, and play mp3s mainly. But it dosnt have a cf slot so how much mp3s will this baby hold? i mean how much hd space does it have? if someone could tell me that would be great. also is it a decent machine, and how does the internet work? does it come up condensed like on a cell phone, or does it show the actual screen and pictures?Thx i really need some quick answers JON
  15. WOW taht is so cool i cant wait till it comes out omg omg olmg i lvoe it and i like the xbox u got a pic of that bc i really wana see it! wowowowo lololol that it so cullio just like the pimping psp lolol so cool cant wait cant wait cant wait, who else is jsut like me! yayay good job finding that by so far
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