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  1. Yesterday was a good win. Joba Chamberlain showed some improvement. His velocity was better but keep in mind that he had nine days off. You should be able to throw your hardest when you have had nine days off. His control was good today as well, not too many walks. I thought it was going to be another short appearance because he threw 22 pitches in the first inning but he had an economical second and third innings and was able to go 6.2 innings total. Girardi was smart to take him out when he did in order to get him out on a high note in a situation where he could win and not lose. Hopefully yesterday?s start was a sign of what is to come.
  2. Every team in contention for a playoff spot would like to add another bullpen arm. That is the case every July. If you remember correctly, the Yankees landed a deal that brought highly coveted lefty Dimaso Marte to the Bronx last July. Let?s take a look at who is on the block and for sale this year.Kerry Wood ? Kerry Wood was supposed to be great a couple of years ago. People were talking about the Cubs having the best rotation in the league with youngsters Mark Prior, Carlos Zambrano and Kerry Wood. The only one that really panned out was Carlos Zambrano. Mark Prior fell off the face of the earth after being a top prospect coming into the year and having some success, his fall off was injury related. Kerry Wood was another fire baller who was very good but got bit by the injury bug a bit too often Injuries did in his starting career. I believe he even landed on the DL for a while one time because he hurt himself getting out of the bathtub. There was also a lot of chatter about Kerry Wood and steroid use because of all the injuries and the fact that he lost a lot of weight at one point. I don?t remember if he was in the Mitchell Report or not but I think he might have been. I though transitioning too the bullpen would rekindle his career because he would have a lighter load and could really let um rip in one inning of relief. The Indians gave him a pretty big contract this winter, much to many people?s surprise. He was coveted by many teams that needed bullpen help though. He's been a disappointment in Cleveland, and the Indians owe him about $15MM before the end of next year. They are also on the hook for more in 2011. He definitely is on the block and probably will get dealt if someone wants to take a flyer on him. He could help out a few teams. I don?t think the Indians would be looking for much in return since they are on pace for 100 losses and are currently having a fire sale after dealing there most valuable trade trip, multi-position playing Mark Derosa. Would I want the Yankees to get him? Not really, not unless he will cost nothing and Dimaso Marte?s return looks doubtful. Then I would take a flyer on someone like Wood, who if he gets his stuff back could be a great reliever.Rafael Soriano ? The Braves could get creative and try to deal Rafael Soriano. Many teams would take him and he could help out any bullpen. He has great numbers on the season. The Braves started the season with Mike Gonzalez as there closer but as he struggled he and Soriano started spitting save opportunities. Would I take Soriano on the Yankees? Once again it depends on what happens with Dimaso Marte. I would be more comfortable with Rafael Soriano in the bullpen over Kerry Wood. Soriano may not have as good stuff but he is a pretty darn good reliever who could close if you needed him to. The Braves are on the hook for 6.1 million dollars for Soriano. I f they want to rid themselves of that money they could easily find a buyer for Soriano. But the Braves are in position to make a run at the division or the wild card with the Mets currently out of the picture. It doesn?t make sense to me to deal your best reliever when you?re in the middle of a pennant race. They could opt to deal the left reliever Mike Gonzalez. Mike Gonzalez was highly touted by many baseball scouts at the beginning of the year, many thought that he would be a solid reliever this year. He hasn?t been terrible but also hasn?t lived up to what everybody thought he could do. Like I said earlier, the Braves had enough faith in him to make him the closer out of spring training, but he lost part of that job and had to start sharing save opportunities with Soriano. He is definitely more likely to be dealt than Soriano. The Braves are paying him three and a half million dollars this year but he will be a free agent this winter and probably will not resign if the Braves are intent on making Soriano the full time closer. Would I take Mike Gonzalez on the Yankees? This is another one that especially relies on what will go downs with Dimaso Marte. Gonzalez could be used as a lefty specialist because he is a lefty and has success against lefty hitters. If the Yankees don?t have faith in the lefty Phil Coke, which I must mention that they do and they think very highly of Coke. If they hadn?t signed CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett, or if Andy Pettitte didn?t return, they were prepared to start the season with Phil Coke in the starting rotation. If they Yankees feel they need a lefty because Marte is not coming back and Coke can?t get it done, then I see some Yankee interest in Mike Gonzalez.Danys Baez ? He not exactly a great option for anyone trying to make a playoff spot but if he is better than what you have I guess it?s worth a shot. Especially if he can be had on the cheap since Baltimore is paying him five and a half million dollars. He is expensive and doesn?t have great numbers but I guess he could help out a contender that is short handed in the pen. I wouldn?t be getting him to be your ninth, eighth or even seventh inning guy but to his his own. Would I take him on the Yankees? No shot what so ever, I would rather see Kyle Farnsworth back in Yankee pinstripes.LaTroy Hawkins ? LaTroy Hawkins has been pretty good filling in for Jose Valverde while he was hurt. That?s hard to believe for me after what I saw him do in the Bronx last year. He was terrible last year in pinstripes and the Yankees eventually dealt him to the Astros mid-season for a cheap prospect. He has made thirty-eight appearances for the