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  1. Hello

    My name is miss nancy i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send a mail to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom l am.Here is my email address (nancy25williams@yahoo.com) believe we can move from here.I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.miss nancy .(Remember the dista...

  2. Why is that you take every chance you get to place fault at me? Is it because I could not manage the board like you? Is it because I warned you for your choice of words? A personal comments that constantly finds one particular, singling out one person is not the behavior of a loyal member of this forum. To quote your words regarding another member you so adamantly critiqued, Before you do one thing and say another, take a look at your true feelings towards me and decide: does your dislike comes from the fact that I don't drink (because you posted in the chat that you don't trust me because I don't drink) or does your dislike comes from I am not present regularly at this forum? I seriously don't know what's your beef with me. I don't know your how your life is like but I work 10+ hours a day and travel 2-3 days a week attending lectures and symposiums. While I try to visit our forum on a regular basis, I only log in if I receive a PM these days. All pressing supports were diverted to Xisto - Support but any discussions to problems are handled in this forum. Moderators have the forum cultivated. Members report/PM posts that require attentions, such as this one I received in my PM. I answer, or at least try to answer, all PMs I receive as kindly as possible. I get the feeling that you have been campaigning against me gathering members at your side who share similar opinions. When I disabled your posting ability for 4 days your claims of being banned caused such a ruckus in the forum. And you did a good job. If a loyal member to the forum wants an admin out of the forum I suppose that's the way it goes. Call me tyrant, call me "free speech" blocker. I am sure it all true when a loyal member accuses another member regardless of the evidence. What makes a better admin: Is it the way he/she is logged in often and long? Is it how many members have him/her as their friends? You posted such questions and sorry that I couldn't give these to you. My words are not as complex and impressive as yours and my popularity was never that good. I demanded no respect blindly. But I gave as many chances it took to help a member out with his/her hosting issues. It seems like no one of admins are justified in your eyes. And while I observed your opinions for a while I have stayed away from causing confrontation, yet you continue to let your personal feelings towards me known time after time. Maybe you take pleasure of making me feel bad. I am sad that I am at the receiving end of your wrath. It causes me great stress knowing that when I log in you have said something malice about me. And each day I wonder why I keep coming back. I thought I graduated from high school bullies but I suppose life is not done with its sadistic joke. And when I have to think twice and check with another admin about warning a member, that's when a member is better than admins. I'm sure you will be answering my post line by line dissecting it to show me how wrong I am. And you will teach me a thing or two. After all, you are much wiser than what I know about the forum and life. I never doubted that. I never refuted that. All I asked of you was to work with me in making this forum continue to mark its presence in Google's world. I would have never thought that I would become such a thorn in your sight.
  3. My golfing buddies used to call those guys, "sparky" along with "farmer" and "no guts, no beer." Farmers till the soil or the fairway and others just come to the green to crack open cans of beer. I would imagine the green fee will be higher to cover the expense of restoring it.
  4. Forum logo will be on a rotating basis as soon as OpaQue gives me the access to the image folder.The forum will always look for an image extension as the logo location (as OpaQue raised the question). Long ago, and far away a moderator names snlildude came up with a hack to "fool" the forum for having the "image.jpg" with php script executing. We will be using that trick again for our banner/logo rotation.I can't find the topic right now but he wrote a nice tutorial on sig rotation that we all used one point or another.
  5. It's impossible to move those huge blocks with today's standards, perhaps due to today's safety measures. Trucks are limited to how much they can carry for the safety of other drivers on shared roads. What if some massive amount of people were used to transport these blocks? Maybe a team of 50 strong men were responsible for moving just 1 block a day. Just guessing here. And that would mean about 22,100 could have worked on the project. If the number is too high, what if 50 men were ordered to move 4 blocks a day?We don't know how many people were put in dangerous situations to complete the project back then. And I'm sure there weren't any union representatives to go against the architect (usually a king or queen) demanding 30 minutes of break for every 6 hours worked Maybe people's lives were at stake and it's either do or die.My guess would be on people first--we have tenancy to do great things if we put our minds to it, and not have to wait for outer space influence.
  6. One possible way to track down a pc/laptop is to wait for a thief to log into an account that is your client's. For example, if your client made an auto login for a messenger or any social networking sites you can wait until the next time the laptop is turned on and curiously logging into one of these accounts. Once you can confirm that the thief had logged in, ask the service provider (MSN, Yahoo, Facebook or such) to trace the IP address. And then let detectives request IP address information to obtain the service provider, location, customer and customer information.Other than that, there's not much you can really do at this point.Consider advising your client with Lojack for Laptops.
  7. Yes. It's a form of short circuiting. The electricity is flowing in a closed circuit.Usually a computer can be damaged by introducing unnecessary volts. However, some computers may have been equipped with protection such as micro surge protecting circuits. If you have a spare computer that you can afford to destroy, try it. I had an old 486 computer that I submerged in the bath of mineral oil and ran for 7 days. No short circuits, even mineral oil can conduct electricity. That little experiment told me that motherboard was completely sealed. The only thing was not submerged was the AT power supply. The CPU fan created interesting swirl. Had I not done that I would have never known.I searched and obtained this information that the parallel port can produce load up to 2.6 mA at 2.4 v. While this is not enough to fry your computer, other capacitors such as ones near CPU for CPU power regulating can be damaged.
  8. I wonder if you were to upgrade your RAM to 2GB or greater...would solve your issue?I have no plans to upgrade my Vista machine because it's for Excel and few office programs. So people have learned to deal with its slowness. Let us know if RAM upgrade helps from freezing.
  9. myCENT and Credit System seem to be stable for now. This topic is closed.Please refer to this discussion http://forums.xisto.com/topic/72486-mycent-update/#entry490693for myCENT updates and bug reports.
  10. It's been a while since I looked at another language versions of Windows. Many years ago, you had to "get" language preferred version of Windows otherwise it's only translating icons, programs to a specified language. The core language stayed the same.So I have a question. Does this language package actually change the core operating system's language or is it still masking to a language of choice?One of co-worker's Windows XP was from France. And although everything was in English (language pack) when she was installing a program it would show in French. And she said unless she installs English XP, it will continue to do that. Is it not true with Windows 7?
  11. I would imagine each company felt their technology/method is/was better for their products. When I work with optics project we had to decide between CCD and CMOS. At the end it came to hybrid of CMOS and our own hardware. I believe this is just the beginning of touchscreen technology. In just short years we'll see even greater touch computing and multiple touch/gesture devices. I saw a remote operating robotic arms that actually gave pressure feedback to a surgeon using reverse touch technology--causes fingers to feel small bumps and pushing forces embedded inside gloves.
  12. What is the total RAM in the Vista system?The machine I had problem with only had 1GB RAM. It would go to standby and when it woke up the harddrive light wouldn't let up until about a minute or two. Do you have enough RAM?
  13. I just realized how long it's been since my last calculus... thanks for making me count my age :(ha ha
  14. This is the classic example of how Excel can be both complex and simple in database. What you might be searching for is Excel INDIRECT() function. Is it correct to understand it that when you enter "D3" in A3 cell, B3 will show the value stored in cell D3? Try putting this formula in B3 cell: =INDIRECT(A3) where A3 is your input cell. This will return the value in the referenced cell number in A3. You can take this bit further and write the condition if the input cell A3 is blank, it does not show "#REF!" =IF(A3="","",INDIRECT(A3)) Take this further and show if the cell referenced is empty or not =IF(A3="","",IF(INDIRECT(A3)="","Cell Empty",INDIRECT(A3)))
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