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  1. Well maybe so Ash, but as someone that grew up on the Mississippi coast, seeing how this is doing nothing but hurting the people down there. Maybe I am trying to get my point across. and Yes BP has acted very slow in the handling of this mess. and Yes the Obama Administration I feel is not doing all they could. If it was me? I would have BP long ago in there handling of all this and put someone like another Co or someone that at least acts as they know what there doing.
  2. kind of shocked its not working by now honestly, If I know Opaque he is hard at work trying to get this going again. as with any good script it takes time to get all if any bugs out so it works without a hitch.
  3. Just how dumb can people be in this day and age. Today I was passed along this My link and it really got me to thinking. As most of you know I am kind of a weather buff so it really got to me seeing this. If They Do decided to use a nuke on the oil leak. just think of the trouble it will make. I don't care if the put it deep enough so radiation can not leak out. Think of the shock wave it's going to make. Can we say Tsunami? also too, you have to think of this. Oil is also leaking not only from the pipe but the sea floor around it, which tells me the ground is not that stable anymore. Blowing a nuke could turn that area into a huge sink hole. then we would have not just XXXX amount of oil leaking but most likely every drop there is there. I use XXXX due to nobody really knows just how much oil is coming out daily down in the Gulf of Mexico. Another thing to think about are earth quake faults. The one that cause the Haiti quake starts not too far from there just off the coast of Fla. It is my feelings by using a nuclear bombs to stop this will well the movie 2012 comes to mind. It could start a cascading effect. But too, if it does work. just what will it do to the gulf in the long run. We all know that the spill will have effects on the LA MS Al coast line for years if not decades, but a nuke? Look at the Bikini Atolls To this date there is still radiation to the point of being unlivable. This would stop the oil yes but would but so many more people out of work because they would not be able to do any fishing or shrimping, not to even say of the inland marshes where so many blue cabs and crawfish come from.
  4. too a point minus if you owe any for your hosting or a domain name
  5. Cross is not the word bash, more like Pissed off beyond cross. and to top all this off yesterday Obama was down there looking around. That man has NO CLUE! as to what's going on if you ask me. He was more worried of the tarballs that how all this is effecting the people of LA MS AL and FL and maybe even the east coast if it really gets into the loop currents. Well one good thing is now up here in New Jersey we are not taking any chances at all. at the 1st sight of that mess out comes the booms.
  6. really hate BP oil for messing up the Gulf of Mexico

  7. What can I say about BP other than Big Problem. for the last month they have had there oil gushing into the Gulf Of Mexico. and what have they done to stop this? NOT ENOUGH!!! yea there tried putting a dome over it but it froze up with Ice. Hello BP it's a mile Deep. Yes it will freeze if you was smart enough to realize that. Also You have held classes on clean up yet you kicked out the press from this? You don't want the public to hear of your dirty little secrets I guess. in the mean time you have 206,873 Est. Gallons of oil per day going into the gulf? Yea people have stated Boycott BP Oil. Thats not gonna stop the oil. Now they say there going to pour mud and other "junk: in the hole in hopes of plugging it. yea okay sure. and is this does not work Drill another well. all in the middle of hurricane season. May get banned but BP Kiss My White beep. You knew of all blowout proventer and the broken seal 6 to 8 hours before the fire that killed 11 people. Fix the damned thing. Sorry folks I just had to get this off my chest. I grew up in Mississippi and I know that they beautiful white beaches will never ever be the same now forever. even if they cap it today there is still a months worth of oil floating out there working its way inland killing all the wildlife and putting people out of work maybe forever.
  8. Networker your so right. it can be a roll of the dice sometimes than other times its as easy as 1 2 3. as for these high profile sites? why some are off with there temps is not there fault but the NWS. they get there temps dew points and humidity from them. sometimes there feeds are very very slow. I know myself I use a lot of programs where I get data from the National weather service such as radar. where there is a very large outbreak of server weather such as on May 10th of this year, there where times that the radar was lagging up to and over an hour. you can not blame these high profile sites as you call them. They just report what they can get such as I do.
  9. Well all, the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane season is almost here. June 1st. There has been a lot of talk around the weather community about this season. With El Nino now on the way out, everyone is saying this could be the busiest year since the 2005 season, 28 storms that year. WSI has gone far enough to say 18 named storms. wsi Most everyone from Weather Underground to the National Hurricane Center are even saying in that range as well. I have been dealing with watching the weather now for over 10+ yrs and I am seeing a trend here that scares the heck out of me. More and more hurricanes and bigger ones. But what worries me the most is, are people ready? I have heard from a lot of people that have been watching the weather for a lot longer than I have. They are all thinking this season we could see a storm hit places that well normally do not get such a storm or have not seen one in many years. Such as where I am in New Jersey. 1903 was the last direct hit we took. Would people be ready if such a storm was to hit. Even more so if it was in a large city such as New York? I don't think so. Even more so would the Government be ready. could they handle the on sought of people put out of there homes? nope. I know this sounds as it is a vent but it really is not. Not unless people are ready for such an event and god forbid it happens. Then yes it would be a vent. What I would like to know is what if? what if such a storm was to effect you and your family. are you ready? could you handle being without power for weeks maybe months. do you have a plan of action in case there was a storm heading your way? I know some of you don't live in the US or even in a coastal area, but it is still a very good idea to have some sort of plan. some of you are old enough to remember a hurricane that hit the Mississippi gulf coast back in 1969. that storm was Camille. For over 200 miles inland she has winds clocked over 100MPH. Major flooding all the way up into Virginia. so you see, it is a good idea to have a plan.
  10. wowzers batman, First a new name and now a new forum. well I have stated my feelings before of the name change but as for the new forum? this is a tossup right now. Part of me likes it and another part says Trash can here. Just will have to get used to where everything is I know. Yea it needed a change. I have stated that in this forum quite a few times. This new forum does load very fast now in Firefox where as before I could click on it, go fix me a cup of coffee and a snack, come back at it would be waiting for me like a new little puppy ready to play. But so far only think I do not like of it are two things 1, the baby blue color. Kinda dull need something exciting and bright to say HI LETS POST. 2, this I think it should be cut even more. I mean there some folks that well Over post. other than that? WTG!
  11. I liked Rigaudon due to it was to the point and sorry guys the other 2 are just well Old and all over the net. Bla Bla Bla everyone I have seen has that same kinda sig. Rigaudon was different
  12. Okay since I last posted here I have been doing a lot of thinking on a name. I have come up with a few for you to look over and I hope pic one.1 echosofwisdom.com2 forum4thought.com3 forumofimpact.com4 wisdomorama.comMyself though of the four I really like Forum4thought the best. Hope you do too.
  13. Farmville to me has to be one if not the most worthless games on Facebook, I can't lie though I did try it once and hated it. as I do most of the Apps there other than Mafia Wars. And then, It is becoming a pain. These Apps do not work well with facebook and well if I was you if you do not know the App and new to any Game there I would make sure you run a Virus and Malware check asap after your done playing
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