Houston Astros, who are still in playoff contention. They are only on the hook for three and a half million dollars to Hawkins as well, so they might keep him. They also have Jose Valverde, who was a top closer not too long ago. He was hurt for most of the season so far but should draw some interest. If the Astros decide they are out of the hunt, or have enough faith in LaTroy Hawkins, or just don?t want to pay the eight million dollars owed to Valverde, they could deal him for another piece they could use, I?m sure many teams would love to have him. Would I want Valverde on the Yankees? Before I answer that I just want to mention that Jose Valverde makes more money than Roy ?Doc? Halladay, who makes seven million dollars. And yes, I would like Valverde on the Yankees. I?ve always liked Valverde and if the Yankee scouts believe that he will be back in top form after the injury and Dimaso Marte will not be, then I would be all over Valverde if the Houston Astros want to deal him.Rafael Betancourt ? This isn?t the Rafael Betancourt of 2007 when he had one of his most effective years of his career. He has pitched okay this season and definitely will be available to anybody who wants him with Cleveland on pace to lose 100 games and having a fire sale. He is only making 3.35 million dollars this season so buyers won?t take too big of a hit in the pocketbook. Russ Springer ? He?s definably available but I don?t know that any team in the race would want him. He can strike some hitters out but hasn?t been anything close to good this year, I guess that?s why he is available. ESPN has him ranked the 257th best relieve pitcher in the league. That?s not saying much about the man who will be making 3.3 million dollars. Would I take him on the Yankees? Not a chance, you can find better guys in double and triple A.George Sherrill ? Probably the best value, very effective and affordable. A recent all-star, the Orioles have dangled George Sherrill out here before, but have never been able to swing a deal. They ask for too much, and rightly so, he is a great reliever and is cheap and under control until 2011 I believe. The Orioles probably missed the chance to sell high on Sherrill though. This season he was spitting save opportunities with Chris Ray. They will definitely get less in return now, but I still see plenty of contending team going after him. Would I take him on the Yankees? Yes, but I do not think that the Baltimore Orioles would deal him within the division. By the way, when I say affordable, I mean he is only making 2.75 million dollars.Chad Qualls ? Chad Qualls has gathered a lot of interest despite some pretty bad numbers this year. I understand that he hasn?t had many save opportunities because the Diamondbacks have not had any offense at all. The D'Backs already traded Tony Pena, so they may not want to deal Chad Qualls, who is only making 2.5 million dollars this season. Would I take him on the Yankees? He could come in and be a good setup man which is why I would take him on the Yankees. Without the pressure of the ninth inning and some run support, he could flourish in the Bronx.John Grabow ? He has been okay this year but has had some control problems. He is only making 2.3million dollars this year and will be a free agent this winter. So he could help out a team in need if they are in need of a reliever. Would I take him on the Yankees? Not a chance, this is another guy that you can find better of in double or triple A.Matt Capps ? He has drawn some interest and with the Pirates trading everybody for nobody you could probably get Capps for a song and a dance. He has pretty bad number this year but is a quality pitcher. Without the pressure of the ninth inning he could be another guy that flourishes in a set up role. The Yankees already showed some interest. I wouldn?t give up anything decent for him and the way the Pirates are trading everybody for nothing I don?t think they will ask for anything decent. He also only makes 2.3 million dollars this year and will be a free agent after the 2012 season.Juan Cruz ? I was lobbying for Juan Cruz during the winter and really wanted the Yankees to get him. It may have been a good thing that the Yankees didn?t sign him because he was a type A free agent and he would have costed the Yankees two draft picks. His numbers in Kansas City aren?t great, but Cruz has only given up 1 run in his last 11.2 innings. He has been very streaky, but he would definitely be another guy who could do great without the pressures of closing. Would I take Cruz on the Yankees? Yes, he would be a great eight inning guy. He still throws hard and has a great slider he only makes two and a quarter million dollars. Joe Beimel ? What can you say? He?s available, he not great and you could probably find a bunch of guy like him in your minor leagues. He is a 32 year old lefty. The only way I see a team taking him is if they are in despite need of a closer and are in contention or they need a lefty and don?t have anyone in there farm system that could do better. He make 2 million dollars this season and hasn?t pitched bad, he has been okay.Takashi Saito ? He is cheap and good. He only makes one and a half million dollars and has proven that he can get it done in the ninth inning. I think he had something like 40 saves not too long ago eighth the Dodgers. He also does not make much next year either. He would be a great addition to anny bullpen and would make a great set up man. Would I want him on the Yankees. Yes, if the price is reasonable he would be a great guy to use in the seventh and eighth innings.Heath Bell ? He is an All-Star closer that only makes 1.3 million dollars. The Padres would have to be idiots not to trade him while he is at his value is at its peak. He would also be under control until 2011. The Yankees did show interest at the beginning of the month but there haven?t been any new developments. Would I take the former Met on the Yankees. In a second. This Heath Bell is at the top of my trade deadline wish list. I hope that Brian Cashman will be able to pull off a heist and trade a couple of noody prospects in ordr to land this guy. He would be a great addition to the pen. The Yankees would be the only team with two All-star closers.
