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  1. hey- happy birthday buddy!

  2. Yes I do really need a hug. And yes it is quite ridiculous and it angers me that you compel me to make such posts about you. I am not resigning, but I will accept being fired. As I see it, I'm not harming the graphics community, I'm helping it, as little as it seems I am doing, because I'm not doing much, it won't accomplish all too much if I resign from that status. Some one can be brought aboard to replace me, and I was hoping it would be deadmad, but it can't just be one person, everybody can't be here all the time, and lots of people are busy. And what personal conversation did we have? I don't recall one, the one in chat is pretty public, if you consider that a personal conversation then you're doing it in the wrong place. I really would not like to talk to you any much more, unless, again, you anger me (which it always seems like you do now), but whatever, I'll take my hug.
  3. And anwiii, as you stated in the thread I was previously posting off topic in, why, if you keep saying I am posting off topic, do you keep replying, adding more off topic material to the thread? Just curious.
  4. Well I decided to vent, because I was complained upon for my childish tactics on a different thread while flaming anwiii, in which he told me I should have private messaged him instead of posting on the thread. Well I did try, and it didn't work. I'm assuming his inbox is full, but I do apologise for posting off topic in your thread deadmad.Now I would like to start talking more about anwiii. It seems as if any time i talk to him now, or anytime I seem him speak to other people, he always seems to be arguing against them, and I cannot tell whether he is playing devils advocate for his own amusement, or he actually fully supports his opinion in his argument. I can tell you, from when I have argued with him, or seen him arguing, he always seems to have outlandish assumptions, and always HAS to be right. He has little respect for others, especially me.I remember not too long ago I was in the chat room, minding my business, having friendly conversation i believe, and then starting to talk to anwiii. I think it started off kinder than it ended, but it more or less went like this... He started going at me about my attendance on the forum, and how I should not be part of the staff here, how I should resign, or be more active, and I start telling him how I'm very busy with my life, it is a busy time, I am the Lighting Designer and the Master Electrician at my school for my theatre. I can't often make it to the forums to post because I am occupied literally all day, all night. Often get to school at 7:20 a.m. and then leave the school around 1 a.m. And from 1 a.m. to the next school day is often filled up with my sleeping, or at least attempting to sleep. He doesn't care about anybody else, he just says, rudely, that I need to be posting, need to be active if I have the position, I just think to myself, what do you have a say in? I'm doing my best to my ability at the moment, it is not like I am full of myself and think I am the only one who can do this, and even before he decided to attack me in such means, I had asked deadmad if he would be able to assist me in taking care of the graphics forums, because I could not do it all my self, all the time, he kindly accepted, and I asked OpaQue if that was alright. He said yes, and made him part of the graphics crew, which is great. Now back to arguing with anwiii, he is just telling me I should either pick it up, or quit, which angers me, so I am like, if you complain about it so much, why don't you pick up the job yourself, or stop complaining, he is just like well I can't do it. I'm just like... Exactly, so if I quit, now there is one person working on the forums which makes it even less productive, and you get even less results anwiii, it is better having more than less, which doesn't seem to make sense in his mind, maybe he just wants me gone because.. he has an extreme dislike of me? Not sure, just angers me greatly how little respect he has for the people who are very busy, and try to do the best they can at the things he does, while staying sane. Now more ranting about anwiii, it seems like most of the posts I ever see him post now a days are arguing, whether it be like the venting topic he made against Xisto, or the argument in Deadmad's tutorial. Either way, let me ask, why are you still here if everything is wrong, and everybody makes you argue, and seem to anger you? You made that post about how bad Xisto is, how you have been waiting for too long with nothing done, well anwiii, nothing is stopping you from LEAVING. I'm not saying you should, but I don't see you taking much of a productive step towards bettering the society of Xisto. All I see, what you may consider a productive step, is you arguing with everybody. Like you arguing with me to make me post more, it just made me mad and want to leave because of you. I don't hate you, well... I haven't always... But recently you have just become more irritating to me at least, I used to talk to you about my problems I had, you helped, gave me advice, and then that was the end of it. That was the last of you being nice I saw, at least to me. I don't need to be at this place. I can leave, I just love to be at this place. I don't need mycents, in fact I don't need a domain or hosting, and when I did, I just paid XISTO for the hosting, instead of using mycents. So I guess if nobody agrees with me, or everybody hates me also I can just boogie on out of here, maybe it will be better off with out me? I tried to help, I tried to bring back the graphics forums, and I still haven't quit, I have just hit an inconvenient bump in my life, where I put real life ordeals in front of my online ordeals.I know there is much more I could say, it just is not coming to my mind right now, and Maybe I'll post more later, but please share your opinion, and lets all try to be nice, I always try my best to be nice, and deal with things nicely, but sometimes I can't. Sadly I have to get back to work and do all this week and next weeks work in preparation for hell week...Thanks for your time.
  5. Ok, few things, i did try to PM you, it didn't work, and still wont. "The member cannot receive any new messages" as you can see here http://i.imgur.com/rErui.pngAnd to solve that, I guess that I will just create a vent thread, hopefully that pleases you more, and if you want you can request for a moderator to delete these posts, because, I am not a moderator.
  6. Anwiii, you PISS me off. Yes, I am personally attacking you about how you attack others, I wish I didn't have to, but I am not sure how else to get through to you.Yes, you've tried to help me, I appreciate that, but right now I just don't see you as a kind person. It seems like you always attempt to play devils advocate and take the opposite end of the argument just to do so, with no real reason other than to, what seems like, piss off, be right, or always have the last word. In my opinion you are a belligerent pretentious prick.Most of your arguments make little sense, like how you are complaining about WD and Mahesh, as you say, complaining about ethics of article spinners. How it is unethical, so you make the argument that they are just trying to make money even though it might not be good grammar or whatever, but then you go on and say how its wrong that the only reason Mahesh and WD are posting is to make money, mycents, its the same concept and you argue against it and you argue with it, doesn't make much sense.There are many other things I could bring up in your argument, but it just angers me, You have attacked me before, now I'm attacking you.Can you please just stop? Be nice, neutral, not everything has to be an argument, you don't always have to be right, and you don't always have to have the last word.
  7. Play season. Death season

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. web_designer


      you mean the soccer right??

      well if it is i know you will kill yourself to win.. :) so BON CHANCE...

    3. Tramposch


      soooooo much work. Ankle still hasn't healed, just got back from an MRI today.

    4. web_designer


      see i said you will kill yourself in playing... :D but i know you will win in the end...

  8. I've made my vote. Good job both of you, they both look excellent.
  9. what do you mean you have no motivation?
  10. You mean a signature? There are many tutorials on how to do it in our tutorial section, even I made a few, and you can adapt them to suite the theme of this SOTW!
  11. lets just get this outta the way.. IT WAS NOT MAY IDEA.. hahaha, i personally would not have chosen that but it was per request
  12. So far, I can make one once i get home... but I can't in vermont.
  13. I'm a drummer.Well at least I used to be, I don't have time any more to keep up with practice, but I still have my drum kit, and pick up my sticks every now and again.I've been playing for 4 or 5 years now I guess.
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