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  1. well you all know where to find me..... i know i was lied to

    1. dfrost


      who lied to you?

    2. Hurt4love


      What goes around comes around anwiii...Karma will take care of it...Believe me!

  2. just wrote opaque to talk to me one on one. i hope he does this so we can work out the problems that i feel are being left unsaid and unheard.

    1. web_designer


      i hope you talk and settle things anwiii..i know you can do it friend...take one of your courage steps and make the move...

  3. i told everyone i was being targeted......let it go though. this is my fight

  4. velma is the new buffalohelp of the forum.....and we all know he was never liked...

  5. knowledge sutra is a scam. don't trust them anymore to give you your mycents after working so hard to post

  6. thanks for loggin in and ignoring my pm. just shows the support and downfall of knowledge sutra. i will be posting about my other recent experiences soon. if knowledge sutra wishes to target me only and let others get away with things, then i can target ks right on back

  7. i am confused what you want to do. do you want to create an rss feed and display it on your news feed or do you want to display an rss feed that is already published on the web?to create an rss feed it's not that hard and there are free programs for that. to display an rss feed on a web page without the xml garbage and just the news, you will need a script so the page would have to be in php. basicially a script that reads an rss feed and can convert the format(rss feed reader).for the latter, i have a really good script. i used it for one of my other sites. if you google it, you can probably find some scripts but from my own experience and research, there is only 1 good one out there. the name of the script is carp. there is a free version and a paid version. i have the paid version when they were giving it away for a limited time.now carp is easy to install and easy to learn, but just takes time to understand everything and how to modify the settings depending on how you want your output to be on your web page. the download link to carp evolution 4 is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ this helps. to find out more about it, just visit the main page
  8. reading only one side of conversations is vary funny. hello everyone. :D

  9. it's pretty funn how you come back to open up a thread after almost a year just to call someone a liar. you haven't changed one bit. in fact, you can debate all you want. the true liar is yourself because you continue to lie to yourself. you are so concerned with debating, that you have lost the truth somewhere
  10. if i were you and you, post anything that needs moderator approval in the general forum. they can move it to the appropriate place. you will get your credits right away.the reason why i suggest this is to not make it harder for mods, but make it easier for the members who have been here 5 years. why should they suffer for the admin mistakes of not running a forum properly and efficiently?
  11. this alicia brink is stalking my threads now. i think she was thinking she was in the dish network scam thread i posted about heri company 2 years ago. they lie on the phone, and now they come to stalk you to lie over the internet. tooo funny! hahahaha they are desperate. DISH NETWORK IS A SCAM
  12. don't appologize. you wouldn't have a job if what i said wasn't true. in fact, they made a whole division geared toward customer complaint on websites and internet forum? that is sad how horrible things got that you have to waste money and pass it on to the customer like that instead of training your customer service reps better. fact is, you don't work in an executive office. that is a lie. any joe blow can do your job for minimum wage. all you're doing is promoting more lies on the internet now. the only reason why you found my thread is it's #1 on google for the search term "dish network scam" and "dish network fraud" if you work in the executive offices, you must know Bill Watson, whoes phone# is 720-514-7332. it took me a long time to get this contact name and #. he helped me erase all the fraudulent charges on my bill. after that, i stopped paying it and cancelled my credit card # which i advise EVERYONE to do if they feel trapped with dish network. you say you are here to help? how are you helping? did you give people a phone# to call to talk to personally? open a division for THAT because THAT'S what people want. you sugar coat the cancelation fee you wave. by law you have to wave it because not only do you over charge for a cancelation fee, it's more than if you were to carry out your contract. there are no rewards. you are scamming people with hidden meanings behind your words. i expect no less from dish network. all i hear are lies coming out of your mouth even when you talk about when customers sign up with dish network. are you on the front lines? are you hearing how they are signing customers up? don't tell me about what you want other people to hear and sugar coat the truth. that's all they do over there is cover up their crap and make excuses. they NEVER are truthfull and honest and admit to their mistakes. when they do finally admit to their mistakes like they did me, they reimburse ya and make out like they are doing the comstomer a favor haha. you work in the executive office. next time you come back to respond, asnwer me one question. answer me how many times dish network and it's parent company got sued and lost and had to pay out for damages? answer me that. i have a rough figure through my extensive research. be truthfull alicia. you work in the executive office. this is easy information to get your hands on. let everyone know what a wonderfull company this is by just answering that one question. you wont do it will you. why? because you want to cover up what dish network is all about. WELL I WONT LET YOU!
  13. Grand opening for a new web hosting company happens today, September 1st, 2011. it's a post to host company, but you can also purchase web hosting for as low as .36 a month. That is not a typo. It's a brand new company with a lot of advantages. the main advantage aside from the price is that they have a GREAT and FAST support team. you can't go wrong with this hosting company. if you don't want to purchase hosting, all you have to do is post in the forums to earn credits for hosting. there is a great community of members over there already and most of them are already hosted with us. to find out more about this brand new hosting company, come visit us at astroloco and let us hear your reviews HERE about this brand new company that is taking the post2host community by storm! the link is also in my signature....
  14. At Astro Loco, we've been working hard to code this forum where members can earn credits towards their hosting. it's finally finished and we need you your input. so far we have: a very easy way to earn credits for hosting four hosting plans a way to transfer credits to your friends people in the chat room almost 24/7 aside from all the mods we did to the forum so far, we have also just finished our main page. visit our site now and give your honest review here. we are pretty proud of what we have accomplished so far in such a short amount of time.
  15. ooops. our bad. should be fixed now

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