  3. And of course I have to talk about the New York Yankees. First I would like to take a minute to tell you how much I think of Roy Halladay as a pitcher. I think he is the best pitcher in the league. If I needed to win one game I would pick Roy Halladay over any pitcher in the league today. That is how good Roy Halladay is. That being said, I do not want the Yankees to trade for Roy Halladay. Why? Because I think it will cost too much. I do not want to deal Phil Hughes or Jesus Montero at all. I?d be more willing to trade Joba Chamberlain but I?d have second thoughts because he would be in the same division. I would have no problem working out a deal that sent Chamberlain and more to the Cleveland Indians for Grady Sizemore or another young stud.The Yankees will probably try to get a deal done for Roy Halladay but I am certain that they will not be willing to deal the pieces necessary to get him. The first two names that the Toronto Blue Jays will ask for are Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain. And of is was in charge of the Blue Jays I would start there also, you need to get a young potential ace pitcher that you can control for years to come if you are going to deal the best player in the game. I am positive that Brian Cashman will not deal Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain. He has said he is happy that he did not deplete the farm system to get Johan Santana a couple of years ago so I don?t think he will consider doing it this year. The Next name mentioned would be Austin Jackson. I have to think that the Jays will ask for him no matter what. I?m not sure I would be willing to deal him and more. Dealing Jackson would leave the Yankees with a lack of quality outfielders in there system. I don?t think that Jackson will be that great of a player and the Yankees will be losing Johnny Damon and Xavier Nady to free agency and most likely Hideki Matsui to retirement. That leaves them with Melky Cabrera, Nick Swisher, and Brett Gardner. It wouldn?t make any sense for the Blue Jays not to ask for Jesus Montero, and I will not deal him by any means. Jesus Montero has proven to be a great hitter in the minor leagues and is only nineteen years of age. He has to be a Victor Martinez or even more. It?s been a long time since the Yankees have had a power hitter like Montero come up through their system which is why I do not want to trade him. The Yankees are stacked with catching prospects so I would give them Romine or Cervelli. After one of those two the Jays would ask for a pitching prospect such as Andrew Brackman, Dellin Betances or Zach McAllister. All three of those pitchers have the potential to be a very good number three starter. I would rather keep the prospects and let the Jays deal Halladay some place far away. That would be a win for the Yankees too (as long as he doesn?t end up in Boston).Obtaining Roy Halladay would solve a lot of problems. He the Yankee rotation would be more consistent and be the best in baseball; in fact it would be one of the best we have seen in the majors in a long time. He would give the Yankees a rotation that can get them to the playoffs and beyond. His presence in the rotation and the ability to pitch very deep into ball games will take a lot of pressure off an over-worked bullpen and help keep the bullpen arms fresh and ready for the rest of the season while keeping them effective.The Blue Jays would be smart to try and dump Vernon Wells? ridiculous contract on someone, but I would not take him in a deal for Roy Halladay. I will not deal Phil Hughes or Jesus Montero and would like not to deal Joba Chamberlain because I would like to think he will be good one day. Anyone else is fair game, but I still don?t think the Blue Jays will deal him within the division. JP Richardi has already said that, in fact, he has yet to return a phone all that Brian Cashman placed inquiring about Roy Halladay back on Wednesday.Roy Halladay does have a no-trade clause because he is a ten year veteran that has spent five or more years with the same ball club so he would have to sign off on any deal. But from what everybody has been saying it seems like he just wants to go anyplace where he can win. He has specifically mentioned the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies.JP Ricciardi is doing the right thing by trying to deal Roy Halladay now. Teams will give up less next year because they know he has to deal him because he will not resign. Hopefully the Blue Jays learned from how the Twins screwed up a couple of winters ago when they waited too long to deal Johan Santana a got basically nothing in return. I think Halladay will be dealt before the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline. Ultimately I believe he will end up in Philadelphia. Originally I thought he would be a St. Louis Cardinal but they don?t seem too thrilled about giving up there top prospects. The Philadelphia Phillies are the front runners right now.
  4. The Red Sox will definitely try to make a run and swing a deal for Roy Halladay. For the last couple of years we have been hearing about the great Clay Buchholz down in triple a, but it seems he is just gathering dust with the occasional spot start here and there. If the Red Sox are realistic, I think they would deal him in a heartbeat. The Toronto Blue Jays would also ask for top hitting prospect in the Red Sox system, Lars Anderson. Lars Anderson is supposed to be a promising prospect so I?m not sure how willing the Red Sox would be to deal him. And I am certainly not sure if the Red Sox would be willing to deal Clay Bucholz and Lars Anderson and then throw in prospect Michael Bowden. The Red Sox might be willing to throw in a lower level pitching prospect, which would include someone such as Nick Hagadone or Daniel Bard. Roy Halladay would give the Red Sox a huge advantage in any playoff series because they could run out him, Beckett, and Lester not to mention they would be World Series favorites this year and next year.
