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  1. "PICS, OR IT DID NOT HAPPEN!" just kidding! anybody had their hands on this thing already? is it really "magic"?
  2. good to see you back, iwuvcookies! you aware of mycents yet, our current credits system? don't you worry, you need not start from scratch to earn them and exchange for hosting. your old posts can be easily converted as your "startup capital". read the stickies around here to help you back on your feet. welcome back!
  3. i'm pretty sure Rio can manage with the 2016 olympics. otherwise the olympics committee would not have given them the gig. Rio is gonna be hosting the 2014 fifa world cup too, if i'm not mistaken, so that could be a test run of sorts for the olympics. new infrastructure for the olympics is gonna be a boon. they may not have them quite as well as what other cities have in place now but rio is going to have seven plus years to set an olympics standard infrastructure. they can clean up the shantytowns, create jobs, improve security, and boost tourism. rio is not dilapidated as what others perceive it to be. as in any country's city, first-world or third-world, there's always the societies' ills and woes. rio is not an exception. but here is an opportunity to tackle them head-on. poverty? jobs! crime? security! dwindling tourism? improved environment! will these be problems be solved by the olympics entirely? not quite, but that's not the point of the olympics, is it? :Pjust the best of luck to rio. give us an enchanting experience as only rio can.
  4. ei, brother SM! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! wishing you many more birthdays to come! and happiness! and good health! and wealth! and girls! and spam!
  5. @room2593: good read, your reply, i must say. though i must say also that i don't need to defend obama. i don't even have to defend the nobel prize committee. that they can do themselves. but to answer your points: first: the nobel peace prize is premature for anybody. as i've proclaimed in my previous post, peace is not a done deal. even after the prize is awarded. that given, i honestly believe nobody fully deserves it. period. why did the nobel gave it to obama? that they've answered... even rebutting claims obama did "nothing" as of yet to "deserve" it. others would just brush those aside, of course, or whine it's not enough. but go figure! nobel is a private award. whoever gets it, or don't get it, is up to those who awards it. it's just ludicrous to attack obama about it. second: you're right. no one cares about george w. bush anymore. he's way long been irrelevant even while he was still the sitting president. but to compare yao ming and stalin, as to their "greatness"? that's an epic comparison fail... not like mine where i'm reasonably pitting two U.S. presidents. back to obama's "apparent inaction", even with a majority in both houses. aren't you glad you don't have a rubber-stamp congress? it's scarier to see a president being all too powerful, bullying congress to his whims and wants. i think it's healthier he has opposition even in his own party. but at the end of the day, the public welfare is what should be preeminent in their legislative agenda. obama is just part of the executive branch. what i like to point out is, don't rush the guy into something foreseeably detrimental to the american populace. haste is not altogether the best solution. iraq? third: witty, but like dubya, irrelevant. i take it you're trying to mean a ten-month old president you elected president is a crappy president. whatever happened to the american battlecry during the last eight years that if you don't love the president, you don't love your country? was that a joke all these years? last: i'm not beholden to president obama. i did not vote for obama. i don't belong in the democratic party. i'm not an american citizen (that's either good or bad, you decide. but if it were me, and with the current state of american affairs, thank god! ). given these facts, an outsider but not ignorant of world issues, i'd say i'm pretty much a representation of an impartial party.
  6. i don't see any reason why you can't... much of the web can translate well for mobile viewing even in its unaltered code state. you can design your site in plain html or php, and it would be okay, mobile-view-wise. some elements may not translate well, like javascript, ajax, flash, etc... but it's essentially a mobile browser limitation. if you want a wap platform for your site, in wml format, i believe Xisto hosting supports that already. Xisto may be free, but it boasts of features akin to those of paid hosting services. good luck with your future site here on Xisto.
  7. that thing is really starting to get viral, so i saw it somewhere else before logging in here. it's a stunning phenomenon nevertheless. i didn't subscribe to any supernatural explanation when i saw it however. i just viewed it as a majestic work of nature. now when i see a set of big hands parting that imagery, i would jump and say, "It's God's Hands!" okay, not really... that has already been done with photoshop before and after the hurricane katrina years ago.
  8. i've been meaning to play with mystery google yesterday when i saw it on digg, but it's a little creepy to note that the comments i've been reading there relate search results not entirely safe for work, or otherwise adult-in-nature. dang search trolls. since it's a mystery, you would be amply surprised if you get something you won't let your parents or friends see you googling. i won't elaborate on it further, you know what i mean. go there for some fun, as many others already did. and prepare yourself for some shocking results. i wish you don't get a truly traumatizing result, which may need an industrial strength cleaning solution to wash the aftermath in your eyes. i searched for goatse... good luck to whoever came next to do his mystery google search after me.
