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  1. Microsoft has unveiled the successor to the Xbox 360 console, titled the Xbox One. Unlike Sony, which did not show any hardware at their event, Microsoft kicked off their event by showing off the new hardware. In my opinion it was a little disappointing, but in the end, looks don't matter that much. The power under the hood appears to be quite impressive. The queer title refers to the aim of the console, that of becoming an all-in-one entertainment system for the living room. In the hour-long event, barely 20 minutes were dedicated to talking about the games that would run on the new console. The rest of the presentation was dedicated to showing off the new features of Kinect - the motion sensing device bundled with the Xbox - and how it would make watching TV much easier through voice-control. There was a demo of how the new console could be controlled solely through voice and gestures. It was interesting, but for gamers eager to see what kind of titles they could expect on the console, the presentation was a bit tiring! Fortza Motorsport 5, four games from EA Sports, Quantum Break (a new IP) and Call of Duty: Ghosts were the previews shown at the event, and they all did look promising. Of course, more talk about games will be revealed at E3, where we'll also get to see what the PS4 looks like! Keeping in line with the PS4, the Xbox One will also launch "later" in 2013, kicking off the next generation of gaming (okay, that was done by the Wii U, but it doesn't really count )
  2. tumblr is a micro-blogging website, which doesn't limit blogging to just text. Users can post pictures, videos, voice clips and more to their blogs, which are all hosted on the company's servers. It became popular after users discovered that it also gave them a more "social" experience than other blogging platforms. And according to Wikipedia, the site has more than 108 million hosted blogs (it doesn't allow self-hosted blogs). And it's no secret that the internet is becoming less and less "virtual". All this connectivity with the real world has brought the real and virtual worlds so close that...it's no longer fun to spend time online All that free stuff you mentioned is still there, but in a very different form, and most probably under one big commercial banner
  3. After a few days of speculation, Yahoo! has officially announced that it will be acquiring tumblr, for $1.1 in cash. There's a notice put up on tumblr, featuring a letter from Yahoo! CEO - Marissa Mayer. She assures users of tumblr that Yahoo! is not going to tinker with the company, and that it will remain independent. All that Yahoo! wants is the bragging rights Okay, Yahoo! claims that tumblr can boost its traffic by over 20%. That's huge. Now, what's interesting about this news is the fact that Yahoo! has only around $1.2 billion in hand (although the company does have assets valuing more than $17 billion). Although I have not looked deeply into the figures, it is rather interesting that the company is investing so much of money when...it doesn't have much money left! No wait, what's really interesting about this news is that a lot of tumblr users are angry about the acquisition! They believe that Yahoo! will end up ruining the tumblr experience for everyone. This is the same sort of angry reaction that surfaced when facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion a year ago. Yet today, Instagram actually has seen a growth in the number of users, and continues to remain largely independent. So will tumblr also see similar growth patterns, or will the threat of an exodus be real this time? Only time will tell. The deal between the two companies will be finalised in the second half of this year. I had a tumblr account for a very short period of time, in its early days. Although the community idea is fun, nothing beats the pleasure of staying in hosting your own website and staying in control all the time! It would be nice if this fresh cashflow allows tumblr to introduce and support (by connecting the blogs to the community) self-hosted blogs. Now that would be a really hot piece of news.
  4. Being inactive on this forum can be a costly mistake, literally! There's the danger of getting my hosting account suspended if I don't accumulate enough myCENTs. However, I've been inactive for a few weeks now, and it's going to stay like that for at least a few more weeks, as I'm simply not finding enough time for posting around here I've become a freelance writer now, and am earning enough to pay my hosting bills myself instead of having to depend on myCENTs (which is good), but I really miss the discussions that keep going on over here. I wish I could use my spare time to make a quick post here every now and then, but I'm still searching for that spare time! So here's a brief adieu to the beloved T17/KS forums. Thanks for all the memories All of the members here really keep the forums going, and I hope the place has a lot of good times ahead. I'm still hosting all of my sites with Xisto, and will be taking a peek every now and then, but I will most probably not be making posts at the speed that I used to maintain before. Oh well, thanks again everyone!
  5. I'm not a very frequent complainer, but that's because Xisto gave me very few reasons to complain till now. However, this is the first time I've had something serious to complain about, and I had to bring it out in the open and get opinions from other users before I reach to any misunderstandings about Xisto - Web Hosting/Xisto.I currently have four live domains on my hosting accounts, and while three of them are running Wordpress, one is running Joomla. And today, since six hours, all of them are offline, due to the problem that they "couldn't establish a connection with the database". I can access my cPanel though, so it's not a total outage. In those six hours, I had access to my Joomla site for about fifteen minutes. Before I could perform any administration tasks, it went offline again.Could someone tell me how much longer can I expect this problem to last? It's night now so I can't expect an answer from the support staff. At least two other members have reported a similar problem........EDIT: While typing this, I checked again and saw that my sites are online again! I'm not sure how long they will stay like that, so I'm off to do some work. But please do share your views over here as to why this has happened and how major a problem it is.
  6. Anyone else having downtime/Database probs on their sites? :(