  5. The Angels are another team that has an abundance of starting pitching prospects that they could use to get a trade done for Roy Halladay.Their best prospect would be an outfielder named Peter Bourjos. Bourjos is a stud on defense and I believe that his name would have to be the starting point for the Blue Jays if the Angels were serious about making a deal. Of course after him the Angels would have to add on at least one pitcher, and they have many. The Blue Jays could choose from pitchers Jordan Walden, Trevor Reckling, Sean O?Sullivan, or Kevin Jepsen. The Blue Jays might also like the top catching prospect in the Angels organization, Hank Conger. The Blue Jays could choose to ask the Blue Jays for the 25 year old second basemen Howie Kendrick. Howie Kendrick has batting-title ability but struggled very badly this season. He was swinging at everything and couldn?t hit a breaking ball for his life. He was sent to the minors where he hit well above .300 and appeared to have gotten his stroke back. He was called up and has gotten a hit in all except two games I think, including a three hit game against the Yankees; he has something like a .500 career batting average against the Yankees.I don?t know if the Jays would even consider taking Howie Kendrick, especially with the emergence of Aaron Hill at second base. I?ve always liked Kendrick and like I said, he has batting title up-side, it?s just a matter of whether he can capitalize on his potential. If the Blue Jays would be willing to take Kendrick, the prospect price should drop and a deal might get done.
  6. If the Los Angeles Dodgers were to add Roy Halladay their rotation they would have an excellent crop of pitchers and maybe the best rotation in the league. It wouldn?t make any sense for the Dodgers to deal Clayton Kershaw or Chad Billingsley but Toronto?s asking price might start there. The Toronto Blue Jays might ask for Matt Kemp, in which case I would advise the Dodgers to walk away. No way should the Dodgers even consider dealing Matt Kemp. Kemp is a stud and will be a perennial all-star in center field for years to come. The Dodgers have enough pitching prospects in their system to get a deal done with Toronto. With two good outfielders already, one of them a future star (and Manny Ramirez), the Dodgers could trade top prospect out fielding prospect Andrew Lambo. After Lambo there are many pitchers on the farm that the Blue Jays could choose from. The Blue Jays would likely ask for two of those prospects. The players they will have to choose from are James McDonald, Ethan Martin, Josh Lindblom, Scott Elbert, Chris Withrow, and Nathan Eovaldi. There is no doubt that the Dodgers have the prospects to make a deal for Roy Halladay as long as the Blue Jays don?t ask for Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, or Chad Billingsley.
  7. The Brewers have inquired about the Toronto Blue Jay ace Roy Halladay. Last year the Brewers swung a deal for CC Sabathia. That was an excellent move as Sabathia had a MVP like performance the rest of the season and carried the Brewers into the post season. I do not think that the Brewers will want to offer up more of their top prospects again but the Blue Jays have already said they want the team?s two best prospects. Any deal would have to begin with their two best hitters, Mat Gamel and Brett Lawrie. Most likely, according to Baseball America, Alcides Escobar is their best prospect. Escobar is an average hitter and a great defensive short stop. The Brewers do not have many pitching prospects. They do have 26 year old Manny Parra. He was sent down to the minors after being horrendous this year. He was called back up and had a great start before the all-star break. I do not think that the Blue Jays would consider taking Parra, mostly because they probably don?t consider him a prospect, or a good one for that matter. I do not think that the Brewers will be able to put a deal together that would blow the Blue Jays away. If they did get the deal done it would no doubt include Escobar, Gamel or Lawrie and Salome.
  8. St. Louis Cardinals could definitely use Roy “Doc” Halladay tremendously. Besides that, the Blue Jays probably wouldn’t mind dealing him there because the Blue Jays aren’t seeing the St. Louis Cardinals anytime soon and probably wont as long as Roy Halladay is there. (He will be a free agent after next season in which case he will probably be a Yankee). The Cardinals already have Adam Wainwright, who has been tremendous for them this season and especially of late. Wainwright gives the St. Louis Cardinals a chance to win every time he hits the hill and with a great offense behind him, powered by Albert Pujols, I don’t see it just being a fluke. Roy Halladay would thrive with that offense behind him. He’d probably win 25 games next year with an earned run average of under 1.50 if he made the move to the National League. Any deal for Halladay would most likely include the Blue Jays asking for 23 year old major league prospect Colby Rasmus. Rasmus, centerfielder, has been the top prospect in the bird’s system for the past few years and has been pretty successful in the majors this year. The next piece of the puzzle would be third base prospect Brett Wallace and outfielding prospect Daryl Jones. The Blue Jays have already expressed interest in both of those two young prospects. Wallace a better average hitter than Daryl Jones but Jones is the more athletic one and has a boat load of speed. I can’t imagine that the Toronto Blue Jays won’t want a pitching prospect in return, so they might also ask for one of the top two starting pitching prospects in the St. Louis Cardinal’s system. Their names are Jess Todd and Clayton Mortenson. Jess Todd is projected to eventually be a number two starter and Clayton Mortenson is projected to eventually be a number three starter. A deal for Mr. Roy Halladay from the St. Louis Cardinals would probably look something like this: Colby Rasmus plus Brett Wallace or Daryl Jones plus Jess Todd or Clayton Mortenson.I don’t know whether or not the Cardinals will be willing to deal that much young talent but acquiring Roy Halladay would make them instant World Series favorites. Colby Rasmus probably will be a good major league center fielder for years to come and in addition the Sr. Louis Cardinals