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  1. Well, my sinus problems aren't as severe as yours seem to be. But whenever i have a sinus problem, a nice big sniff of begay seems to clear them up, or even putting a SMALL dab of it under my nose to get a constant smell of it coming in.I also like to run into a gas chamber full of 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile, or CS gas, aka tear gas. and it clears my sinuses right up! any exposed skin hurts for a little bit, but ya know, my sinuses are clear for a few days and it's always funny to watch other people going into the chamber too. lol (Military basic training, recruits are required to enter a chamber of tear gas to demonstrate that our chemical masks work the way they are supposed to work)
  2. It was more along the lines of my settings ironically enough. Just for future reference for people who might have this problem and find this forum, if you get an error code like this and similar situations, check your machines time. and ensure that it is set to the correct year, month, day, hour, and second. I guess the installation of a new processor last night reset my computers internal clock setting my time back to June of 2003. And apparently there is some coloration between the images on yahoo and gmail and your machines time. So once i set my machines time back to the correct settings, it started to work just fine. Thanks for attempting to find a solution to my problem truefusion appreciate it.
  3. This is the first time ive ever had a problem with firefox, and was hoping someone could offer come incite into my problem Just this morning when I opened up FireFox to check my e-mail, i was going to gmail, and it told me Secure Connection Failed So, naturally i clicked on the link to add the exception, 'or you can add an exception' and added the certificate as an exception and gained access to gmail. But there was a small problem, it showed up in an HTML only version, without the graphics. I then went to yahoo mail and the same thing happened, but there is no way that i can get yahoo mail's graphics to show. Does anyone know why firefox is suddenly doing this? I mean, i can try and tolerate having to add the security certificates every time i visit a new site, but 1) it'll get old and 2) if the graphics don't show, what's the point? I have already re-installed firefox to try and solve it that way.
  4. I'm no action script programmer, or flash game maker, but i have had a little experience with javascript and C++ non-visual programing. Would it be possible to create two different types of coins, one for vowels, and one for constants and assign the vowels to randomize more than just 5 letters. I know im not a pro, all i have is a basic understanding, and very baasic at that. but i just thought i'd try to put my two cents in. heh
  5. There are several things that i'd like to do before i die.I am an adventurous and out-going guy, so i would like to sky dive for sure, from a really high altitude, like, oxygen mask required altitude, so i can free-fall for a couple seconds, or minutes. I would also like to tell my family things that i have kept from them my entire life to see what they would have thought if i told them when i actually had a full life ahead of me. And i'd also like to go climb an extremely high mountain. And a couple other things i cant mention online
  6. the time of the post for me is 6:03pm, today.Would this test have anything to do with the shoutbox not wokring, and the latest topics/posts mod not working? or is that just me? /clears cache and all that jazz
  7. How could incest not have existed? If he created Adam and eve, and they reproduced two children, and those two children reproduced to have two more children, the cycle of incest started right there. In case number 1 it is shown immediately. A brother and a sister, two closely related persons, having sexual intercourse makes for incest. So of course incest would have always existed because the dominant gene for a certain deformity that could have aroused would be present in everyone in the family, no matter their distance. So even if two cousins ten times removed 50 generations later were to commit incest, the two dominant genes would still be present, and cause deformities. Why would god want for such deformities to kick in at such a time that he desired. Why not have the deformities NEVER kick in, why not make everyone perfect with no deformities? Why not continue to manage and withhold the deformities? Why would he even 'create' deformities to hinder the human population? For humor? I don't quite understand what you mean by 'deformities to come into play at a later time'. I think you mean, that since the theory of evolution suggests that we are all from one single celled organism, that one organism would ultimately be similar to my theory behind Adam and Eve, and how the incest started with them/their children in the sense that everything comes from that one organism. However, this one single celled organism wouldn't have to reproduce by means of meiosis, but my mitosis Mitosis is Meiosis is So instead of having sexual reproduction (meiosis) happen, and the different chromosomes being divided in half and combined with the two parent cells, the single celled organism is making an exact copy of itself, and this could happen many billions of times until there were either many single celled organism or many multi-cellular organisms that went through the process of natural selection (survival of the fittest) meaning the strong survive and adapt, and the weak die off. Suggesting that there was evolution in there, where the genes of these single celled organisms or multi-cellular organisms were altered physically to adapt to living conditions and to give advantages over others etc... Yes, i will admit that i do conform to the common