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      I think we shouldn't spam on simpleton's update... He might get mad haha

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      i was able to load my site all day so i wasn't affected.

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      The Simpleton

      oops, I didn't notice so many comments on my update. The problem seems to have been solved now, though- hope everyone else has their sites back!

  7. Well they're still in the "planning" stage; they're not sure where to go to This is truly a testing time for domain registrars, with business and prices going up at the same time. This auction, if it exists, will most probably take place away from the public glare, and some protective measures will surely be taken in the interest of the existing customers. I'm sure GoDaddy won't fall to the Earth in a single day!
  8. Hi, You wanted a review and said you're open to criticism, so I'll be brutally honest and precise. The design is very beautiful and catchy. The only problem is that it doesn't fit in well with the text. The blotch to the right of the slideshow is a good idea but its colour makes it hard to read the text. The font used is professional and elegant, but again, it doesn't get in well with the design. Another example of this mismatch between design and text is at the bottom. This text is partly hidden by the box design so the word "awesome" is read as "ome unless you highlight the text Also, it isn't cool to proclaim that your blog is cool Seriously! It's evident that you did a lot of work for this blog and it shows in the design. Just make the text go in tandem with the design and you'll get a superb portfolio for yourself All the best!
  9. You may be enthusiastic to make more posts (you can't make more than 50 per day anyway) but you should make sure that in that enthusiastic state you are not ruining the experience for everyone by making spam posts or posts that don't make complete sense. Bumping old topics is considered an offense too and is not taken lightly for a while. So remember these points when you're posting and you'll be fine. As for Xisto, once your myCENT reaches there, it won't be taken back, but you will get negative myCENTs in the forum instead of the money being deducted from the Xisto account.
  10. It is taking six hours to get formatted? That's really unusual. First of all take a backup of all your important data on another hard disk or on a flash drive. Then try to delete that partition entirely, not just format it. This may be a little unconventional but it always works fast.
  11. Oh thanks for reminding me about that anwiii It would have been nice if we had more support for user groups around here. Still, this board is one of those unofficial ideas to support the idea! Good job indeed, web_designer! You guessed correctly about the "put me on the board" thing, but you didn't complete it. It was, "put me on the board, after a few days". I'm definitely interested to be up there, but I'm a bit inactive these days and may continue to be so as I'm trying other things right now, so when I'm ready I'll poke you to put me on the board Keep up the good work!
  12. This is an interesting idea. But don't you think more members would be interested if they had a group of their own? I think there's been some discussion about member groups before and I don't remember how the discussion ended. However, this seems to be a good idea and the activity would definitely rise up if the members had something special like a group of their own, different from the rest of the community
  13. I agree; there are some captcha's which ask us to enter superscript/subscript words/numbers and sometimes these impossible captchas appear three-four times in a row! I get irritated of hitting the reload button so many times It's an automated process so maybe there isn't much to complain but I wish there could be something done about it.
  14. It's old news that Oracle took over Sun Microsystems. What I'm going to post is a bit old too, but it's still a sort-of breaking news! OpenSolaris, the open-source Operating System developed by Sun, doesn't seem to interest Oracle at all, and they have discontinued it. Some old employees of Sun, however, have used the source-code and have created another OS (whose name I can't remember ) I'm not sure how popular OpenSolaris was, but I liked to read about it every now and then, especially about its file management system (ZFS, was it?) I never really used OpenSolaris but I think there will be a few fans who miss the Sun touch?
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