would have to give up two more pretty good prospects. I think the appeal of what Roy Halladay could do in the National League and a very good chance another World Series title would convince the Cardinals to get a deal done.The Mets are definitely father from making the playoffs than any other team that would go after Roy Halladay however, the addition of Roy Halladay could make them contenders in the National League East if the rest of the team is able to come back healthy enough to give him a couple of runs a game. Also, Roy Halladay is also under contract for one more year, so the Mets will also have him for next year, when presumably the team will be healthy. That would give them a rotation of Roy Halladay and Johan Santana, those are the two best pitchers in baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays want each teams two best prospects in any deal so the Mets would have to start with Fernando Martinez. Fernando Martinez has struggled in the major leagues this year but is still a young prospect with some promise. Not to mention he had a trial by fire when they threw him in there after all of the injuries. The next best hitting prospect in the system is shortstop Wilmer Flores. Those two guys are two pretty good prospects, and I?m not sure the Jays would swap out either for Nick Evans. If the Mets were to give up those two guys I don?t think they would also give Toronto Mike Pelfrey as well. They will probably have to give up at least one pitching prospect. Toronto will likely choose between Mike Pelfrey, Jonathon Niese, Brad Holt, Bobby Parnell and Eddie Kunz. If the Toronto Blue Jays are completely set on trading Roy Halladay this year and do not receive a better offer from anyone else, they might do trade that included Fernando Martinez, Jonathon Niese, and Bobby Parnell. A deal with the Mets would also depend on whether or not the Mets would want to trade hitting prospects or pitching prospects, and whether or not they want to deal Mike Pelfrey.
  9. It is very improbable that the Yankees get a deal done for the best pitcher in the league, Mr. Roy ?Doc? Halladay. I am giving it a fifty percent chance that Roy Halladay is dealt at all. I would also give it a one percent chance that he is traded within the division. The last thing that the Toronto Blue Jays would want to do is trade Roy deal Halladay to the Yankees and then have to face the best pitcher in the league a bunch of times a year when they play the Yankees, and you know they will line Halladay up to make sure that he is pitching against Toronto. Trading Halladay within the division, whether it is to the Yankees or the Red Sox wound be a terrible thing for the Blue Jays to do, even if they are getting a boat load of prospects because Roy Halladay is most of the reason why Toronto is starting to get their fan base back and trading him to one of the two teams those fans hate the most would no doubt drive some away, at least for the rest of the 2009 campaign. If Halladay is dealt, it will probably be to a national league team or an American league team on the west coast, someone the Toronto Blue jays won?t see (at least they will be dealing him out of the county no matter where they deal him (get it, because the Blue Jays play in Toronto, which is in Canada, and every other team in the United States)). Ill get back to the Yankees chances after I take a look at the other top suitors.Roy ?Doc? Halladay is a type-A player, meaning that he would fetch the first two draft picks of which ever team signs him for the Blue Jays. Therefore, the Blue Jays would want two type A prospects in return for the best pitcher in the league. The Blue Jays and J.P. Richardi already said that the will go hard after the top two prospects of any team that tries to deal for Halladay. They said he will not be dealt unless they are blown away with a deal. So let?s take a look at where negotiations would start for the teams that are front runners.
  10. The Yankees only have 3 World Champion players on their team. Their names are Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, and Mariano Rivera. Those players have something special and I would trust any of them in a big situation over Mark Teixeira or Alex Rodriguez. There?s just something special about them, you know they will come through. Like the other day when the Yankees had the bases loaded and nobody out Jeter and Posada both got on base and up came Mark Teixeira. He had a pretty good at bat but ultimately made out without getting the runner home. Then Alex Rodriguez came up and grounded into a double play. That was a key moment when the Yankees were losing 4-2 in the seventh and could have easily taken the lead after already loosing the series and being on the verge of getting swept. It?s times like those where I would rather take a Jeter, Posada or Youkilis over anybody. Derek Jeter is having one of the best seasons of his career and Jorge Posada is still one of the game?s best catchers at the age of 37 and Mariano Rivera is as great as ever. These three key Yankees are still championship-caliber players in 2009 and I?m not sure anyone else on the team is.The Yankees can win right now with the hitting they have but I?m not sure they have the pitching for it. Joba Chamberlain and Andy Pettitte are way to inconsistent and are not giving the Yankees a chance to win when the head to the hill. Wang is probably a moot point for the rest of the year and Sergio Mitre certainly isn?t the answer.The Yankee bullpen has been over used this season due to the inconsistencies of the pitching staff. They put in 283.1 innings. Only three American league teams have used their pen more often, the Baltimore Orioles, The Oakland Athletics, and the Cleveland Indians. Those are three pretty bad teams with pretty bad pitching. There are two ways to approach this. The Yankees could add another bullpen arm or acquire a good starting pitcher.There are many teams looking to deal a bullpen arm, some closers and some relievers. Brian Cashman seems optimistic about the return of Dimaso Marte, but I am skeptical myself.There are also a bunch of teams that would sell starting pitchers in this type of market, when the young player under control for a while is desirable by smaller market teams.I?ll touch upon different trade options in my next post.
