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  1. lol. ks billed me even after i quit... negative mycents now :P

    1. velma


      oh my, can you pm me your domain name or open a ticket for this? I will have it looked into asap

    2. anwiii


      a mod with negative mycents. that's one of the more worthless things i've seen in a while....

    3. velma


      Well, 1. You have an unpaid invoice & 2. It shows 0.00 mycent and you still haven't told me where it says negative mycents :P

  2. *knowledgesutra still exists*?

  3. sooo.... there is NOT going to be a "big" "update" ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. anwiii


      pay attention

    3. web_designer


      hmm...!!! big update for what????



      Oh, the "big update" for Windows....If only, if only. Seriously, what update?

  4. @anwiii i understand... its like the time they ripped me off 20 bucks :P

    1. anwiii


      $20? that's all? i guess you're one of the lucky ones

  5. so... whats happening to KS? the one fact i do know: opaques NOT dead. :)

    1. anwiii


      opaque will never die. he's going to live forever

    2. Guest


      did u hear what happened to neil lennin

    3. Guest


      comment on my status coz its no letting me on the mail yet so commenbt on my status xx


  6. Dunt get it....anyways, first sign of opaque in months...

    1. anwiii


      haha i fell asleep early and woke up to some great news!

    2. Baniboy


      I don't see the benefit from this... When one a-hole dies, a much creepier a-hole is waiting just around the corner.

  8. Just something I made a few days ago...
  9. KS is too big and too slow. This is what i'm getting... 242.39 KB in 6.62 seconds.

    1. Baniboy


      Some sites have banners bigger than that. And if you load 250 kB in 7 seconds, it's your connection's fault. Another issue is how tables behave in the browser engine (it makes it a bit slower), and the front page has a lot of tables...

  10. I'm the original Dr. Greenthumb, the rest are liers... I'm the one with the prescription to get you higher... I got every type of weed that you might desire... Go ahead, fire it up, maybe you can get inspired... Any kind of flavor you savor... I can do you the favor... Just as long as you share with your neighbor... Some like the "SourD", that's an east coast way... But on the west coast we all know KUSH is queen...

    1. web_designer


      hey deadmad,,,long time no see,,,how are you doing???

  11. Try reinstalling Ad-hoc and if that doesn't work, you should probably upgrade your iOS.Or even consider a roll back of your comp if it's that important...
  12. just finished playing #Bulletstorm !

    1. anwiii


      i am proud of ya! let's talk in another 3 weeks when you log in again

    2. deadmad7
  13. jajajaja.... my account got suspended :)

  14. WHO SHOT YA?!

    1. anwiii


      I don't know who shot me, but I shot the sheriff. I didn't shoot the deputy though.

  15. last time i wrote a real mycent post: January..

    1. anwiii


      when's the last time you wrote a real status message? :)

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