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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I do. It's very easy. Took one or two days to get the whole thing set up and let the DNS resolve...after that it's easy peasy.
  3. Hm...I guess we'll be seeing you, darran. Nice knowing you, friend.
  4. The Tay wuz here!

  5. What a bummer....I don't understand how a parent could do that... o_O
  6. Um...I'm gonna let someone else respond to this.But for the record, I think you mean moderators, or all staff, not just admins. There are only two admins, OpaQue and BuffaloHELP, and they are probably the most polite and helpful out of all the staff.
  7. Happy birthday, BH. Hope it's a good one. Don't spend your day messing around on the forums like you always do.
  8. Johnny

    Best Mp3 Player?

    I'd personally stick with iPods. They may not be the cheapest, but they're usually pretty good quality with a nice warranty, and they have a lot more support as far as compatibility and accessories go.About the earbuds, Ankit, I've had 2 ipods already and the buds lasted me a very long time without any crackle. But maybe you're playing the wrong kind of music too loud for too long or something. If they keep messing up on you, I'd suggest buying higher quality ones. You can get a pretty good pair for 10-20 bucks.[Or you could get actual headphones that go over your ears. They're more expensive and bulky, but they do a damn good job with music. Whenever I'm at home I'm usually wearing my big computer headphones [microphone and all], just because they're that much better.]
  9. That's just plain cool. I can totally see how this plan came about."Hey guys, snakes are biting us!""Let's throw 200 mongooses in there!""Yeah, they'll battle to the death!""Hooray!"
  10. 1. It's pretty much a game that doesn't end. The current maximum level is 75, but you can advance your character and explore the games literally forever after that, and level 75 alone is no easy thing.2. You buy the CD and then pay a monthly fee [i think it's around 12 dollars per month now] to play. 3. You create your character from the game's client [which, by the way, is very large, especially if you add any of the expansion packs. make sure you have disk space.] 4. I think you mean limited time? No, there's no limited time as long as you pay the monthly fee. You can pay by credit card, or you can find/order game cards that will give you a code to allow you to play for 30-60-90 days.
  11. I'm definitely for Opera, but I don't like the torrent feature at all. It's too slow, not detailed, most of the time doesn't perform nearly as well as a client [like uTorrent], it's missing a lot of the features I like to use, and so on and so forth. Also there's no way to tell Opera to use a different torrent client by default. I have to copy torrent links and have uTorrent grab them. I think this feature should be removed, at least until they can get a more definite solution. But then again, I'd feel weird leaving my browser open all night downloading torrents. Dunno why...BUT, that's my only real issue with Opera. It's got a ton of other great features that I'm suprised other browsers haven't copied yet, like mouse gestures, the search shortcut, voice control, etc. And it's still faster than every other one.
  12. I heard it was going to be good. My little brother things the gun-leg thing is dumb. I'm undecided as of yet.
  13. I like it. It's cool. The flip has good seams, the colors are nice, and the cloning adds to the effect. Nice work, mikey.
  14. Looks like a lot of suggestions for w3schools...I checked it out, it seems pretty easy when you get the hang of it. Just gotta remember stuff, but that's like any language.Maybe I just had a bad experience with those overelaborate myspace codes.
  15. So...I'm bored at work, and I figure I should do something [other than work] to occupy my time. And I think now would be the best time for me to learn CSS...I've got plenty of time and I don't have any computer/video games or tv to distract me. So I was just wondering, for any CSS designers out there, where/how did you learn it? Links to online material are appreciated. EDIT: Oh wow, Tim's right...one more post to 3000. I should make it a sig topic or something... EDIT 2: AW MAN, I left and forgot...my 3000th post ended up in Mike's topic.
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