  11. Victor Martinez said he couldn?t see himself leaving Cleveland and that he wants to retire and Indian. His name has popped up in trade rumors all season because of his great bat from the catcher?s position. The Indians would want a stunning offer to move him and it is very unlikely that they do.Some people are saying that a Roy Halladay trade is more likely to happen during the winter. That would make much sense for the Jays organization because Halladay?s value is higher now and will not be in a contract year until next year. Halladay does not have an exclusive list of teams that he would only except trade to and would not mind pitching in the National league. Could you imagine him in the national league? Could you imagine 9 innings every time out with a sub 1.50 ERA? Because that?s what Halladay would do. He guesses there is a 50% shot that he gets dealt. He said the most important thing for him at this point in his career is winning. Many players are already speaking out in order to campaign for their team to get Halladay.Francisco Rodriguez doesn?t like baseball! The Met?s closer better known as K-Rod said he enjoys the game less than he did growing up but realizes it?s a business. That?s a brilliant thing to say when you just signed a huge deal and your team is hovering in fourth place when you were supposed to make the playoffs.Edwin Jackson isn?t bitter about what went down with him and Tampa Bay when he was there. I?m sure the Rays are kicking themselves for giving up too early because Jackson is having a great season and has some of the best numbers in the league right now.Pedro Martinez will be taking a physical for the Philadelphia Phillies today. He will be pitching out of the bullpen for them if he passes. Good for Pedro for getting back into the game all though he did sort of pull a Roger Clemens by not coming back until half way through the season. The Mets and Met fans would be devastated if Pedro Martinez is what ultimately keeps them out of the playoffs.Mark Buehrle said he would like to wear a Cardinal?s jersey for one day. I?m not sure if you can read much into that. What pitcher wouldn?t wan to a team that will give you great run support every time out? Not to mention it is a great city with great fans.Jay Bruce will miss a few weeks due to an injury. This was supposed to be Bruce?s break out year, formerly dubbed the best hitting prospect in the league, the power numbers were there for Bruce so far this season but the batting average has been very disappointing.The Padres should be shopping Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell, especially Bell who definitely will not draw as big of a package next year. Gonzalez?s value will always be there but they should at least see what he can fetch no while his value is at its peak. The closer he gets to free agency the less people will be willing to pay for him.Manny Acta was fired as manager of the Washington Nationals. I know the team has a terrible record but this move is kind of a head scratcher, I mean, what do you expect? They have the worst players in the league despite a few good ones. There is a small possibility that the Mets might give Acta a call if they decide to fire Jerry Manual during the season.
  12. The Yankees benched Alex Rodriguez today. They said it was because of fatigue, but one might think it was due to the fact that Rodriguez is slumping. Then again, his slumping could be due the the fact that he is tired. This is his spring training technically, and technically this would be the end of spring training if it was his spring training. Players usually tiered out toward the end of spring training despite having a bunch off days off, not playing as hard, and not playing as much and as long. Arod has been playing full games, nine straight at one point, and playing in real ballgames. Maybe the couple of days off will refresh him and he will go on one of his hitting surges. The Yankees should be able to survive two games against the Marlins without him. Then again, they couldn't survive three games against the Washington Nationals with him. But what are you going to do?
  13. The Yankees have informed Pedro Martinez that they will not sign him. Yankee Universe just breathed a sigh of relief. I don?t think the Yankees were ever serious about thinking about bringing in Pedro Martinez, arguably the most hated opponent of the past two generations. It may have been a smoke screen for another deal, but who knows. Pedro says that he is in ?tippy-top shape?. I?m not sure what that means but I guess he has been watching himself over the winter and spring. Just a Mango and an Advil right? Along with the Yankees, the Texas Rangers, Milwaukie Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals also watched him pitch today. I would assume The Rangers would be interested, though they have been rumored to be in on Ben Sheets if he returns healthy sometime in July. Texas is actually competing so it would make sense to bring in another veteran to add some stability to the rotation. Milwaukie makes sense with the struggling rotation, as well as St. Louis. Bothe clubs could easily compete. I still think Pedro will have to go to the National League in order to have any kind of success. I don?t think it will be possible for him to pitch well in the American League anymore.Scott Boras is speaking out on Magglio Ordonez saying there was no compelling reason for the Tigers to bench him. Boras will likely file a grievance saying that the Tigers are only benching him to avoid paying him his 18 million dollar 2010 option which he gets if he gets a certain number of plate appearances.Jim Leyland had his contract extended by the Detroit Tigers organization. Barring a firing or retirement, he will be the manager through 2011. This is good news; Leyland is one of the best managers in the game. He is a very old school, tough manager.Brandon Webb has had a setback and now they are saying he could miss the whole season. Webb made one start this season after being denied a contract extension. It?s a shame; Webb was a great pitcher for a few years, perennial Cy Young candidate. Hopefully he will bounce back next season.
