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  1. Hello! and Happy Birthday! I hope you have good one this year :D

  2. Thats great many of us have been waiting too long for ssd prices to finally come down. I just wonder at the lifespan of these devices. They are yet to really prove themselves, from what ive heard they will be more reliable than conventional ones. They can sustain higher impacts (your never know, could happen that your laptop/bag falls of your shoulder). But in terms of the overall life of the component i still wonder...
  3. Mmm... unfortunately i cant give too many comments for the next week till i finish up getting my site working with drupal. Though id like to direct your attention to the the blue banner region and compare it with the title area on the sidebars. The gradient on the main banner contrasts more strongly with the white negative space, more so than the other blue shapes do. I'd suggest "changing" the blue to those areas so they appear similar to the top banner. Also i was wondering what the effect would be to add an extra px to the border width? I mention that because i've been using drupal and its default themes have many strong similarities with your own (especially at 1024X768). So it would helpful to differentiate yourself a little more. I think it would also help to modify the buttons a little, like a 1px outline (choose what ever color you think appropriate i.e. dark blue, mid, light or white). It will provide more definition around those elements and bring more strength to your design. It should look more like a design, than an art/design hybrid!
  4. Well done Namless_ I think you undervalue your input you've put in so far, enjoy mate.
  5. The grouping is good but it think you should decrease the amount of whitespace between the wider gaps (maybe try twice the thickness of the smaller inner gaps). A feathered composite eimage on the right of the banner would be good. Some sort of fancy photoshop effect would be ideal. Something abstract but has impact. Regarding the placement of the very bottom row, the row should be closely cut near the middle where it meets the fold at 1024 X 768. (or at the top or bottom of it). Regarding the buttons they should be clearly contained within the bounding area of SOTW entries box. (just in case that was the intention). Mmm... yeah looks like everythings on target and does everthing it needs.
  6. Most games have some sort of copy protection, though steam is the worst. Most protection programs such as Securom, Safedisk, etc does a cd check to ensure the game is on the correct cd. However you can download a no cd patch for many games which will prevent you having to keep a disk in the rom drive. This is usually a good idea because it prolongs rom drives life span longer, some protection programs run amok with your drive damaging it quickly. Sorry to hear about that, however many cheaper games that cost $ 15-20 have easier protection to crack (search no cd megagames.com) and i doubt any of them have steam in them. Games like Colin Mcrae Rally dirt which i have been itching to play but dont have the hardware to support it. I suggest searching for a game that you might like in the shops, come home have a look online and do a search to see if it has a no cd patch. That used to be a ritual for me because i dislike waiting for games to load up (both cd check and introductory videos).Once you play a good couple of games on your PC you may feel differently.
  7. Mmm... the link is saying i don't have permission to view the page the image is on. I won't have any problem designing an efficient interface if that seems to be the issue, just trying to get an idea of what form content should come in. BTW rvalkass, whos that picture of in your profile? Is that you or some English rock artist perhaps?
  8. In addition to sociology, social psychology looks at the topic at a much more finer level then the globally orientated sociology. In social psychology, one looks closely at issues such as this by looking at it in different perspectives. Examples of these are sociocultural, evolutionary, social learning, phenomenological and social cognitive. People in this occupation go about their work in a scientific/detective like manner to discover the reasons behind why something is the way it is. They also research, observe, survey and conduct social experiments! Although on the surface of things, sociocultural factors seem to be the biggest factor contributing to this topic. Inequalities for wages is one of the biggest issues here.
  9. Sorry tramposch here is the proper link you were after - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Ok, i've looked at everyones input and ive put together a bit of a visual representation of what i think people are saying at the moment. Please let me know if i have forgotten anything - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Regarding the color scheme, if i did make any alterations they'd be small improvements. Similar design features but more graphic icons perhaps. Also could people have another look at the "GFX trap" menu and discuss how we might go about cutting some of the details out. Do you want to use drop down menus such as similar form and linking structure as what i indicated here and in post 18 - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Or would you prefer graphic icons, which are well placed around the interface? (think cpanel) Also as it is a portal do you think it necessary to indicate it so? As in "GFX Trap portal". BTW i agree with rvalkass's mention of AJAX as the way to go for automating the process. What are peoples thoughts?
  10. Yeah, im the same i don't think ill ever be at peace amongst the riff raff. Its like your always running and they are always trying to impose and cause disturbance in your life. I get fed up looking over my shoulder always trying to take note of something trivial to satisfy peoples wants, because i "know" half the time they are not reasonable and i have troubles pretending that i think otherwise. Despite the disagreements my company can cause, i don't see why i should agree and play along with something that i see as wrong or being another ignorant participant in a society leading itself astray. To some degree this is unavoidable for me to be like, its who i am and i cant escape it. For the sake self preservation i often spend time alone, which is good and bad. The company of other people in my local area bores me, i feel like telling them put down the sticks and read a book for a change!
  11. Ok, here is the two styles for people to look over and comment if they wish. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Regarding the colors i thought a deep navy blue and an intense orange for highlighting such as title bars would be interesting. Actually surprisingly i found a link very similar to what i'm talking about quickly (but i was thinking more saturated blue in it making it luminous) - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  12. Your easy to please Tramposch !, are you sure there aren't any changes you wish for in the layout ? Regarding the colors, its a mock up you are free to say what ever colors you want with it. Also what photo shop effects could be used for it? Are there any existing ones on websites that people think would be suitable? Ive come up with some alternative ideas for the banner logo - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  13. Ok here is a basic mockup of a design we "could" use. Please give feedback. I was thinking we should use a custom font for the title logo as there isn't any thing suitable to represent gfx trap from Adobe, Corel or Microsoft products. I was thinking like a brush script for the fx and for the rest of the lettering something from the standard collection? http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Also i have been a bit liberal with the white space, so it is definitely possible to bunch elements up a bit more (especially vertically). The style of the drop down menu i don't know... it depends on the styling achieved through photo shop/illustrator, though the drop down menu could be changed to something more traditional. Also i thought it would be good to categorize some of the secondary menu to lean it up a bit - Signatures - Sig show off - Gift Sigs - Sig Battles Collaboration SOTW - This Weeks Winner - SOTW WinnersTournaments - Current Tournaments - Tourney WinnersRequests - Sig request - Banner request - Logo requestTutorials - GFX Tutorials - Web TutorialsResourcesRendersTemplatesRSS FeedsThe font used for the page text is Arial is there something more suitable? The form the body text takes in the middle column depends if it has any accompanying pictures, otherwise should it span the entire column? Im not sure, considering whats currently on the gfxTrap site is quite modest if you know what i mean. Also a 3 column design like this might be best designed for drupal.
  14. Mmm... still not sure about Arctic silver 5, but everyone seems to have had better luck. I did have a poorly designed heat sink strapped on my Mobo, but then, well who knows...Regarding the anti-static band though, you wouldn't really need it for a single job though, just more clutter.
  15. I don't think i have made any New years resolution without some regret associated with it (not positive in that way i guess). I guess this last year i have put on a bit of muscle so next year it would be about toning up a bit. Mmm... getting out of my crap neighborhood would make a worthy resolution also. More peace would flow into my life if i did so. Besides those goals all my current goals will follow on into next year as usual.
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