  9. can direct? YES. anyone can! can direct an honest-to-goodness great film, critically and box-office-wise? NO. not until one learned the ropes of the trade, after one's "virginal" film directing work. it would take a lifetime to hone these skills. even a professional director has got a lot to learn from every one of his works. not even watching all the best pictures in the world can prepare a greenhorn to the task at hand of being a director. but a love of movies will add up to megging a great film, if one is inclined to direct one... after a painstaking learning of every aspect of filmmaking, of course.
  10. i knew this thread would get such rabid retorts from obama's armchair critiques from the onset. too bad some people don't agree with the award giving body. but it's an award that will stand out in president obama's presidency for the rest of history no matter what the rest of america says. don't worry guys, dubya will get his Ig Nobel prize or the Darwin Award in the coming years. he's got a lot of competition from all who pull obama down though, so good luck with that. just a joke of course, tongue in cheek, when i say that. obama has got the leverage to make things happen for peace. he reaches out not only to his american constituents opposing him but to the international community as well which america has alienated for so long. given that peace is elusive and a bit illusory throughout human history, the nobel peace prize stands as a symbol to help make peace possible, no matter how fleeting it may seem. you think peace is a done deal when the nobel peace prize is handed out? you may be living under a great deal of hogwash if you do. aung saan su kyi got her nobel years ago, and her work is not yet done in her part of the world. and so do the other awardees. peace is always controversial. as war is (as for "obama's wars", don't people forget he just inherited it from an "american" president vilified within reason by the vast majority of the world, even by america's allies). nobel prize or not, i do believe obama is a strong symbol for peace, even if the losing party in november 2008 elections and their rabid ilks paint him as hitler or some other things they do out of spite and out of ignorance (god, i do hope these people will learn how to spell correctly in their protest signs, if they ever want to be taken seriously! warning: DON'T CLICK!). obama said it himself, the nobel peace prize he got is "a call to action". one leading to peace, not just on paper, but a substantial peace from which the world can benefit. the other side of course will reply to a "call to arms" instead. what is ironic is not obama receiving the nobel, but the people who will gut him and his administration's efforts just because he stands for peace and international understanding. he didn't ask for the award, it was awarded to him. prior to the award, even the nominations, he made his stand for those, and proceeded along even with a hardline opposition. making that step is an achievement, even if it's a miniscule step for those who'd rather have a nation and world of an exclusive "we" instead of an inclusive "us". if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
  11. Obama awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Congratulations, President Obama! i'll make further comments later. i just wanna post it this early.
  12. actually, i see digital picture frames as a waste of money. a photo frame is intended for display, all day long, at a corner or on a cabinet or desk nook. who will watch the digital photo parade when no one is around? the cat? it's better to just have it hosted online, or just kept in digital storage on your hard drive.digital photo frames are not even that good. screen size? you'd squint your eyes just to see your pictures! resolution? cropping? layout? not every photo is taken the same way... some vertical, some horizontal, and at varying resolutions. if people are too lazy to edit their photos (which i assume they would be to use a plug-and-play digital frame ), the aesthetic appeal of the pictures are lost! power? even if they are not power hungry, they would still need power. unlike old-fashioned photo frames. :)in conclusion, i thumb down on these digital frames. but that's just me.
  13. good job and kudos to rio. i hope they stage a great olympics on 2016. what's so annoying is people ranting on chicago's bid, and obama's all-out support. don't the critics know and realize that if chicago won, there will be an influx of jobs and tourism which will at least alleviate the economic conundrum america is in, when it prepares the city in the years leading to the 2016 olympics? oh well, at least rio got it, which may need it more... a shot in the arm to boost its former glory as a tourism haven. as for the upcoming london olympics, i wish i could attend it when the time comes. i only read about some logo controversy when they run the london olympics logo, and a submission inadvertently got featured prominently in BBC -- a logo with a goatse design. it's still out there somewhere in the interwebs, if you search good enough.
  14. report a little late, that's for sure. we just had severe flooding in the philippines two saturdays ago brought about by typhoon ondoy (or ketsana, as known by its international name. it poured more water than hurricane katrina did, and we received a months worth of rainwater in just a span of six hours. 80% of our national capital region, and other outlying provinces had been submerged underwater at one point. in some low-lying areas, even whole houses were swallowed by floodwaters and swept cars, properties, and people in its wake. nearly 300 people perished, and less than 50 still unaccounted for and feared dead. relief efforts to half a million affected families is staggerring. even up to now, some areas are still flooded even after a week of considerable dry weather. and just last saturday, a typhoon lashed at our northeastern cities and provinces. and more are expected...just rambling... people will not get that climate change is real and will do nothing to avert its adverse effects until they experience these things themselves, first-hand...
  15. we have separate forums for specific discussions on such topics, onkarnath2001. it does not help if a topic thread relates to a general discussion of computer troubleshooting since it would be harder to extract the data for users who'll need the assistance, once it gets too long and crowded. also, this is not relevant to our introductions board so i'm moving it, and closing it also. better to just add tutorials if you like on specific issues that have not been addressed in our forums already. or help others with those said issues you feel comfortable discussing, on topics already started.
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