  14. Tom Glavine has decided that he will not pitch in 2009. Glavine was rehabbing on the disabled list for the Braves for a while but was released in order to make room for Nate McLouth after the Braves acquired him. Glavine was a bit upset with the Atlanta organization because they trotted him out to pitch a minor league game forty minutes from Atlanta and they sold out the game. The AAA team never sells out so it was obviously because of Glavine, but they had him go out there even though they knew he would be released the next day. Glavine called out the team for using him and since then the organization has apologized and both sides are fine. Glavine deciding to take the year off leaves Pedro Martinez as the only guaranteed hall of fame available. Pedro has been watched by the Rays Cubs and Yankees. The Rays considered bringing him in as a reliever but they could not meet Pedro?s demands. The Cubs are very interested and are trying to work out a deal but are not sure they could meet Pedro?s demands. I would assume the Yankees would be looking at him as a reliever as well but I?m not sure how much id like that move. How could you bring probably the most hated player by Yankee fans onto the team when he is way past his prime? I know they brought Clemens in but he was a team removed from Boston and was still in his prime. The Mets should be the ones looking at Pedro and they would be fools if they weren?t. The Mets could use another starter and reliever. Pedro would probably like to rejoin the Mets as well. Talks went cold on resigning Pedro this winter because Pedro was asking for too much money where as the Mets wanted to offer an incentive based deal. Pedro did not believe he should have to pitch for his money because of his track record and both sides pretty much just stopped talking. I?m sure Omar Minaya has kept in contact just as a backup plan. But you have to ask yourself how much Pedro has left. Can he be a quality four or even five starters? And could he make the transition to be an effective reliever even though he doesn?t through that hard anymore? I?m not sure he could work out n the bullpen but he might be able to start. Then again, if he started you would probably only be able to get five or six innings out of him before going to the bullpen, otherwise you would risk hurting him.Nick Johnson is a free agent after this year and is the most likely Washington National to be dealt. Johnson has always been a pretty good player and hitter, often coveted by other teams at the trade deadline ever since the Yankees dealt him away. Johnson would be a match in many places. The Mets should defiantly take a look a t him and inquire on how much it would take to get him. He would be a nice addition to that team to play first base. The Nationals said that Adam Dunn?s price would be astronomical. He?s at the top of the league in homeruns and walks like he always is; he?s also at the top in strikeouts like he always is. Dunn?s never been an average hitter but boy can he hit home runs. Last year around the trade deadline the Blue Jays general Manager said that Adam Dunn doesn?t care and doesn?t try. That was a very offensive comment especially with Dunn testing the free agent market last winter. Dunn is a great hitter and could be an option for many places because he can sort of play the outfield as well as first base. However, I do not think he will be dealt because the Nationals will ask too much.Danys Baez and George Sherrill are likely to be dealt from Baltimore. Sherrill was an all-star closer but has been spitting save opportunities this year. I?m sure there will be many teams going after him including the Angels and possibly the Yankees. I don?t think /Baltimore would ever trade him to the Yankees, unless they gave up a lot more than asking price.The Diamondbacks are looking to deal free agent to be Doug Davis and Chad Tracey. Davis already expressed that he would be willing to sign an extension with Arizona if they offered a contract before the end of the season, but if they didn?t he would test the market. I?m sure there will be a lot of teams after Davis who could be a good starter for many competing teams. The Mets will likely be involved on him. Chad Tracey is interesting because he is a good player but has struggled this year. He can play first and third and defiantly has a high ceiling if you were to have him stick around for more than one year. I could see the Mets making a package deal that involved both Doug Davis and Chad Tracey. That deal would help the Mets tremendously, it just depends how much the Mets are willing to give up. Would Arizona ask for Fernando Martinez or John Niece? And would the Mets deal one of them? They are defiantly two names to watch this July.One major league executive believes that Brian Giles should get released. I think we might see him dealt in July.The Padres will most certainly be sellers once again this summer. The big fish Jake Peavy will not be dealt because of his injury but Cla Meredith, Chris Young, and Kevin Kouzmanoff could be. Meredith has had a good season and could catch a decent prospect in return. A bunch of teams will probably be after Kevin Kouzmanoff. Chris Young has had a pretty bad year and is currently on the fifteen day disabled list so I?m not sure any team would touch him.The Royals could deal reliever Ron Mahay who was coveted in July and December a few years ago. He would be a good option for a lot of teams. I wouldn?t be surprised if the Yankees take a look based on their past interest. The Mets will probably take a look as well.The Houston Astros aren?t likely to sell at this point and the big chip they had was Roy Oswalt but they would have to sell low on him because of the bad seasons he is having. Some believe that Olswalt just needs a change of scenery but I do not believe he will be dealt anyway. If the Astros do decide to have a fire sale in July, Ivan Rodriguez, LaTroy Hawkins, and Jose Valverde could be moved. Pudge is an interesting candidate but I don?t think many teams would touch