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    Thanks Trap17

    This isn't a complaint. I'm just saying that I will be letting mymywebsites go down since I don't have the time to throw in to themright now.I still want to visit this forum, and hopefully it will regain it's former status. Anyway, I'd like to thank Xisto - Web Hosting and OpaQue for all they've done.
  2. I guess that death can work in either one of two ways 1) It can sensitize or desensitize someone. It could give someone a greater understanding of life and the people living it, or 2) make one harder, bitter and tougher. More cynical and less forgiving. I guess that the first choice would come about by being philosophical, and the second one as a defense mechanism to deal with the sense of loss. The ideal place to do a study of this would be in a war zone. There, one would get a true immediate sense of just how death does affect people.
  3. I can see some scary things happening with the combination of Robotics/Digital/Nano technology. I think it's very feasible that computers could 'run' the world. All one has to do is look at what already happened. Years ago offices had many,many file clerks moving files on rolling carts from office to office. Computer technology has now eliminated the use of these people completely. That was just a beginning. Of course now they use Robots for everything from bomb testing to factory automation. We haven't yet seen it even come close to it's natural conclusion.
  4. All the answers here are pretty good. It's definitely a fascinating subject. Really it would take someone with a degree in Engineering to answer it properly though. What I always found fascinating though would be a comparison of how the Pyramids in Mexico were made compared to the ones in Egypt. It's also really interesting that two geographically remote, and distant from each other cultures both had pyramids. Could it be that the ancient Aztec/Incas originally came from Egypt?
  5. It depends on which culture somebody is from when writing about the history of the world. Somebody from China would probably place their culture at the center of things. Somebody from a Latin American country would probably place Spain at the center of it all. It's all relevant as to who is writing it. Of course one should be objective when doing this. If one was to pick a cultural center from the 20th century it wouldn't be far fetched to pick WEstern culture (i.e London and New York etc.)
  6. I've gotten used to the new Google image search. I haven't looked yetto see if there is away to adjust the size of the image when you do a mouseover though.Right now I wish they were slightly bigger when using this mouseover. Overall though, the new Google image search is pretty good. One doesn'thave to always visit the page to get a better look at the image.
  7. Really, there is no proper form of artificial intelligence.The only 'artificial intelligence' is purely man made.Humans obviously built the plastic molds and microchipsthat make up a computer, and humans programmed it's knowledge.The term artificial intelligence is a contradiction.I guess one could use the tem 'phony inteligence; because thereis no intelligence proper that emits from a lousy little computer box.It's all man made. Theoretically a dog, even a worm is much smarter.They can do things on their own without any help from mankind, and were alsocreated without any help from mankind. Theoretically , a hammer or a saw is just as intelligent as acomputer. Perhaps the term applied usefullness should be used rather than intelligence.
  8. It would definitely be a good idea to make some aspects of Education free.Those where instructors aren't necessarily needed and one could do all the studying,and downloading of study documents online. I think if people had this opportunity then many would take advantage of it.Myself, I wouldn't want to get in debt for going to school again. I was in debt for yearsbecause of a student loan and certainly don't need that feeling again.Been there, done that. Free education I would definitely consider though.
  9. I think it's a ridiculous idea to remove the letter Z from the alphabet. If we're going to do that then why not just remove the letter C or K? If we chamged the pronunciation a little bit we could probably also do without the letter U. Replace that with O all the time. Not only that but think of all the great literature it would affect. Everything from Shakespeare to Dickens to Rowling. And to think they actually wasted time studying this idea.
  10. In the old days people worked for necessity. These days they work for surplus.For a bigger house or better car, but what happens more often it seems, is that they workfor someone else s surplus. A new yacht for a CEO for example. In the old days people would more work for themselves rather than anybody else.The Industrial revolution changed all that. We've become much more uptight and materiallyoriented. What can one say but that it truly is a rat race.
  11. That's pretty creepy! What a complete wacko this guy is. It wouldn't hurt to report him though. I think someone like that just might continue trying to take advantage of people until he succeeds. There's some sickos in the world unfortunately.
  12. Yes indeed some of them are completely ridiculous, although I think that some of them are impossible to read the first time on purpose. It's just the way they build them. I think one day I'll build one of these Captcha's myself that will be based on either colours and symbols rather than words. The important thing is they stop spam bots. A little inconvenience now saves a lot of inconvenience later.
  13. I'd say to just roll with all the problems. After all, what won't kill you makes you stronger. Facing the sickness and death that you have will make you spiritually stronger in the long run. So long as your web site is up and running and still able to communicate with people is the important thing. Forget about the flashy graphics, Besides those are things that can often slow your page down loading.
  14. If certain people I know in real life hadn't mentioned him, then I wouldn't even know who he was. I've never heard his music before. Chances are he won't be around for long anyway. Some new kid star will come around in a year or two to replace him and he will dissappear into obscurity.
  15. While the musdic industry is very greedy,selfish and self serving I don't think it could be called Satanic, although many would debate that. Many songs have appeared to have backwards messages merely by coincidence. "Strawberry fields forever" by the Beatles, and "Stairway to heaven" by Led Zeppelin are two such examples. I think it is a music industry evil that artists now purposely include backwards messages in their music mainly to increase publicity and increase sales. It is a gimmick really and a popular one. That's what the music industry is about though. First sales, then music.
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