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  1. The only thing I can think of would be Zymic, although I'm not sure about hotlinking. Most hosts that are entirely free and require nothing in return are not that good, especially if you're going to be using a database (MySQL). They are better with flat-file sites.
  2. Free... how? Even long before we had all the conveniences we have today, there were still governments and stuff. Think about the medievil times. Or even the wild west I think would be a good example.
  3. I would take a look at the specs (and price) and help evaluate it, but there are many different models under each heading. Ex. "XPS 13" is a type of generation (I'm guessing 13"). We need the entire model number (would be like XPS 13-1934b or something like that).
  4. It would help to know more about what type of business it is. There are tons of different types in the property field. Without knowing more, there's no way for anyone to help come up with names.
  5. Mental, for sure. Actually, even while you're sleeping you are thinking at full-speed, you just aren't aware of it (when you are, that's when you remember dreams, and when you aren't, you don't). I'm the same way... if my brain is tired I'm good to go. If my body is, I just yawn a lot. The best case is when both happen!
  6. It will still sell well as long as it has exclusives. The Halo franchise is what keeps Microsoft's systems afloat, and Uncharted is what is keeping Sony's up, as far as I know. Playstation used to be defined by the Final Fantasy series, up until Microsoft started getting the games as well (and PC). As long as there are games only one system has, people will keep buying those systems.
  7. Question: any idea why the city drainage system (in regards to your Mumbai statement) would still be inefficient if this is an ongoing problem? I'd think there is more damage caused by delaying than there would be to get it over with and do something to fix the issue.
  8. This is all good advice! To add on, when sleeping is really difficult, there are usually medications you can take. The actual disorder is "insomnia," but you don't want to be reliant upon medications unless you truly have the disorder and really need the help.
  9. I think you would be hard-pressed to find them. Levels are integral to most games because it gives a sense of accomplishment. In regards to "no classes," I would SORT of include Rift in this (riftgame.com). But that's because while it does have classes, they can fulfill all (well, most) roles (DPS, tanking, healing, support). So it's not classes in terms of "you chose this so all you can do is heal." Also, there's Defiance, which has levels but they are irrelevant (low levels and high levels are really the same). And there is only one character but that's because the game is in line with the TV show so you're playing a somewhat live world.
  10. Riding horses and farming, lol. I live in the middle of nowhere, and most of my neighbors (because of where we are) have cows and horses. I guess the lifestyle near me wouldn't change that much, if at all. I'd be devastated without electricity though!
  11. I have never heard of a "notchback" before. That's a weird term (maybe because of where I'm from? Southern states of USA) for me. I personally love the direction vehicles are taking. The futuristic look is perfect for me -- I don't know why... maybe it's the technological side of me.
  12. This sounds awesome, although I don't quite follow. Would there be some sort of like, say design setups you choose from and then it would help set it up with what you wanted? Ex. showing an image of different module setups that you could use by default or something?
  13. Don't feel bad about not being a member. Most people I know still haven't heard of them. And I, even knowing about the site for quite a while, still do not have an account, .
  14. This is interesting. I didn't even know IBM was in any of this space... This is like reading about AOL taking over some ISP or something, lol. Just kind of unexpected.
  15. lol. It'd be more fun with a crossbow though. Plus then you wouldn't need to worry about gun powder. Just retrieve the arrow and you're good to go!
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