unless they are really desperate because of his failure last year when he was dealt to the Yankees for Kyle Farnsworth. LaTroy Hawkins has had a great season filling in for Jose Valverde, but still, I?m not sure many team s would give up much for him. He will probably be dealt though. Jose Valverde is probably less likely to be dealt than Hawkins because he is coming of an injury and stint on the disabled list; he is also better and more valued by the Astros. So the high price combined with the injury will probably scare some buyers away from the once top closer.One official said that the Pirates would love to deal Jack Wilson. Wilson has always been a second half hitter and can play multiple positions. I think he might be one of the first name to be dealt as long as the Pirate don?t ask for a king?s ransom, they usually don?t.Victor Martinez and Cliff Lee are not going anywhere, unless someone offers everything they?ve got, but Mark Derosa is almost certainly to be dealt. I wonder if the Indians would field offers for Grady Sizemore. They would be fools if they did but he is one the best players in the league and would fish a hefty package.If the Athletics don?t play well in the upcoming weeks they will almost certainly deal Matt Holliday. Holliday is coveted by many and would fish a decent package in return despite his falloff season thus far.The Red Sox said that they aren?t in a hurry to deal Brad Penny. Penny will almost certainly be dealt though; I don?t see Boston keeping him around for the bullpen.Delmon Young is also available, I wonder if a team would be willing to give up enough to get him. He has great power but strikes out way too much. Not too long ago he was dealt for Matt Garza, Matt Garza obviously turned out to be the better of the two. I think there will be a few teams going after Young, it wouldn?t surprise me anyway.
  15. The Tigers have benched Magglio Ordonez indefinitely. He hasn?t had a terrible season, with something like a .270 average but his power has disappeared. He only has two home runs on the season. Ordonez is due 18 million next year if he makes a certain number of appearances. Ordonez has had a great career; it?s a shame to see him fading. But it was going to happen soon or later. The tigers have been in a funk lately, Ordonez is getting benched, they just got the news that Carlos Guillen might not return this season, and they just placed Dontrelle Willis back on the disabled list with an anxiety disorder. The Guillen loss will be huge because that will leave the Tigers with a power deficit. They may need to make a deal for a bat. They should make a run at Matt Holliday although I?m not sure how well he would hit in that ballpark. Last year they made the deadline deal for Ken Griffey Jr. Dontrelle Willis has just been a mess since that one good year in Florida. We all thought that the Tigers pulled off a steal getting both Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis, but it is starting to look like Cabrera was the only part of that deal that worked out. Cabrera is a great hitter and is having a great season. I would take Cabrera on my team any day. He; has great power and is a great hitter. He is definitely an MVP candidate, and he might even be leading if Joe Mauer didn?t have an absurd .425 batting average. Mauer is having a great season as well. He will be a free agent next year and the Red Sox and Yankees will probably both be going after Mauer hard. Mauer is a batting title hitter and a good catcher. Jorge Posada?s contract will be over by then and if he comes back he will probably be back for his bat and have to DH, filling the hole Hideki Matsui will be leaving most likely after this year. Mauer might not be able to catch his whole career and many believe he might make the transition to first base in a few years in order to preserve his bat. The Red Sox could definitely use Mauer. He would absolutely rake in Fenway Park and the Sox will need a catcher to replace Varitek who will most likely leave after this season.Many around the league don?t think that the Philadelphia Phillies will pick up a bat. I think that depends on whether or not the Raul Ibanez injury is serious. He is on the 15 day disabled list. The Phillies have had some bad luck with injuries; Brad Lidge is on the disabled list as well. The Phillies have struggled a little this season, and could be in better shape than they are. They have been terrible at home, and you think they should thrive in that bandbox in Philly. I think they are another Matt Holliday candidate as well. Holliday would hit great in that park.On an XM Satellite Radio show, Jonathan Paplebon said he would play for the Yankees. As good as he is, I don?t think the Yankees would ever consider it even when Rivera is gone. I don?t think that the fans would accept it at all. I would like to see him leave Boston though. Go far away, maybe to the Dodgers, play for Joe Torre.Chris Young will join Jake Peavy on the disabled list. Young has been having a bad year, losing his last six starts or something like that. Peavy is out twelve weeks. The Padres are going to be sellers, but their biggest piece of trade bait was Jake Peavy and he will obviously not be dealt this season. I wonder if they?d be willing to deal Adrian Gonzalez. He?s a great hitter and has a lot of power. Brian Giles will draw some attention as well, he always does in July.Brian Cashman says he doesn?t foresee a major move because he is hoping Jose Molina, Dimaso Marte, and Xavier Nady will return soon. I don?t think we will see Marte for a while though. Mark Derosa?s name has been flying around in conjunction with the Yankees and he would be a great utility addition for the Yankees because he can play pretty much anywhere. Ramiro Pena can serve the same purpose but Derosa can play the outfield and is a better hitter, he has some power as well. He could hit some homers in the new Yankee stadium. I would like to see them make a push for Huston Street or Heath Bell.
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