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  1. i think you people out there who are Stargate Fans should join stargate wars in the game you can play as 1 of 4 dif races Asgard, humans, Replacator, Gou'ld i think its a cool game and i thoink you all should try it Heres link http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  2. well i guess it sucks to be youi got 500$
  3. I say go kfc /\/\ hmm thos golden archs are close
  4. hmm hmmm i think im going to get a Xbox 360 but i heard it had alot of problems and i also am thinking about buying a laptop
  5. I looked at the site and i like itthx
  6. Ryo

    Clan Sga CLAN SGA

    I am going to use that name XP Once i reopen clan on east (feb 1rst 2006) I hope to have SGA-Ryo back and usin that XP
  7. Its a Dell inspiron 1150 dvd r/rw drivie
  8. wow thats pretty cool. i am thinkin about studdyin stars. They have a astronmy class at my school and i am thinkin about takin it only because this all sounds super cool ^^
  9. Are geting much for christmas, my parents have given up on presents for me this year and there just gona give me money All my friends trees are coverd by towers of presents it makes me mad that my parents are to lazy to show me that they care anny more these days and the money there going to give just keeps geting smaller and smaller Ryo
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