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  1. That is the problem. There is no "good" proof for it and there isn't really any "good" proof against it. This is like fighting over religion--it leads to nowhere.
  2. Some people are daredevils. I just let them carry on in their own way. This is just like Steve-O and his gang. They do stupid things for attention.And as to how stupid you can be, I've seen worse.
  3. That is an excellent point. Principals are not perfect. Sometimes the wrong kid gets hit with the blame. But believe it or not, your principal isn't trying to make your life hell. What will you do in the future if you hate one of your coworkers? You're going to have to live with them. And one bad experience don't make a person evil forever. I'm sure things will get better.
  4. I agree with everyone here. It is just one of those ideas that are meant to scare people. The problem is that the global warming supports will not give in. Since they are no absolute evidence that can prove them wrong, they continue to be in it. So this debate will continue for many more years unfortunately. And even if this global warming exists, it is too early to worry about it. There is such a minuscule difference in temperature that it is unimportant. Just my opinion.
  5. I love watching the Olympics like many other people. It is pretty cool to see athletes from all over the world compete in sporting events. However, it seems to me that the Olympics may be causing more trouble than what it's worth. The debate over drug involvement, underage gymnasts, tie scores, dropping s medal on the ground, and falling on the vault are all examples of things that have been debated. It seems to me that all of these things are ruining the Olympics. What's the point in winning a gold medal when everyone questions it? It seems to me that the Olympics are creating a dislike towards China for most Americans. Although it is very unlikely, a war could possibly break out over the Olympics. I was wondering everyone else's feelings are towards this. Do the Olympics create too much hate? Feel free to agree or disagree.
  6. husker

    Video Converter!

    Not bad, but I'm going to stick to media-convert.com for my conversions. There are probably 1000s of video converter sites out there. It just depends on preference.
  7. I don't see why this is a problem. People shouldn't have that much to hide as far as their myspace goes, correct? As far as I know, I don't think people have raunchy stuff on there. If your myspace is clean, then why should you worry? I'm not sure why this is any of the school's business, but whatever. Privacy has just about disappeared, heck, just watch all that stupid news on the celebrities.
  8. As long as you trust your friends, age shouldn't matter. You don't want some 40 year old guy that is out there to abuse you. If you like your friend, then don't worry about age. Like they say about love, "it's who you are on the inside not the outside" or something like that. Age should have very little affect on a friendship.
  9. I agree with jlhaslip. Do something to free your mind of depression. People actually suffer from depression, and you may one of them. You could try to mediate perhaps or stop doing things that may lead to depression. Good luck man and hopefully you solve your problem.
  10. When dealing with vehicles, I like to lure them in (only do this if you have stickbombs or are a certified banshee jacker ). I'll often shoot at the driver/pilot of the vehicle. Once I see them look at me or come towards me, I'll hid behind something. If they are coming at you with a ghost, you usually don't have to hide because they will try to run you over. Once They are close enough, pop out of your hiding spot and launch a sticky bomb at the vehicle, then jump. If you don't jump, you will probably get run over.That's my plan anyway, seems to work fairly well.
  11. Funny thing is that when I read this topic, I knew exactly the right quote for it. And you stole it lol. It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried. That's by Winston Churchill. I agree with him 100%.
  12. rayzoredge, in all of those video games you mentions, the violence was more like cartoon violence. There's aren't ninja and elves and marios walking around. Video games today are way more realistic. You are killing other human beings in a lot of them. The graphics make it seem like you are there. Like I said earlier, video games may not have been the reason, but I would say they played a minor role in this.
  13. School can be boring at times, I agree. I am motivated to learn because of my future. I want to be the smartest man around when I grow up. If I don't learn now, when will I ever learn? I realize that I need to capitalize on the opportunities that are given to me. Being happy and successful in life is like the top of the ladder. School and education is the bottom. If you want to get to the top, you have to start at the bottom. That's kind of the way I see it.
  14. I try to convince myself that I don't fear death, but the reality is that I do a little. I'm sure with age that this fear will slowly fade away, but right now I am a little scared. I don't want death to come right now because I feel that I have not enough positives things with my life so far. But if I'm sitting in a hospital bed getting ready to die, I won't be scared. I guess it's more of a fear of dieing young than a fear of death.
  15. I'm not old enough to know if that's what the older generations were like, but you're pretty accurate with your description of the newer generations. If you ask me, it just shows that society is declining and one day the US will fall, just like the Romans and other great empires. A couple months ago, I was walking to the bus because the bell had just rung. On my way to the bus, I pass by this crowded hallway of students. I found it to be a little odd, but I pushed and shoved my way through the pack. Turns out that all of those people (there were about 15) were sitting around waiting for this kid to beat up another kid. How sad is that!! Adrenaline is conquering over moral values! Many teenagers are smoking and doing drugs nowadays. Sure this happened 30 years ago, but know we know better! We have the research that shows how harmful that stuff is! Teens would rather stare at a hot girl all class than actually learn. Just think about what these people will become! The three words that sum up todays generation are these: sex, money, and freedom. Those are the three things a teenager cannot simply get enough of! My outlook for the future is very pessimistic. My opinions are very strong regarding this, but please feel free to criticize me.--A 16 year old teen ranting about his own generation.
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