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  1. No, the cake was definitely a lie.

  2. Hard choice between one and two, but the barely-readable text ruined it for number one, along with the fact that number two had a lot more blending. My vote is Saint_Michael.
  3. Imtay22


    No, I'm not new, and you can tell by my member number that I've been around here for a while. And I've decided to come back. Hi again.
  4. Thanks everybody! I'm glad to be back!
  5. Yes, I'm back again, and now that school is out, I should be able to stay this time :angel:-Tim
  6. My least favorite would probably basketball. It's just boring for me to watch and play, and I just don't get why everyone cheers when they slam dunk it. I mean, it's not that great, as they do it every 3 minutes. My favorite is hockey, because I like the constant action, and its fun to watch, because I know practically every player on every team :-P . I've played it since I was about 5, too.
  7. What do you guys do in your spare time, when you are not on the computer or at school/work?For me, well, I play sports, like hockey, baseball, and football. I also play 6-7 musical instruments, with drums being my favorite. I also plan on learning the bass guitar in the next few years, after I get pretty good at the drums, which I am focusing on now. How about you guys?
  8. I really like to snowboard and skate, my parents say I'm like pro at skating. I've been kitesurfing once, and it was fun! I also like windsurfing, but, they both seem about equal to which one I prefer.
  9. I do believe the people who stayed are dumb, as like 4-5 have died in Texas/Louisiana already. Looking at the news, the effects look devastating.We, here in Michigan, should get the effects of Ike at around 2AM this morning. They say we get the least of it, 20 mph winds. I still don't see why people don't evacuate during the "mandatory" evacuation. It seems so dumb.
  10. Well, for me, I heard some friends in school who wanted to make a website, so I went to the local library, and checked out like 10 books on making websites and HTML. After reading those books, I made a simple website. On one of the books it had W3Schools, and I went there and learned PHP and SQL. So that's practically how I learned it. I've tried reading PHP, and they don't do anything, really, so I don't recommend them, as said by shadowx above.
  11. Agreed. People can also use this if they don't have a computer, and they use different library computers, school computers, and that sort of thing, but they need to use a computer for lots of things, such as word processing long documents, and that sort of thing.
  12. Ok guys, thanks for your help! I'm still thinking about it, but I think I might do it.
  13. When I get my hosting here (again), will it be possible to host a shoutcast radio on the site? I was wondering because I really wanted to set up a radio and those other free hosting sites wouldn't let me. Thanks!
  14. Imtay22

    :d Hi Again

    Hey thanks all I'll be more active now. and S_M I do remember you
  15. Imtay22

    :d Hi Again

    Thanks Blue! I think I remember you, but I could be wrong. Well, I re-read the readme, and everything looks about the same, don't really remember but it's a memory refresher! And what is with those list things at the bottom of the sigs?
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