public assumption that Jesus was born on December 25th, however it is the day that was marked as the day to commemorate his birth, and still a coloration between Jesus, and other religious figures in history. From research that i have been doing, i have read that Christmas was created because of the original roman holiday of Saturnalia, a day to worship a religious figure named Saturn, the son of Mithra the sun goddess who was also assumed to be born on December 25th, as stated in my original post. As for the certain crop that only grows in certain season, i cannot really say because i haven't gone through the bible in enough detail to remember mentioning of any crop at the time of his birth. As for these other religions taking from the Abrahamic religions, (i read somewhere just a second ago, but now i cant find it to back this up, but) the celebration of the religious figure Saturn originated before Christianity. I have read the topic, and from my understanding all it talks about is the life spam of people before and after the flood suddenly changing. Unless you refer to the entirety of the whole topic, in which case in the first 3-4 posts it still seems like the discussion of the earth being knocked off of it's axis and the life spam prior to and after the flood. I cant quite understand what you mean by this, i don't know if it's because of my lack of sleep, or what. lol But what i understand from the statement is that you are suggesting that there still was a great flood of the earth and all species were wiped out and re-started to start the evolution process all over again? Is that anywhere remotely close to what you're trying to say? lol i feel dumb not being able to understand it >.<
  8. Yes, i figured that you meant it like that. But to me i look at it in the way that if i were to think about my purpose, or reason why i exist, i think of my future and i think about being a kid and pondering what i wanted to be in life, like a Doctor, and in that sense thinking, 'I exist, so i can become a doctor and do great things'. If i were to desire that more than anything, a goal, i would mold my life, the way i live it, to becoming a doctor and doing great things. It's just the way i think, and we all think differently, some think too in depth, some just skim the surface and fill in the blanks. I do suppose, that depending on how in depth you look at the word purpose, that my previous statement about living to learn, live, and experience life and taking it one day at a time would be my purpose in life in a less technical way. Haha, well that probably explains why i never saw it, i don't frequently come across websites from the UK in my Google searches and i just haven't read it on any US Website yet. I haven't read anything about Einstein working on anything in his death bed, but i have done some research just now because i never really focused on how he died. As it turns out he died of a ruptured artery in his sleep at the hospital. Everything that i can find doesn't have loss of consciousness as a symptom or effect of a ruptured artery, so i would have to question the validity of the BBC Article posted. However, like i said, i cant even come close to knowing everything about him, or understanding him, as much as i would like to, and i am not a master mind at medicinal practices, so it could very well be true. It requires more research on my behalf
  9. I do not think god exists. I don't believe in god, or Jesus in the spiritual sense. Perhaps back in the day, someone named Jesus did exist, he was born on December 25th, and he was crucified for his actions against the king (or whatever the reason was that he was crucified) , and then lain to rest in some tomb. Now this is where i stop, and perhaps he wasn't resurrected three days later. I myself, was raised to go to church, believe in god, believe i was going to hell unless i believed in god, and that i wasn't going to be allowed into heaven if i didn't follow the teachings of god and Crist. However, as i got older and was able to think about these things more in depth, was taught science in school, and individually researched many famous scientists and their theories, i began to question how any of this would be possible. As it was argued early in these posts, even before the supposed great flood, incest was a big thing in changing my mind. If all life derived from Adam and eve then that would mean that Adam and eve children would have committed incest and started the chain of genetic deformities that come from inter-family breeding. And in an even deeper sense, eve is 'apart of Adam' is she not? Did god not take a rib from Adam to create eve. If he did, then eve was created from the same DNA and genetic structure as Adam, and the genetic deformities would have been started a generation earlier. For those that claim the defects of incest are a myth, just something in store to scare people from committing this act, the Habsburg family is a good example of deformities that can happen because of a deformed gene being passed on from a mom and a father who have the same defective gene (ie, brother and sister). The odds of pairing two people who aren't related that have the exact same deformed gene are very slim. So, over time, the views of god can be changed by any one man, so tomorrow someone could come out and say that incest isn't a sin anymore (is it even now?) and everything in the bible about incest being a sin would be re-written?..okie dokie.... In doing research on religions to further educate myself on the origin and the existence, i found that there are many similarities in ancient 'gods'. Some examples, Our Jesus: Born on December 25th, from the virgin mary Dead three days, and then resurrected Became a teacher at 12 Had 12 disciples that traveled with him and watched him perform miracles Was known by, lamb of