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  1. Hey guys, It's been a while, and I'm just recently stumbled across a legitimate paid to post site that pays you to help forum owners kick start their forums by posting in their forums. I have been paid twice in 3 days, and I could have paid out once a day if I wanted cashed out when I reached the minimum payout. In my experience, it is the best paid to post site I have ever seen, but they need high quality posters, so you need to post 10 trial posts before you get accepted. I got accepted on my first try, and I think you will like the site too. The link is http://www.postloop.com/ If you are willing to sign up under me please give me a PM. The site is 100% legitimate, and for those who want to earn some extra cash while posting in forums they like, I think this is a great opportunity for you. Feel free to post below and I will try to answer any questions. The sign up process may be slightly hard to understand but once you get it the rewards are really worth it. To a great year in 2012!!! Nameless
  2. I really don't this that is viable. The reason why is that the first person that discovered bones was actually a teenager and hence she would not have the skills or anything to create fake bones and also it was known that these bones were found lying around everywhere and its just that she was the first person to had a brainstorm and figured out that these random bones lying around actually fitted together.
  3. I've always heard good things about Adsense, so I wouldn't know why Google would randomly ban users from using it, unless they accidentally clicked on their own links, which I strongly suggest not to do cause Google gets on it very quickly, and they always know. Personally I have no sites so therefore I haven't made any money with Adsense, but I don't know why Adsense would ban users when they should be paid. :PBut then, its a big coporation and they probably dont care about banning one or two good members. I just have to say that like everything on the internet, use everything with risk and the possibility that they might give you nothing. :PHaven't heard of adonions but I might try. :)About the different number of visitors getting different visits, like 300 visitors with $10 a day and 10000 for only a few cents, placing your ads on your site is a skill. If you put your ads in the right places then you might get more money, so that might be the case.Also, depending on your site's topic, the money you make from people clicking can depend on your topic, so many a flowers ad might get more money than lets say, an oranges ad. Yeah.
  4. Becareful people.... I've tried most of these sites and some of them have dodgy payouts which may depend on your location. US users usually get the most out of these sites but if you are from, lets say, india, then you may find it harder to reach the pay out level. Also, by lets say, earning one doller by signing up to a site or something sometimes you might get virusese on your sites or you may become a referral to someone unknowingly.Just saying.Becareful whenever you join these sites cause you never know what might happen. Also, be careful meeting new friends cause they may turn out to be bad ones. :)Cheers.
  5. Wow, that is amazing. Tell me - did you code the app yourself or did you get a software company to do it for you? I've heard stories where people invest about $2000 for software companies to make an app for them and it turned out to be so popular that they got $33000 in one night back. So that is amazing.IF you have coded it yourself I would like to know where you can learn the skills? Thanks. I hope you app will become successful like some stories I hear. Cheers!!!
  6. Yes, that is very true, but the main point of it all is to have fun while youre earning money, so its not the amount of hours you put into it and the payback you get, but instead it is the amount of fun you get and the pay back you get. Many players play games for free and not everyone can say that they get to earn money by playing games. Its what matters to you, in the end. If you are just playing for money then forget it. I would say ads and stuff on websites are better, but if you are playing just for the sake of it but you are not too attached to your character and can just sell it and start again and still have fun then I would tell you to choose the latter route. This is not unheard of, and I am interested, but I wouldn't know where to start. If anyone can tell me please give me a PM or something and I would be extremely grateful. Thanks!!!
  7. Hey, nice to meet you. I have had lots of experience writing up raps and joining contests so I can give you some tips there. Rapping is mainly a lyrical skill on the internet. You need to manipulate your words and have some substantial puns so that your lyrics sound unique, original and better: funny. It is nice to twist some words so that they sound like they rhyme together when they don't (Eminem is the best at this). And once you get the flow going then you will start to get the hand of it.:)No one can write the perfect rap lyrics for you. Only you know what you want. I wish you and your gang good luck and hopefully you will create a create soundtrack together.Just know that writing lyrics and recording them are totally different. You will need good flow and stuff, which I have had no experience in, so I won't give you any advice there.Haha
  8. While blogger is completely free I have to say that it is unwise to use blogspot in the long term since it affects your branding and makes you look cheaper. If I was you, I would use either wordpress (if you know you are going to make a blog) or other open source software such as Drupal or Joomla. I havent had experience with wordpress but I have some experience with Drupal and Joomla and Blogspot, and I have to say that if you are serious about making money on the internet then you should never use blogspot. Cheers.
  9. Nameless_


    Hi, nice to see you here. I haven't been on this site for a while and its great to see a lot of new faces around. It amazes me really. This site has a lot of useful resources that you can use and you can learn a lot from the old members here. I haven't seen a lot of old faces around and it will take some time for me to get used to. Either way, I hope you will stay here and enjoy!!! :)
  10. Hey, that's great! Nice to meet you here and see you around. We've got a real friendly bunch of people that are willing to help if you ever encounter any problems, so that's great. Hope you know you better!
  11. Some constructive critisism here. Sometimes it's nice to see lots of wonderful effects on a piece of image, but sometimes, people unknowingly do too much and they dont notice it, because they are so into the process of making that they dont realise what they are making... and frankly. :PI dont' want to sound mean or anything, but I think I prefer the first unedited picture compared to all your other ones, because its the only one where I could tell what the picture was about. :)Feel free to reply back and tell me what you were achieving, and I'll see if I can help you.

    1. anwiii


      :) are you still procrastinating, nameless? :)
    2. Nameless_


      Unfortunately, yes. BUT I'M TRYING.

  13. Wow... I might try that out... but I don't know. Shouldn't I do it the hard way to learn some programming first before I dabble in the easier ways of life? :/ Because I was aiming to get something out of it, like last time, instead of making it easy for myself and not learning anything. :/ But anyways, have to do the actual template first. I don't even know what I want on it exactly. Just some vague ideas on the design.
  14. I was expecting a crappy design with your first design template, but it turned out to be pretty good. Wow. :/ Damn. I'm trying to create a design template for myself, but not using WYSIWYG software like dreamweaver, mainly because I don't have Dreamweaver. And I would like to learn out to code. If you have any tips feel free to PM me? You have really good designs. I think you have improved a fair bit from your first design, since the solid colours then are rather... plain looking and doesn't really fit well. But design wise, I think it's similar. Clean and Easy to use, so I think that's great. KEEP IT UP!
  15. Nameless_

    Dab Here

    Hi, nice. Welcome to Xisto. We have a lot of nice members here willing to help and stuff, so it's great to meet you here. Hope that I'll get to know you better.Cheers
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