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  1. comp2


    How often is it triggering these days?
  2. comp2


    So I am not sure of the prices for mobile devices, the prices I quoted were from steam. I like to support indie developers so I don't really mind purchasing from them. Its the larger game companies that charge 60 bucks for a game then have all the expansions that you can buy as well. Quick search and I could find the game for Android via the play store for 2.99.
  3. comp2


    Has anyone played Five Nights at Freddy's? I personally started playing a few nights ago and it may just be me, but that game is scary as all get out. The game is available on steam for about 5 bucks or you can purchased versions 1,2 and 3 for about 20.00. Its also available for ios I believe as well. There are a lot of different theories about the games some really good ones on youtube. All in all its a jumpscare game about you working as a security guard in a kids themed restaurant there is animations come to life at night. I highly recommend checking it out. Also if anyone else has any theories I would love to hear them.
  4. comp2


    Haven't posted in a while, but the mycents system is a little touchy at time. Though after a while it always catches up. The community is usually very supportive to reach out if you ever need assistance.
  5. We are getting into some warm months and I would like to remind people to drink plenty of water. Keeping yourself hydrated with water and sports drinks can help prevent dehydration and possible Urinary tract infections. Women are especially prone to getting urinary during the summer time. Avoid soft drinks and you should limit your tea intake as tea acts as a natural diuretic
  6. Sheepdog, If replying to a post click "More Posting Options" that will bring you to a page similar as if starting a new topic. For a demo purposes I have attached a screen shot of what the option looks like to attach a picture. Hope this was your problem and hope this helps. Note: You can also add image to your gallery and post them that way.
  7. I have a community website that I run and we are thinking about maybe offering a email service for free for them. I know a long long time ago there was a company that did just that however I am unable to find one any more. I have sent an email to google asking if they do this and I am waiting for a response.
  8. So me and my wife decided to cut down on our bills a few months back and one thing we did was get rid of our contract phones. Our new plan for two lines is 90+taxes per month Minutes Data and Text are unlimited Phone selection is large and you can bring most gsm phones on to their network. Now one issue with some users is that there is limitations to their "unlimited" data. They have stated that large amounts of data usage can get your data suspended for a month, however I have not had this issue yet. I am averaging about 3 gigs per month on my line and have had no warning messages about my data. A quick cheat sheet for selecting phones inside of a wal-mart. Verizon tower phones have CMDA-V Sprint tower phones have CDMA-S And the t-mobile and att towers seem to be crossed. You can find that code in the bottom right of the box. Also Verizons usually have a red map on them and will also show on the website. Note: I have never placed a call to customer service and manage my account online. I refill my account online using a credit card. Any questions let me know.
  9. comp2


    I was a bad kid and forgot about the forums during my move. I Have not see an update on the mycents since restarting on the forum. I hope to be back at the forums and hoping that the mycents go back more frequent updates.
  10. Ok so I received a new job opportunity today with Comcast. I am excited about this job, however was wanting to know if any of you guys have ever worked for them and what it is like. I know the benefits are great including free cable and internet. And the insurance packages look nice as well. Of course they are going to show all the pros of the job, but what are the cons. What are the dirty secrets about working for this company I need to know. I don't trust glassdoor any more. Their reviews are usually filled with junk but you guys are typically brutally honest. Thanks again guys Eric
  11. I use avast antivirus on my laptop and on my wifes little notebook for school. I have had no issues and its free.
  12. comp2


    I have used spotify in the past "wasn't to impressed" but I was allowed to sign up via just email email address not linking facebook. I personally do not like facebook linking to other sites, I think it is none of their business.
  13. comp2

    Is It Over?

    Well living in lower Alabama for some time now I can say that this spring has been amazing. Not quite pool weather yet but getting close. The walks on the beach almost every morning are my favorite. The thing I am hating right now is the "alabama snow" aka pollen. It covers everthing out side.
  14. Take to social media, email and if they have one their forums. Using this method in the past has helped me resolve issues with TV companies. Take for example I had an account with Mediacom Cable. I moved to a new location and transferred my service with me. I was charged two transfer fees and two install fees. Talking on the phone was getting me no where so I told them to cancel the service and I would find another provider. Well I vented on their customer forums and within a day a rep from that dept called me, he saw my post and he took care of the issue waving all fees and giving me a discount if I stayed.
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