god, son of god, light of the world, alpha and omega Horus (Egypt) December 25th, by the virgin Isis He became a teacher around the age of 12 He had 12 disciples that traveled and watched him perform miracles was known by: lamb of god, the light, the truth, gods anointed son. Crucified after being betrayed, and resurrected 3 days later Attis (Greece) Born of virgin Nana on December 25th Crucified, and resurrected three days later after being put in a tomb Krishnia (India) Born not through intercourse, and not of a virgin Had disciples that he preformed miracles with Upon death, was resurrected Dionysus (Greece) Born of a virgin, impregnated by a lightning bolt from Zeus Traveling teacher who preformed miracles Refered to as king of kings, alpha and omega Mithra (Persia) Depending on the story, born of a virgin, or a female rock... on December 25th had 12 disciples, performed miracles was know as the truth, the light upon death was resurrected, and his day of worship, was Sundays My research of those came from a movie, but i have done the research to back them up, i have also added information not included in the movie. How is it that all of these similarities have come from different religions. Some may claim that they are all derived from one religion, and that religion would coincidentally be their religion. When being taught about all of the animals in the world, and how certain animals are unique to their area, and could only live in certain climates, i got to thinking. How would it be possible to fit over 115,000 different species of animals onto an ark to survive a flood, and then disperse all of those animals back to their suitable/habitual lands. Some may claim that there weren't that many species back when the big flood happened. Well if that's the case, then all of the other species that are out there today, have evolved from the original species that were saved from the floods. Uh oh, evolution? Whaaat???
  10. Personally, i don't really burden myself with discovering what my purpose is in life. I don't think discovering ones purpose in life gives someone a reason to live or be in existence, one should live not for a purpose, but for the sake of living, for learning, living, and experiencing something that is as abundant as life.I like to live my life as it gets presented to me one day at a time. Trying to discover my purpose might set me on a track to fulfill that purpose. And as much as i like to set goals and how good it feels to achieve those goals. Setting a purpose in life, and striving towards that purpose is a HUGE goal, and not one that I'd like to dedicate my life to.I have been a close study of Albert Einstein since 6th grade, and i do not recall him ever claiming to be doing the things he did to 'understand god's mind' (although obviously i haven't studied everything). Einstein wasn't exactly an atheist, he didn't believe in a personal god, but more rather a greater force at work in the universe and i think that if he ever did say something like that, he would have meant it in a theological sense, meaning he is doing his work to understand why people are so keen to disprove science and prove that there is a god, and at the same time understanding the universe.
  11. I have never heard of it, but jsut for the hell of it i signed up, username BigRed35m. Im going to play it for a bit and let you know what i think
  12. Well, I welcome you to Xisto. It is indeed an awesome website for getting free hosting. You post a couple topics, make some new friends, and soon you wont just be posting here for the credits, but visiting and posting to talk to friends. At least, that's what i found myself doing. And in the end, i came up with enough credits to continue hosting for a good year and a half without even bothering to post. I look forward to reading some of your topics and replies, they will be some of the more educated sounding ones from what you introduce yourself as. :PWelcome again, and enjoy!!
  13. The swine flu in my opinion is a joke. I haven't done much research on the swine flu mainly because I'm not too worried about it, but from what i hear on the radio show that I listen to is that the only reason people seem to be making such a big deal about it is because the worst cases of it have been in Mexico, and the Mexican health care system sucks incredibly. I have been to several parts of Mexico, and seen dentists doing work in the streets, and people walking around with broken body parts in a make-shift cast wanna-be type thing. So of course something as simple as the flu down there is going to be such a big deal. Where as in America, we have a some what decent health care system, compared to Mexico at least. and so the worst thing happening to people in America is a bad cough..
  14. Guest, what kind of issues do you have with firefox and your CSS? could it just be that it isn't properly formatted/coded. I myself have never had any problems with firefox reading CSS and displaying my websites. Although i am a nub and use tables, i still use variates of css in my coding. The only IE to Firefox problem that i have ever had in CSS/my coding is that IE displayed a color differently than firefox did. and it was IE that was in the wrong not firefox.
  15. Refusing to help them is good, so long as the teacher doesn't grade your groups work as one grade. Meaning one person gets an A they all get A's. Because if that were the case, if you refused to help them in a seance you aren't doing your own work, and failing yourself and if you do your work, but the teacher grades separately, then they fail and you pass. Good idea! lol I do hope, and i'm sure you do, but i do hope that if you come across someone whose not a nerd, but is still a cool person you will befriend them. Always good to have a wide variety of friends
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