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  1. Ahh fair enough . Where has everyone gone? This place used to be vibing.
  2. Your topic could do with some formatting lol. Copying and Pasting is never good move .
  3. I was indeed. Trap17 then Knowledge Sutra and now Xisto lol. This place changes name so much. Trap17 used to be so active. Where have all the members gone lol?
  4. Don't mean to be rude. Not sure if I remember you? Have you changed your username.
  5. Guys the spam patrol badge needs re-uploading as it just goes to a invalid link.
  6. Hello all, I am back! Most of the old timers probably remember me. Thought I'd come back and see how everything is going after moving onto bigger things etc... Haven't been online since 2010 can't believe it! Anyways I'll be online for a few weeks to come again
  7. This place is sooo inactive now.

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    2. anwiii


      look who's talking. someone who wanted to be a mod and help with the sotw and can't even do THAT right. i'm not as active, but i will always be twice as active as both of you combined

    3. deadmad7


      sure...sure... who was the one who said they were gonna leave ks on jan 25 or something like that... yes, that was you.

    4. anwiii


      yup. in january if things don't change BUT, i believe things have possibly changed. have to wait and see now maybe for another month.

  8. Thanks for the birthday message and Happy Birthday for yesterday :).

  9. Thanks for the birthday message.

    Well you know here and there just really busy and really don't have time to post here any more though usually pop-on to see what is going on :).

  10. Thanks for the Birthday Message :).

  11. Thanks for the Happy Birthday PM's.

  12. happy b'day ash :)

    wish you good luck bro :D

  13. happy birthday ash! wd's birthday was yesterday. where the heck are you, man? :)

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ash...may all your dream come true and hope you a long life full of success and happiness...

  15. Welcome to my review topic of the latest AMD CPU the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Hexa Core CPU. This is a 6core CPU running at 3.2Ghz Stock, 6MB L3 Cache + 3MB L2 = 9MB Total Cache. The CPU is 125W CPU with it also being AM3 socket. The CPU comes with Turbo core software overclocking the CPU to 3.66Ghz when you most need the performance and increase on the fly! I love how this CPU supports USB 3.0 and SATA 3.Here are some 3DMark Vantage CPU ScoresPhenom II X6 1090T 3.2Ghz - 16460 Phenom II x6 1090T OC @4Ghz - 20692Some comparison to other CPU'S...Phenom II X4 965 @3.4Ghz - 11376Intel Core i5 750 OC@3.3Ghz - 15243Intel Core i7 920 2.6Ghz - 16697Intel Core i7 860 2.6Ghz - 17905The CPU performs really well in games such as Crysis and Modern Warefare 2 however when overclcoking the CPU to 4.0Ghz nothing can touch the CPU it performs so well.I would recommend this over the i7 x6 due to the fact is being very well priced yet giving you plenty of performance as an i7 can the only advantage with the i7 would be it has more Virtual Cores than the AMD X6.If you are thinking of getting one may I suggest you use the Asus Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard for the best performance!I hope you enjoyed my review, comments are appropriated.
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